Neau: world water for world citizens


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The Dutch buy massive amounts of expensive bottled water even though superior quality water flows from their taps. How can we draw the nation’s attention to our excellent tap water?

Vandejong puts a value on tap water and gives it a face: Neau. Neau is an anti-brand in an empty bottle that you fill with delicious tap water by yourself. Not once, but as often as you like.

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Neau: world water for world citizens

  1. 1. WORLD Project case 003WATERFORWORLDCITIZENSProjectThe brand NeauInitiatorVandejongVandejongamsterdam
  2. 2. Vandejong Vandejong 03 Projectamsterdam amsterdam The brand Neau Initiator VandejongCOmmuNICATION & CREATION & CASE Assignment The Dutch buy massive amounts of expensive bottled water even though superior quality water flows from their taps. How can we draw the nation’s attention to our excellent tap water? Solution Vandejong puts a value on tap water and gives it a face: Neau. Neau is an anti-brand in an empty bottle that you fill with delicious tap water by yourself. Not once, but as often as you like.
  3. 3. 05ProjectThe brand NeauInitiatorVandejong CONCEpT Water is life. All across the world, 10,000 people die every day as a result of unsafe or insufficient drinking water. The Dutch, on the other hand, use excellent tap water to wash their cars and drink expensive mineral water out of environmentally unfriendly disposable bottles. Well done, mineral water marketers. Water with a name and an image has more cachet than anonymous water from the tap. That is hardly surprising. So Vandejong decides to give tap water a face. Neau draws consumer attention to the value of our dirt-cheap tap water and creates awareness for the global water problem. The empty bottle costs the same as a bottle of mineral water. All of the proceeds from this conscientious scheme go to drinking water projects in developing countries. Drinking here means drinking there.
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  5. 5. photo Frank van der Beemt
  6. 6. 11ProjectThe brand NeauInitiatorVandejong THE bRAND NEAu Neau starts as a marketing concept which Vandejong wants to use to make the Dutch aware of their remarkable drinking water. Neau becomes an extensive foundation with a network of sponsors and partners, who collaborate on various projects. Neau also travels to exhibitions in paris, Lille and Tokyo. plan Nederland uses Neau for a variety of activities and Neau organises a workshop for drinking water company WML. Following the workshop, employees hand out Neau at the company’s sporting events. Also, Neau is frequently used as a case during Marketing and Sustainable business practices lectures at the university of Amsterdam, Vu university and Hogeschool InHolland. Having received extensive media attention in Dutch magazines and national newspapers during its start-up phase, Neau continues to make headlines regularly. For example, Neau is presented as an ‘eye opener’ in the Museum for Communication in The Hague. Neau garners attention in other parts of the world, too. The New York Times publishes a nice interview with Neau, and articles about Neau appear in Japanese, Norwegian, belgian, French and Russian news. This wide coverage helps Neau directly move closer to achieving its goal: to increase awareness of the global water problem by emphasising the quality of tap water.
  7. 7. 13ProjectThe brand NeauInitiatorVandejong RESuLTS In addition to the discourse on the issue and the tremendous interest in Neau there are also official figures to share. In total, Neau sells 25,000 empty bottles worldwide. In addition to the sales cooperation with Droog design, it is mostly companies who are signing up to purchase bottles. The proceeds of some several thousand euros go to plan Nederland drinking water projects in peru. Thanks in part to the proven success, Neau receives a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial planning and Environment in 2006 for a campaign that aims to help pupils recognise the importance of drinking water. Together with a team of pupils, from first-formers to sixth-formers, enrolled programmes ranging from lower secondary professional to pre-university education, Vandejong devises a guerrilla campaign. The pupils create commercials and posters, convert soft drink vending machines into Neau-points, transform every tap into a Neau Refillpoint, organise events on World Water Day, and sell Neau bottles to their fellow pupils. Vandejong project team Neau Initiators — menno Liauw, Wiebe schipper and maarten Kuipers Creative direction — Pjotr de jong Strategy — menno Liauw Art direction and design — marcel de Vries project management — Cyril van sterkenburg and Fieke van Woerkom In cooperation with Plan nederland, WaterCare nederland, PricewaterhouseCoopers, droog design, de Wereld van jansje, ministry of Vrom, ggd rivierenland, Copernica, drinking water company WmL, drinking water company Hydron Flevoland, the London school of Business and many others.
  8. 8. Vandejong Vandejongamsterdam amsterdamCOmmuNICATION & CREATION & VANDEJONG VS. SOCIAL RELEVANCE Making the world a better place is fun! Companies or initiatives with social involvement regularly arrive at Vandejong’s doorstep. As long as the social relevance does not interfere with social ambition, we are happy to apply our knowledge and enthusiasm. After all, nothing is as fun as making the world a better place! but where do you start? We believe that the way to get people to take action is to take big problems and reduce them to a human scale. To offer the public a concrete and feasible handle for taking action. This is how campaigns are created that are developed and supported in part by the users. And that is the best guarantee when it comes to changing behaviour. AbOuT VANDEJONG Vandejong is an enterprising, strategic and creative communication agency. We build brands, develop campaigns, means and, if necessary, new products. See, communication can be interpreted in so many ways. Vandejong is forever studying and expanding the possibilities of communi- cation. Consequently, the wildest communication ambitions fly across the table on a regular basis. For every one of these innovative communication plans, a team of Vandejong employees is immediately ready to rise to the For more information challenge of working out the details with gusto. In this process, we prefer Ilse Huijg Office manager honest, meaningful communication with an unambiguous, distinctive style. Contact t: 0031 20 462 2062 e:
  9. 9. CASES Project case 003Project 001 FoamThe brand Neau A museum as a brandInitiator 002 FilmmuseumVandejong From art cinema to museum 003 neau World water for world citizens 004 Foam magazine Expositions in a magazine 005 anno We make history! 006 BIs Publishers & Vandejong Shortcut to creative Amsterdam 007 City of amsterdam A campaign in a box 008 anno & IPP The slogan rules! 009 University of twente The scientist of the future 010 Foam Fund Investment advice 011 anno Kids discover the truth 012 University of twente Start studying! 013 Pon Club feeling at car importer 014 Waterexpo 2010 A nation as communication concept 015 United nations gIFt Fight human trafficking! Download all cases at (keyword ‘cases’) or request them at