Cineville: a community for 13 movie theaters in Amsterdam


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Cineville is a community for 13 movie theaters in Amsterdam. Branding agency Vandejong brought the cinemas together in a single brand concept that preserved their unique identities and used them to strengthen each other. By presenting the 13 art houses as a cinematic city, we emphasised their diversity and plurality yet also made them into a single unit – the town of Cineville.

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Cineville: a community for 13 movie theaters in Amsterdam

  1. 1. there’s 010a newtownin townThirteen Amsterdam cinemas combine forcesVandejongamsterdam
  2. 2. ClientThirteen Amsterdam cinemasAssignmentDevelop a discount card forAmsterdam cinemasSolutionCreate a communityBrand conceptCineville, a cinematic city
  3. 3. 550 showings a week.36 film festivals a year. 31 screens. 13 cinemas. 1 city.
  4. 4. cinematic, seductive, exciting & shroudedin darkness
  5. 5. the introductory campaign put Cineville on the map
  6. 6. Ryan Mc Ginley
  7. 7. there’s a new town in townSmall organisations usually have limited marketingbudgets, and Amsterdam cinemas are no exception.Five ambitious young film fans wrote up a partnershipplan. Inspired by Pathé, they conceived a card thatwould offer unlimited cinema admission for a fixedmonthly fee. The initiative was supported by De Ba-lie, Filmhuis Cavia, Cinecenter, EYE, Bioscoop HetKetelhuis, Filmtheater Kriterion, Melkweg Cinema,The Movies, Rialto, SMART Project Space, StudioK, Tropentheater, and Filmtheater De Uitkijk. Vandejong saw a lot of potential in the plan, especi-ally because of the scope and diversity of the art housecinemas’ programming. Together, they were offeringmore than 550 screenings a week, across 31 screens,each with an atmospheric character of its own. Withthis in mind, Vandejong proposed the marketing ofmore than just a card. We developed a strong brandthat bundled together the cinemas’ strengths – a brandthat would attract lovers of good films and put themin touch with each other.
  8. 8. There’s a new town in town: CinevilleVandejong brought the cinemas together in a singlebrand concept that preserved their unique identitiesand used them to strengthen each other. By presentingthe 13 art houses as a cinematic city, we emphasisedtheir diversity and plurality yet also made them into asingle unit – the town of Cineville. The brand concept offered unlimited possibilitiesfor special activities and communication according toa specific set of rules, symbols and rituals. We createda world moviegoers would want to be part of. The cityexists at the border of fiction and reality. It is a placewhere imagination rules. The street is a movie set, andthe residents are actors. From now on, we call theseresidents Cinefielen (Cinephiles). The name Cineville immediately places the pro-ject on the right level. It subtly refers to Europeancinema and has a fitting tone of voice. The look andfeel is cinematic, seductive, exciting, and shrouded indarkness.All about movies, at a is Amsterdam’s premier portal for filmfans. There, Cinephiles can find everything they wantto know about the current crop of films, complete withreviews, trailers and background information. A filmschedule overview shows all the movies playing in
  9. 9. Cineville and where to see them. Current movienews and reviews are provided by the Cineville edi-torial staff, supplemented with film articles from thedaily newspaper Het Parool. In the future, the sitewill gain a community area, where Cinephiles willbe able to meet each other and rate and discuss films.If you’re not sure what film to see, soon you’ll be ableto receive automatic personal recommendations basedon the kinds of films you’ve gone to so far with yourCineville pass. Online ticket ordering will also be pos-sible in the future.Talk of the townThe great potential of the Cineville concept was im-mediately made obvious by the huge amount of presscoverage it received. The actor and director Alex vanWarmerdam received the first Cineville pass at a pac-ked launch party at Studio K. Cineville became thetalk of the town among students. For a year, a cinema-tographic trailer was shown before every film screeningin all thirteen cinemas. As of this writing, Cineville isa year old and has 4,077 residents. gets plenty of traffic and has alreadybecome many Amsterdam moviegoers’ preferred por-tal for choosing a film. Cineville is thinking about ex-panding to other cities and continues to actively formpartnerships, so it will be able to offer its residents evenmore.
  10. 10. Vandejong & cultureThe artistic and cultural sector plays an important so-cial role in developing brainpower, creativity and socialinnovation. Cultural spots are places where outside-the-box ideas and unusual views of the future are hat-ched. Cultural institutions must therefore operate inthe vanguard, in communications as well as in othermatters. Vandejong develops cultural brands centred aroundcontent, experience and innovation. Our approach ishallmarked by our participation in both the everydayworld of the audience and the creative sphere. We as-sist institutions in thinking about programming, acti-vities and communication that can help them to buildbridges with the public.
  11. 11. the Cineville trailer runs before every movie.
  12. 12. is amsterdam’s film portal, with trailers, reviews by Cinephiles and more
  13. 13. advertentie Onbeperkt naar de film voor maar €17,50 per maand! Koop de cinevillepas op There’s a new town in town Woensdag 1 juli 2009 of in de bioscoop. film- ladder kwijt! Cineville. Ineens was hij verdwenen; de filmladder in de krant van Amsterdam. De Amsterdamse redactie is mas- saal gebeld en gemaild door verontruste Amsterdam- mers. Is de hoofdstad na de sluiting van diverse musea nu ook haar beste films kwijt? ‘Ja’ is het onthutsende ant- woord. Alle goede films en het overzicht daarvan zijn verhuisd naar Cineville. Kijk op Vrouw ruilt baby Voor iPod Cineville/Wenen/New York. De Oostenrijkse moderecensent Brüno heeft in een Amerikaanse talkshow uit de doeken gedaan hoe hij in Afrika een baby heeft verkregen in ruil voor zijn iPod. De moeder van de baby ging schijnbaar klakkeloos akkoord met het aanbod. De kinder- loze homosexueel Brüno verklaarde dat hij net als Madonna en Angelina Jolie het recht heeft om een Afrikaans kindje te adopteren. Meer? Ga naar Vrouw in het weer: EEn flinkE wEErsvErandEring is op komst. EEn warmtEfront haalt dE kou uit dE lucht En hEt ijs zal 47° massaal vErdwijnEn. vErwachting broek gezien voor dE komEndE twEE uur: EEn niEuwE tijd van zon, van groEnE bomEn En groEn gras, niEuwE vijandEn En niEuwE liEfdEs. Cineville/Parijs. Geen vrouw ontkomt er meer aan: ‘le broek’. advertentie Geïntroduceerd door mode-icoon Coco Chanel. In som- mige opzichten is ze een vrouw als zo vele: geboren in een voor arm gezin, zonder connecties of opleiding. Maar ook een echt nare vrouw die weet hoe mode gebruikt kan worden om onder het juk van de ingesnoerde korsetten en ongemakkelijke vlekken silhouetten vandaan te komen. SunShine Cleaning ga naar Bezoek Alle f ilmtheaters, alle f ilms, alle aanvangstijden, trailers en recensies vind je op cineville.nlstriking advertisements in het Parool linked to current films
  14. 14. Unlimited entry to an imaginary cinematic city
  15. 15. about Vandejong CinevilleVandejong is an enterprising, strategic, creative strategy, concept and productioncommunications agency. We like to work with Vandejongpeople who dare to forge new paths and believe intwo-way inspiration. Vandejong stands for honest,sincere communication with a distinctive style. Cinema trailer produced inOur strategists and creatives work closely togeth- collaboration with:er on brands and campaigns. We bring in outsideexperts when necessary. We therefore contribute directorin a broad way, from brand concepts and creative Wouter Stoter (Comrad)strategies to concrete campaigns, materials, and design/doPeven new services and products when necessary. Jesse Boeijen, Tjeere van Toorenburg, Menke Visser (Comrad) Producer Melissa Nieveld (Comrad) editing Comrad Edit online facilities AVP sound design Rens Pluym (The Ambassadors) music Coparck Photography Jaap Scheeren
  16. 16. 001 Foam Download the latest cases at A museum as brand or request them from002 neau World water for world citizens003 Foam magazine Exhibitions in a magazine more information004 anno Ilse Huijg We make history! Agency manager005 University of twente We create futures006 Foam Fund Contact us Investment advice t: +31 20 462 2062007 University of twente e: Start studying008 stichting waterexpo 2010 A revolution in thinking about water blog.vandejong.com009 Un. giFt Fight human trafficking010 Cineville There’s a new town in town011 dutch ministry of Foreign affairs Alliances for a better world012 Various Consortia Hello Zuidas013 the groene hart The Randstad’s experimental garden014 City of amsterdam housing department 150 years of Wibaut015 Castrum Peregrini Intellectual playground016 Foam / anP historisch archief / museum of national history New greetings from...