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Sizang village telco_overview


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Sizang village telco_overview

  1. 1. Sizang Village Telco ( C o n n e c t i n g p e o p l e s ) - C o n n e c t i n g T h o s e W h o N e e d I t M o s t ● What is Community WLAN - (Why WiFi for rural Communication?) ● What is a Village Telco ● Regular Wifi Networks ● Mesh Wireless Networks ● Sizang Khua Telco Goals ● Project Plan??(ki cian nei x lai, Sizang Community tawh ki zom na nei ) ● Wireless Technology Application (examples)... ● Risks ?? ● Q & A.
  2. 2. “It is better to be crazy than to die...” If you want to do some thing good without money you have to work like crazy and try everything else. -A Napali Proverb-
  3. 3. What is a Village Telco
  4. 4. Regular Wifi Networks
  5. 5. Village Telco Network
  6. 6. Sizang Village Telco - Goals Goals ● Train Sizang Community to install a Village Telco network ● Install at least 10 Mesh Potatoes(within 5 villages) ● Build a local call telephone network ● Build an IP Backbone for local IP traffic
  7. 7. Project Plan ● A ki cian om ngol lai... ● Sizang World Wide Communites te tawh na sep khop thei na nei zo nuam..
  8. 8. ● Education ● Health care(Telemedicine) ● Communication(Email/Intranet/Internet) ● Local Business ● Access to news and Information ● And many more....
  9. 9. Sizang Village Telco ● Main goal is local telephone calls ● IP connectivity across Sizang Villages ● Public IP backbone across Sizang Villages ● Public resource, e.g. local chat, web servers, Wiki, mirror of web content ● Internet can be distributed by this network(via Kalaymyo IPSTAR or DSL) ● But this project doesn't provide Internet
  10. 10. Risks ● What can go wrong? ● What happens when the trainers goes home? ● Train Sizang Community to fix problems ● Focus on keeping network running ● Train many people, not just one expert ● Sustainable Strategy/plan(a diak diak Community based projects na sep na ah...) ● How can we make it more reliable? Do we need special licence for 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz frequency bands in Burma?
  11. 11. Bang Van teng ki sam/zang tu? ● Inndoor Access Point Router (Or) ● Outdoor Access Point Router(incl.Antenna) ● High-gain Antenna ● Router Firmware/OS(open WRT with Mesh network protocols) ● Mesh Potato
  12. 12. Bang dan devices te ki zang/sam? ● Indoor Access Point(AP)/Wireless Router ● Indoor WLAN Access Point Router - Linksys WRT54G (40 - 50 US $)
  13. 13. Bang dan devices te ki zang/sam? ● Outdoor Accesspoint(AP) with highgain antenna. 60 US $ Antenna: Integrated 10dBi Dual Pol + External SMA Port , Outdoor Range: over 15kmOutdoor Range: over 15km
  14. 14. Antenna ● Ol tak in vawt tawm thei pawl khat te. ● Can Antenna (5 US $ - 7 US $) 0.5 -1,3 Km Distance ● Ref :
  15. 15. Antenna ●2.4Ghz Square Grid Parabolic Antenna, 24DBI – 50 US $ But with modern Outdoor Access Point Router with integrated antenna, you dont need those Parabolic Antenna anymore.!!! OMNI-DIRECTIONAL - 360°
  16. 16. The Mesh Potato ● The Mesh Potato is a new device for providing low-cost telephony and Internet in areas where alternative access either doesn’t exist or is too expensive. It is a marriage of a low-cost wireless access point ( AP) capable of running a mesh networking protocol with an Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA). Wireless Router 2 dbi Antenna + Telephone a ki hel Device no khat hi. 60 – 100 $ man.
  17. 17. Khau 2 ki zom na tu. Phone bek hi x hi.. ● 2 Mesh Potato (180 US $) :-( ha, man ham thong ● 2 Outdoor AP – 100 US $ ● Cables – 15 US $ ● 2 Analog Telephone – 30 US $ plus logistics costs totals → 325 US $ Phone call + Data network for many purposes ● A ki cing zaw na sim nuam leh?
  18. 18. Solar powered WLAN Radio Station ● Example : ThangMual tung ah Repeater in zak thei tu... 10 watt solar panel : 100 $ Dry Baterry 12 V, 30 $ ? AD/DC Converter : ?? Total : ca. 150 - 200 US $
  19. 19. S u r v e y f o r G S M a n d W L A N i n s t a l l a t i o n i n S i y i n R e g i o n b y P a P u m S u a n H a n g more info
  20. 20. S u r v e y f o r G S M a n d W L A N i n s t a l l a t i o n i n S i y i n R e g i o n b y P a P u m S u a n H a n g more info
  21. 21. Thanks
  22. 22. Me and the Village Hackers : Elektra(Ph.d) , David(Ph.d),
  23. 23. Thanks ● (Free WLAN Community-Germany) ● Dr. David Rowe(Ph.d) (Mesh Potato initiator) ● Atcom(manufacture), who are making the Mesh Potatoes for the better world ● Shuttleworth Foundation, who supported the Village Telco project ● Village Telco community from all over the world. Khaipi(Zogamnuam) / twitter : khaipi