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IBM Social Business Toolkit


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This presentation is from IBM's New Way to Learn 2016 partner enablement. The topic is an introduction to the Social Business Toolkit and SDK.

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IBM Social Business Toolkit

  1. 1. Introducing the Social Business Toolkit Worldwide Business Partner Technical Enablement 2016 Van Staub – North America Embedded Solution Agreement Technical Sales 1
  2. 2. Agenda • General Overview • Connections Cloud Extensions • Social Business Toolkit SDK • Getting Started with the SDK • Closing Thoughts
  3. 3. your application Getting Started? Homepage Communities Blogs Activities Files Profiles Bookmarks Wikis Forums what goes here?
  4. 4. Social Business Toolkit • enables developers to build social applications for either IBM Connections or Connections Cloud using a variety of platforms • requires APIs • requires extension points if SaaS • benefits from SDK • fairly mature at this point – originally released in 2013
  5. 5. Connections Cloud Extensions • extensions add content to predefined locations in user interface • link from Connections Cloud to 3rd party applications • pass contextual information to 3rd party applications Service Description Navigation Bar Add menu items as a list of applications in navigation bar Profiles Add a menu item on a Connections Cloud user's profile page Files Add a new file menu: • Drop-down menu in the files listing on a page • More Actions drop-down menu in the expanded view of a file on a page. • File details page Contacts Display a link for a contact record on the Contact specific context menu and Contact details page Organizations Link on company's profile page Dashboard Menu item to display under list of links on the left part of dashboard
  6. 6. Navigation Bar Extension
  7. 7. Profiles Extension
  8. 8. Files Extension
  9. 9. Files Extension
  10. 10. Extension Point Creation Contextual Parameters ${file_id} The ID of the file. ${user_id} The ID of the current user. ${org_id} The ID of the organization of the current user.
  11. 11. Extension Point Flow Your Application Connections Cloud 4ee5-ad5d-730251b4dc36 Your app retrieves file 79004547- 0f89-4ee5-ad5d-730251b4dc36 Send Brochure 1 2 3
  12. 12. Connections APIs your application …
  13. 13. Open Standards JSON ATOM RESTful your application …
  14. 14. RESTful Open Source your application …
  15. 15. RESTful Social Business Toolkit SDK your application
  16. 16. Social Business Toolkit SDK • supports a variety of programming languages in a common programming model • Javascript • Java • PHP • XPages
  17. 17. Javascript • high level APIs that encapsulate many services • UI controls • low level APIs available as utility helpers • XML parser, Xpath engine, JSON and String functions
  18. 18. Javascript Design • five key design patterns used in the JavaScript API • Modules • Endpoints • Promises • Services + Entities • Controls
  19. 19. Javascript Modules • Uses RequireJS and module loader ( • enables efficient download of JavaScript files modules code called after module loads
  20. 20. Javascript Endpoints • an abstraction around the connection to a server • separate application code from details of the deployment - server URL, authentication mechanism, properties endpoint ID REST operation REST resource
  21. 21. Javascript Promises • JavaScript promises deal with asynchronous nature of REST calls • popular design pattern being used in jQuery and Dojo what to do when the request returns success #fail
  22. 22. Javascript Service + Entities • services provide access to different “social services” - Files, Communities, etc. • entities contain data produced by services – a File, a Community, etc service entity
  23. 23. Javascript Controls • reusable UI controls the control control parameters control UI
  24. 24. Java • similar to Javascript – Java has endpoints and services + entities • Javascript communicates to Java code endpointservice entity
  25. 25. select an environment ( code displayed here output displayed here available samples Social Business Toolkit Samples
  26. 26. Getting Started • import the Social Business Toolkit SDK into your development environment • build a sample or use an existing demo application • deploy your application
  27. 27. that’s a lot of code! start with the sample app
  28. 28. sample app installed
  29. 29. • Declares the server URLs and authentication schemes partner dev server defines where to find properties file on WebSphere
  30. 30. managed-beans.xml defines where to find xml file on WebSphere dynamically added here • Controls behavior of the SDK code
  31. 31. explore samples in either Javascript or Java
  32. 32. Closing Thoughts • building you own versus using the Social Business Toolkit SDK • what’s the future of the Toolkit • the Toolkit is not everything – combine it with other services like Cloudant • Bluemix service • feedback from you
  33. 33. Resources Home page: SDK: GitHub: StackOverflow: #ibmsbt Twitter: @ibmsbt YouTube: Playground: Van’s Blog:
  34. 34. Thank You 39