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  1. 1. KolkataThis single word is synonymous both to passion and laidbackness inthe same breath.Kolkata is where mud huts and mansions face each other on itsutterly congested streets - where lurid luxury and limp living are theinhabitants of the same lane.It demands that a visitor be prepared for a phenomenal repertoire ofsurprises and delights as well as an overwhelming warmth in thepeople and ease of conversation.Kolkata is where life goes on impatiently , yet, it offers severaloptions to unwind and find oneself.It’s difficult not to give in to the soft-focus, languid charm ofKolkata and not to fall in love with its “para-culture”, “Chai-erdokaane adda” and “rock-baaji.”Kolkata is a city where the past and the present exist side by side –a city which one has to understand, love and experience the way it is..without suggesting any unwanted beautification experiments.