An identity and campaign for the Groene Hart


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Programmabureau het Groene Hart

Develop an identity and a campaign for the Groene Hart that puts the area firmly on the map.

Unite the partners of the Groene Hart under a single brand.

Brand concept:
The Groene Hart as a back garden

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An identity and campaign for the Groene Hart

  1. 1. the city’sbackgardenThe Groene Hart puts itself on the map with a unifyingbrand concept.Vandejongamsterdam
  2. 2. ClientProgrammabureau het Groene HartAssignmentDevelop an identity and a campaign for the Groene Hartthat puts the area firmly on the mapSolutionUnite the partners of the Groene Hart under a singlebrandBrand conceptThe Groene Hart as a back garden
  3. 3. the groene hart has always been an innovative place
  4. 4. an experimental garden for new ideas
  5. 5. ‘ExpErimEntal gardEn’ groEnE Hart
  6. 6. experimental garden: experience the groene hart with all your senses
  7. 7. the groene hart starts hereThe Groene Hart is one of the Netherlands’ largestnational parks. Its varied landscape features polders,ponds, rivers, peat bogs, windmills, dykes, agricultureand horticulture, industry, towns and villages. It’s aninteresting and diverse area, but until recently it washardly recognisable for visitors. The concept of the Groene Hart was known in theNetherlands, but what was the area’s relevance for thecities in the western part of the country and the Dutchtourist market? Few people could say. Even the area’sproviders of goods and services had a hard time ex-plaining its significance. The people of the Groene Hart
  8. 8. were fragmented. The various local providers of goods ship, history and vision of the future quickly showedand services were promoting the area in their own in- that the area had been an experimental garden fromdividual ways, each with a different message and in his the start. It was a place built through human innova-or her own style. There was no one Groene Hart. tion: windmills, dykes, draining of land, peat-cutting, The provinces of Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and so on.and Utrecht therefore sought to profile the Groene And it remains such an experimental garden today.Hart as a recognisable whole for residents, businesses The people of the Groene Hart continue to innovateand visitors. They asked Vandejong to develop a brand enthusiastically, in areas including sustainable energy,concept, identity and campaign that would glue the agriculture, sustainable building, nature conservationGroene Hart back together. and recreation. Innovation is encoded in the DNA of the Groene Hart’s residents and entrepreneurs. For Uniting providers under a single brand instance, many farmers, in the face of setbacks in the agricultural sector, have looked for innovative ways toWe developed a communications strategy that could expand their businesses. Some have become entrepre-link the businesses with each other – a framework with neurs on the side, running their own B&Bs and open-a unified identity within which they could make their ing shops selling regional products where shoppers canown content. taste the wares. We created a distinctive brand concept that brought But an experimental garden is also about experiencetogether all the elements of the Groene Hart: its busi- and sensory enjoyment: taste, smell, feel. The brandnesses, activities and products, its history and its future. concept is clear. The Groene Hart is an experimentalThe concept makes it clear at a glance what the Groene garden. It’s the urbanite’s back yard – a place for plea-Hart is and aims to be. sure. The Groene Hart as an experimental garden An online tourism platformThe Groene Hart can’t set itself apart from other natu- We’ve created an open brand and style that’s free forrally rich parts of the Netherlands through its greenness anyone to use. Every interested party can be a part ofalone. So we looked for the area’s unique aspects. An this open brand and use it according to his or her ownanalysis of the Groene Hart’s activities, entrepreneur- wishes. We’ve launched the first online, user-generated
  9. 9. tourism platform at The provid- city limits or in the Groene Hart itself but, for ex-ers themselves upload information about their broad ample, in regional products in the supermarket. You’llrange of activities, products and projects and keep it up find versions of the slogan that vary by medium andto date. Visitors can post reviews of activities and cre- moment, such as ‘Taste the Groene Hart’ and ‘Proudate their own personal recreational calendars. The site of the Groene Hart’.thus promotes interaction between the Groene Hart’sproviders and visitors. Supply and demand come to- Working together successfullygether. A special editorial team coaches the businesses on The Groene Hart open brand has been active sincecommunication. They encourage the businesses to keep March 2009. The Groene Hart programme office re-their product information up to date and present spe- ports improved collaboration between the numerouscial offers within specific themes. Particularly note- parties in the Groene Hart. At the beginning of theworthy activities appear in the ‘display window’ on the project, many goods and services providers viewed jointhome page. The platform thus promotes the develop- communication with skepticism. The introduction ofment of new products and services and higher-quality the open brand and the employment of it on the web-recreational opportunities in the Groene Hart. site removed their reservations. Today, the providers see how joint communication with a single clear identity A campaign for city-dwellers can generate opportunities for developing activities and attracting visitors.Many city-dwellers in the Netherlands think of the So far, more than 1,000 providers have come to-Groene Hart as too far away. But the Groene Hart gether at and are promoting theirbegins practically at the edge of the Randstad cities. activities there. Visitor numbers for the online platformIt’s the Randstad’s back yard. That’s why we created a have been high and continue to grow. In 2009, in theconcept for an image campaign with the slogan ‘The year after launch, more than 275,000 people visited theGroene Hart starts here!’ website. The open online tourism platform is a good The campaign brings cities like Amsterdam, Leiden, example of innovation in the experimental garden ofThe Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht to the Groene the Groene Hart.Hart and vice versa. You see the slogan in places whereyou encounter the Groene Hart. That isn’t just at the
  10. 10. Vandejong and city and country promotionCities and countries were not designed to sell them-selves. After all, a place is essentially nothing more thana few square kilometres or a few tons of brick. A spe-cial place comes about through a special way of life.The people determine the atmosphere. Therefore, inpositioning a city, country, neighbourhood, street orbuilding, Vandejong always asks: What are the futureusers’ needs? What is needed to keep the place lively?How can we get the residents and businesses who willultimately ‘make’ the place involved in the process? A logo and a slogan alone won’t do it. A place needsa substantive programme that binds people togetherand a communications strategy that supports it. Tak-ing this as a starting point, Vandejong develops variedbrands and campaigns that put places on the map.
  11. 11. the groene hart starts at the breakfast table
  12. 12. the website connects the public with the providers the providers add content to the website
  13. 13. the most innovative entrepreneurs get rewarded with an innovation prizethe groene hart visits the city
  14. 14. about Vandejong the groene hartVandejong is a creative branding agency. We strategy, concept and productionbuild optimistic brands that connect people. Vandejong Amsterdam,We combine strategy and creativity to speed www.vandejong.nlup change and innovation. We like to workwith people who dare to forge new paths technical productionand believe in mutual inspiration. Vandejong Peersstands for honest, sincere communicationwith a distinctive style. Our strategists and Photography brand bookcreatives work closely together on brands and Suzanne Karstens Photographycampaigns. We bring in additional expertswhen necessary. We therefore contribute in a Location photographybroad way, from brand concepts and creative De Boerinn, Kamerik,strategies to concrete campaigns, materials, www.deboerinn.nland even new services and products. copy editor Paul Witte
  15. 15. more informationIlse HuijgAgency managerilse@vandejong.nlcontact ust: +31 20 462 2062e: