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OptimaWHC Pregnancy Timeline Infographic


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Optima Women's Healthcare pregnancy timeline of important dates, milestones, tests, and recommendations. This infographic serves as a guideline for anyone preparing or planning for pregnancy or currently pregnant. This is a resource to help expectant mothers know what to expect during their pregnancy including prenatal care and postpartum.

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OptimaWHC Pregnancy Timeline Infographic

  1. 1. Preconceptual counseling appointment | Start prenatal vitamins | Healthy lifestyle Meet doctor Discuss medical history Review medications Learn do’s & don’ts Physical and pelvic exam Pelvic ultrasound See and hear baby’s heartbeat Bloodwork Obtain resources Confirm due date Get flu shot Appointments every 4 weeks Missed period Positive Pregnancy Test Call to schedule appointment Learn do’s & don’ts Stop smoking No alcohol Limit caffeine Maintain healthy lifestyle Sequential screening blood test 2 Announce pregnancy to friends & family Take prenatal vitamin & DHA Take only safe medications Announce pregnancy to friends & family Nuchal translucency ultrasound Sequential screening blood test 1 Anatomical OB ultrasound Find out sex of baby Rule out any anomalies Make sure baby looks healthy Monitor fetal movement Fetal kick counts Watch for preterm labor Attend prenatal classes Have hospital bag packed Appointments every 2 weeks Sugar drink Group B Strep screening Labor precautions Discuss delivery & birth Plan Consider name options Appointments weekly Maternal diabetes screening Blood test for anemia & glucose Register for prenatal classes Rogham if Rh negative Due Date Fetal Monitoring if overdue Labor & Delivery Plan Birth of Baby Take photos Name the baby Bonding Breastfeeding B A B Y Enjoy parenthood & family time Bonding Breastfeeding No sex or strenuous activity for 6 weeks Appointment with the doctor Breast exam Pelvic exam Discuss any anxiety or depression Discuss and choose contraception Share your bundle of joy 303.805.1807