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VVV Marketing&Development Consulting Services


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Detailing listing of consulting services.

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VVV Marketing&Development Consulting Services

  1. 1. Strategic Planning & Marketing Consulting Services VVV Marketing & Development INC “Meeting today’s challenges with the Voice of the Market” Strategy A dynamic corporate strategy is a must and will build a long-term foundation for organizational success. Thorough planning is critical to a company’s success. By understanding corporate threats & opportunities along with critical customer needs, companies are better positioned to meet customer expectations and identify / seize new opportunities. Our goal is to help companies identify influencing market factors, build leader consensus with a sound course of action. We have proven processes to accomplish this task. Specific strategy services include: Strategic Business Plan Coordination & Development. Strategic Marketing Planning – Next 60 Day Action Tactics. Research Our Market & Business research is a formal, organized process of listening to the voice of the customer. The pillar of any strategic development is accurate, relevant and timely research. We value the power of market data with statistical testing. This market intelligence will be produced and delivered to management in time to influence & aid corporate development. Our in-depth services include: Satisfaction / Loyalty / Brand Tracking – Measure and trend key performance metrics. Competitive Analysis / Environmental Assessment - Track competitor activities. Market Assessment - Determine untapped demand, optimal price points. New Product Development - Identify new product or service opportunities. Database Marketing- Build data warehouse of current and prospective customers. Marketing Performance Audit - Determine optimal Marketing structure & tactics. Segmentation - Determine best customer profile & suggest untapped market. Qualitative Methods Quantitative Methods - In-depth Interviews - Market Performance Trending - Panel Discussions - Market Share Analysis - Focus groups - Physician Manpower Assessment -Mystery Shopping - Referral Tracking Development Developing specific action tactics that focus on relational, legal, organizational and staff advantages to mix your product, price, promotion, place and service is our focus. Special attention is given to review corporate resources to align business commitment in setting goals. Great plans need deployment. Specific development services include: Scorecard measurement Marketing Management Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Coaching Vince Vandehaar, MBA <913-302-7264>