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Lead generation campaign for Power BI Microsoft


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An example of a lead generation campaign plan for B2B IT companies:

Steps of the process:
1. Defining campaign objective
2. Identifying target audience and their challenges
3. Designing value proposition
4. Creating campaign strategy for demand generation, lead generation and lead nurturing
5. Identifying campaign components and topics
6. Preparing nurture workflows

Published in: Technology
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Lead generation campaign for Power BI Microsoft

  1. 1. Power BI Lead generation plan MarketingDrops
  2. 2. Objective Scale lead generation efforts on digital medium Target audience Value proposition For analysts • Connect your data wherever it is – in the cloud or on-premises • Prep and model your data in a few clicks • Provide advanced analytics with the familiarity of excel • Create interactive reports customized for business For business users • View dashboard on the web or on your phone • Get instant alerts when data changes For IT • Lower implementation costs and simplify management of data • Scale your solution to thousand of users • Centrally control the access and usage of data on different devices and user groups For developers • Easily embed interactive data visuals and deliver compelling reports • Analyse data and share insights on any device
  3. 3. Campaign plan strategy SEO for website and blogs Paid search on lead generation components Paid social on lead generation components Capturing the interest of your prospects on the website and on the campaign landing page Delivering content collaterals and lead generation components over e- mail to qualify the lead Handing over marketing qualified leads to tele-sales team for further qualification Demand generation Lead generation Lead nurture Tele-qualification
  4. 4. Campaign plan components • 4 challenges you must be facing with your current business intelligence solution • 4 key forces driving modern business intelligence growth • 5 limitations of free business intelligence software • 5 data and analytics trends you should know • What are the challenges that you face in manual reporting • Design principles to follow while building your business intelligence dashboard • How to choose the best BI virtualization tool for your enterprise • 4 ways in which you can big data is changing healthcare • How big data can solve product promotion issues Keyword strategy Blog topics Lead generation components • Business intelligence companies • Business intelligence solutions • BI visualization tools • BI dashboard best practices • Business intelligence dashboard • Business intelligence strategy • Business intelligence challenges • BI reporting tools Webinars / eBooks • Power BI demo: How to create a highly interactive and rich analytical experience using Power BI • How to eliminate problems in manual reporting • How to overcome obstacles in BI and big data • 7 keys to a successful Business intelligence strategy • How to implement a successful self-service BI program • 6 data modelling best practices for better business intelligence Offers • Dashboard in a day • Free trial for 30 days • Free dashboard templates Industry report • Gartner: Microsoft: 10 years of leadership in BI and Analytics platform
  5. 5. Lead nurturing workflow Existing database Purchased database New leads Target accounts Blog: 4 challenges you must be facing with your current Business Intelligence solution M1 *Note: This is just an indicative nurture workflow. It would be different for different businesses based on targeted accounts and their challenges Nurture workflow: Moving the leads across the buying funnel Blog: How to overcome obstacles in BI and big data using Power BIM2 Case Study M3 Webinar: Power BI demo: How to create a highly interactive and rich analytical experienceM4 Tele-qualification
  6. 6. MarketingDrops Thank You Get practical insights, best practices, tips and templates at
  7. 7. Content inspiration sources • • • • Important resources • Automate your e-mail marketing campaigns - • Lead generation guide by Marketo