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Leverage social media for your career advancement


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Leverage social media for your career advancement

  1. 1. Leverage Social Media for Your Career Advancement Brought to you by:
  2. 2. On the Move Careers is a Career Coaching Firm that assists high performing and savvyprofessionals to Reassess, Realign and Reinvent their careers! We help clients execute theircareer objectives through 1:1 coaching, personal brand development, and in the application of today’s career techniques to attract and expand their career possibilities! “Treat your Career Like a Business”! Vaneese Johnson is a Certified Career Coach & Personal Brand Analyst who is a Social Media Enthusiast with a passion for helping high performing professionals be successful and strategic in every aspect of their career! With more than 20 years as an accomplished Human Resources Professional with expertise in Training, Facilitating, Coaching and Consulting, she has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of individuals on their career strategies and entrepreneurial endeavors.
  3. 3. (510) 859-8707 Table of Contents• 2012 Statistics on Social Media• Top 4 Must have Social Media Sites• Top 5 recruiting tools• Engaging You Audience• New Digital Tools on the Horizon
  4. 4. (510) 859-8707• 175 million members worldwide• Average LinkedIn user has 200 connections• 1 new members per second• 17.8% members belong to groups• 1.2 million comments & posts to groups each week• 4.2 billion professionally oriented search in 2011
  5. 5. (510) 859-8707• 2 Million companies have a page•75 of 100 Fortune companies uses LinkedIn hiring solutions• Recruiters account for 1 to 20 members• Add LinkedIn apps to showcase work samples• Make LinkedIn profile public for outside search● Pepper keywords throughout your profile
  6. 6. (510) 859-8707• #1 most visited website in the world• 955 million active members• 700 billion minutes/month• 200+ million access via mobile device• 900+ million objects people interact with• 250+ million people engage through anexternal site• 55 minutes a day is the average time userspends on FB• 130 is the average number of friends peraccount•Add professional apps: BeKnown & BranchOut
  7. 7. (510) 859-8707 www.otmcareers.comDelivers real-time information and connects you to people with similar interests. • 500 Million Users • #2 Recruiting site behind LinkedIn • 460K New Accounts per Day • 1.6 Billion Tweet searches daily • 1 Billion Tweets every 4 of 5 days • 57% of users are ages 24-44 years • 15% users earn 76K - 100K • 41% users follow a Brand • Use and to set up job channels to funnel jobs to you
  8. 8. (510) 859-8707• #1 How-to site in the world•57% of all Job Seekers are on YouTube• Ages 25-54 actively use site for job opportunities• 11% viewers are decision makers• Companies engage potential employees and build employerbrand• Internal employee share employment testimonials• 3 billion videos watched daily•Set up a YouTube Channel and Record a Video Resume orshowcase your work.
  9. 9. (510) 859-8707•Google is your first resume• Search on-line reputation• Set up Google Alerts with location specifications• Use Google docs to upload multiple resumes for targeted employers• Publish resume on the web• Publish work samples
  10. 10. (510) 859-8707 Engaging Your Audience• Complete On-line Profiles• Add Applications to Tools• Join/Participate in Groups• Showcase Expertise• Participate in Events• Take Networking Offline•Blog, post, comment w/expertise
  11. 11. (510) 859-8707 Top 5 Recruiting ToolsSites and Applications • - FB overlay to find inside connections for job listings. • - leverage FB friends to professional connections. 3 million jobs posted • - twitter job channel site • - aggregate twitter job board • - professional networking app
  12. 12. (510) 859-8707 Personal Branding ToolBuild On-Line - online scoring system measures your influenceand ability to drive - a personal splash page that’s all about you! - PowerPoint presentations that showcaseexpertise and technical skills. Searchable by topicQuick Response Code- is a 2 dimensional barcode that holdsalphanumeric characters of information and will direct your audienceto a source ( i.e. resume, LinkedIn profile, work samples, etc.)Viral Video - create a video about yourself and/or a multi-videoslinked together to showcase resume/ Resumes - create an interesting resume with visualsand text
  13. 13. (510) 859-8707 Digital Tools on the Horizon• 80% employers are screening candidates through Social Media.• 77% of Job Seekers will use Mobile Apps• Digital resumes will replace traditional resumes• On-line branding will be critical for job opportunities (i.e. personal YouTube channel)• Webcam interviews will be standard (Skype)• QR codes will be new business card for potential candidates.
  14. 14. (510) 859-8707 Let’s Connect