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Willi Halfter Retirement Presentation by Vance Lemmon


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It does not work so great in slide view on SlideShare. I recommend downloading it and running though it in presentation mode so you can read the snarky remarks. It highlights some of the things that make Willi an awesome scientist!

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Willi Halfter Retirement Presentation by Vance Lemmon

  1. 1. STANDING ON WILLI’S SHOULDERS A presentation at Willi Halfter’s Retirement Party in Pittsburgh, June 6, 2014
  2. 2. How do you know it is time to think about retirement? When you are invited to give a lecture at a friend’s retirement For the third time!
  3. 3. Nice Hats
  4. 4. A LOT of Nice Hats
  5. 5. MPI für Virusforschung Max-Planck-Instituts für Entwicklungsbiologie
  6. 6. Spemannstraße
  7. 7. Willi Mr Unconventional eye in a dish retina on a filter Mr Matrix tenascin and wounds 495 citations Mr Infectious Attempto!
  9. 9. Percentile Ranking and Citation Impact of a Large Cohort of NHLBI- Funded Cardiovascular R01 Grants. Narasimhan Danthi, Colin O Wu, Peibei Shi and Michael S Lauer Circulation Research 2014
  10. 10. An Upside Down Retina?
  11. 11. 177 citations
  12. 12. An experiment in a text book
  13. 13. Right next to the one it is debunking!
  14. 14. Discovery of Eprhin’s roll in retinotectal axon guidance
  15. 15. 540 results for “Bonhoeffer” stripe assay
  16. 16. Attempto!
  17. 17. Attempto!
  18. 18. “No schnieke”? 106 citations!
  19. 19. Princess Caroline
  20. 20. Basel Bakeries Suck The only Bakery in Lörrach, Germany Rocks
  21. 21. Congratulations from Fritz R, Stephan K, Uz, Don and Silvia!
  22. 22. Bye-Bye Willi! Thanks for all the “refreshingly” unconventional” experiments