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General Company Profile for VanRiet Material Handling Systems

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VanRiet Material Handling Systems Company Profile

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. Company Profile Sustainability
  3. 3. An overview W e are a medium-sized company with highly educated employ- ees. Our size enables us to always be flexible towards our customers. The main office and knowledge center with accompanying assembly hall are located in Houten, the Netherlands. Besides the worldwide partner network, VanRiet has its own branch office in Poland and a produc- tion unit and assembly hall in China. Besides this, ULS Services in Ede, the Netherlands, is part of the VanRiet Group. ULS is an inde- pendent and all-round service provider that can maintain, expand or inspect systems of all brands. ULS is mainly active in the Benelux area and Germany. This brochure provides you an insight into our specific knowledge and experience with the aim to invite you to develop an intralogistic solution together. This solution is based on a quick ROI and maximum score on productivity, scalability and reliability. We will gladly accept the challenge and increase the competitiveness of your com- pany. Together, we create the perfect solution. Be convinced VanRiet is the right supplier based on partnership. For over 65 years, VanRiet has been offering its customers intralogistic solutions for the development and construction of automated storage and internal transport systems. Over 2,000 projects have been realized, from Mexico to Shanghai, from Prague to Istanbul and from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. Both Turn-key projects and partial projects within a complete system. We think along and take care of a smooth realization. Partner US Partner Mexico Partner Spain Partner UK Partner France VanRiet Poland Partner South Korea Partner Singapore ULS Service & Systems Partner China HQ: Houten. The Netherlands VanRiet China Partner Italy a selection of the installed base: > 2000 systems worldwide Partner Brasil
  4. 4. Company Profile Integrity
  5. 5. Our mission Quality VanRiet Material Handling Systems offers robust products for which intensive quality assurance are normative. The quality of our work is ingrained in our processes and has made us obtain various certifications, such as ISO 9001 and, very soon, ISO 14001. Our methods and service are of the same high standard, to ensure your intralogistic system reaches maximum performance in terms of efficiency and availability. Our core values 1. Respect 2. Integrity 3. Professionalism 4. Sustainability 5. Quality 6. Innovation Innovation is always for the benefit of • Lower operational costs / lower Total Cost of Ownership • Increased output • Lower energy consumption and better recycling possibilities of the systems • User-friendliness (ergonomics) • Availability • Reliability Corporate Social Responsibility (/CSR) We believe economic performances also mean sustainable entrepreneurship, or corporate social reasonability. We realize this, among others, by: • Development of systems that are energy- efficient and cost-effective • Continuous search for alternative technologies • Complying with the stringent environmental requirements of the countries we work in • Minimizing our carbon footprint with regard to energy consumption, transport and waste VanRiet Material Handling Systems is an organization that thinks, works and communicates customer-specific solutions. We do so before, during and after completion. As an open, flexible and no-nonsense organization, we support our customers in the continuous improvement of their competitive edge by offering the most effective automated intra- logistic solutions and service. With our worldwide partner network, we serve the global market with our unique and often patented products.
  6. 6. Your process, our solution Company Profile
  7. 7. Which solutions have we got in store for you? Some examples: 1 Manual or automated sorting systems If you do not require a high sorting capacity, non- driven roller conveyors, fishbone pattern roller conveyors or other light applications may be per- fectly suitable. These solutions are built modular- ly and are easily adjustable. That is what we call effective sorting at a minimal investment. When the output has to increase, we come to one of VanRiet specialties. Our sorting systems are re- liable, flexible and of a high quality. Our sorting solutions with unique patented techniques can be easily integrated into an existing system. The benefits of our automated sorting systems: • Increased productivity • Custom-made with standard products • Improved sorting accuracy • Solutions for capacities to 10,000 units per hour • Decreased operational costs • Reliability • Safe and noiseless • Patented techniques • Modular (flexible, expandable and adjustable) 2 Order picking Order picking is the process in which products are collected from a specific storage location based on customer orders. The order picking process is the most labor-intensive process of all in a warehouse as well as an important pro- duction factor. We optimize your order picking process and deliver reliable turn-key systems at an acceptable investment. If required, we can implement the solutions we have developed into your own IT environment. The benefits: • Increased and more efficient productivity • Minimization of errors • Increase of speed and capacity • Improved customer service 3 Transporting It appears to be a relatively easy activity, but the network of internal transport in your ware- house might be the bottleneck in your ope- ration. Too much accumulation or failures will cost you a fortune. That is why we develop our transporters with reliability as main priority. With endurance tests, we work on the highest possible availability. We have several standar- dized solutions available. The benefits: • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and quicker ROI • Custom-made with standard products • Ergonomic • Suitable for a wide range of products • Low frequency of maintenance
  8. 8. Your Tire Handling Solutions Company Profile
  9. 9. A specific solutions for every corporate branch Parcel In the market for parcel services, the compe- tition is fierce. This particularly means that an investment in material handling systems should be very profitable and the availability of the system should be optimal. One small error and the margins are gone. With VanRiet, you will gain insight into the operation and perfor- mance of your system early on. The concept of track trace is especially important in this market, which means your stock management software should be powerful. Besides the hard- ware products, we also supply very advanced IT environments to maintain good overview of the shipments. Camera surveillance is usually incor- porated in the installation of our systems. That will save you extra installation costs and ensures a seamless link to the operational system. You determine to which degree you want to ma- nage the process and we provide the solution. Automotive Tire The automotive industry is a great example of perfectly arranged logistics, because pro- duction occurs on a large scale and products must be delivered to the assembly lines on time. Not too late and not too early either, but just-in-time, as it is called. In particular, VanRiet has gained a lot of expertise in the tire industry. Dependent of the type of tire, various transport solutions are offered: for many top 10 players in this industry we trans- port the Green, Cured and Finished Tires between the various phases of the produc- tion process. The transport systems must be both robust and reliable to be able to handle a high output. If you want more information, you can contact us visit our website The Warehouse Distribution segments: Tools Spare Parts A material handling system for spare parts should particularly be able to trust on the combination of reliability and speed. Parts are ordered late, but expected to be delivered on time. This branch often has a high number of Stock Keeping Units (a large number of different articles), so the system requires excellent stock management and traceability. Shoes Textile Nowadays in fashion, there are more changes in collection than there are seasons. To stay in the game, a fashion supplier has to change the assortment frequently and have an IT structure that can handle the many price adjustments of sales. Material handling in fashion means maximum flexibility. Besides the numerous sto- We have been active in intralogistic solutions for over 65 years and during that time; we have built up an exceptional amount of knowledge of what goes on in various corporate branches. Although matters such as uptime, performance and output are important in every branch, specific knowledge can often mean the difference between a good transport system and an excellent one. Below you can find some examples of branches for which we have implemented fitting solutions time and time again. Is your branch not listed? Please inform us and chances are, our solutions are also applicable to your specific branch. 1
  10. 10. Regardless of size or weight, we take care of your internal transport Company Profile
  11. 11. res, direct sales is an important sales channel. The logistics and invoicing should service both segments simultaneously. We are familiar with the complexity of returned goods and by close cooperation with our customers, we always achieve the best result for our customers. E-commerce Retail The rise of sales over the internet is astonishing. By now, every retailer is convinced of the combination of store and online sales. As the consumer is demanding and being spoilt with extremely late acceptances of orders (‘cut-off times’), a material handling operation must be able to handle an enormous output during peak times. Besides this, with online purchases the average order volume is considerably lo- wer than with traditional retail. This creates the challenge to design the transport or sorting line to cope with the multitude of package sizes. In this segment, reliability, versatility and performance are the key words. Flowers With perishable goods, speed is the key word. These operations, whereby cross-docking is frequently used, must have a system that ‘knows’ exceptionally well which goods have to be delivered first. The system must have very little downtime, because fresh must stay fresh at all times. Kitchen Furniture Just as in fashion, this is an industry in which the assortment frequently changes and the latest trends are leading. The goods are often more substantial in terms of size and weight, so in this branch, systems for heavier loading and even pallet transport and storage are often applied. Material handling systems must make optimal use of available space in the warehouse in order to limit the costs per stored product. Third Party Logistics (3PL) For a company that carries out activities such as storage, sorting, order picking and shipping for others, it is paramount that a material hand- ling system offers the best in both performance and reliability. The services are offered at sharp rates, so the customer can expect a competi- tive advantage for outsourcing. Besides this, warehouses of 3PL service providers are usually so-called multi-customer sites, as several custo- mers are serviced at the same time. Add to that the necessity of a logistical system that must be swiftly adjustable with the arrival or depar- ture of a customer. It then becomes clear that flexibility and scalability are the most important characteristics of a 3PL logistic solution. Solutions for System Integrators As a System Integrator, you especially realize added value through existing knowledge and insights with which you solve problems for your customers. In logistical automation, you have complete overview and offer your custo- mer the benefit of a single point of contact. Of course, you require the products and services you obtain from so-called sub-contractors to be of high quality. Over the years, VanRiet has been able to support in the realization of many projects, whereby our transport and sorting systems have been applied. Our patented tech- niques, our preference for teamwork and our wish to realize the customer’s wishes make us an ideal supplier for a System Integrator. 2 A specific solutions for every corporate branch
  12. 12. Company Profile Partnership
  13. 13. Working with VanRiet means cooperation and insight Our dedicated Account Manager needs to understand your wishes and goals to then mobilize the VanRiet organization and have the project designed by your regular contact person, the Project manager. After detailed discussion, this will then result in a project plan and phasing, and eventually the order granting. The following phases occur: • Needs analysis and concept description • Design of the system • Validation and visualization of the project • Assembly and installation • Testing and conclusion Faster and better insight This appears to be the classic project approach. But here, VanRiet’s technological expertise shows. VanRiet developed the VanRiet Standard 4.0, a 3D visualization and development environment which enables us to simultaneously design and calculate your projects. The software can design a complete material handling system with the entered components and parameters. The system immediately calculates all required hardware components to construct the project. This speeds up the cost calculation. The project can be simulated in 3D, but even more impressive is the emulation, whereby the entire operation can be tested at PLC level before the system goes live. After the installation, the user will be able to monitor the complete material handling system with the 3D real-time visualizations on his computer. This does not only look good, but it is also extremely insightful and enables the user to intervene quickly when necessary. die Anlage In Betrieb genommen wird. The benefits of VanRiet Standard 4.0 1. Quick design of the lay-out 2. Quick cost calculation combined with the lay-out 3. Immediate insight with 3D images 4. Fast simulation of the project 5. Better insight with project emulation 6. 3D visualization for the operational control 7. Generating inspection reports 8. Enhanced project quality and minimized risk of project errors Your material handling project is crucial for your operation. The purchased systems will have to perform excellently constantly. After all, downtime costs money.
  14. 14. While you take care of your customers, we take care of you Company Profile
  15. 15. Maximum uptime with first class service and inspections For us service is an integral part of an intralogistic solution and a crucial activity that ensures your operational processes are not hindered. Our service organization is built around the concept of maximum unburdening of our customer. A maximum uptime of your system is realized with: 1 Prevention • Preventive inspection or maintenance • Planning • Excellent stock management of spare parts 2 Correction • In case of emergencies, you can reach our hotline 24/7 • Guaranteed response times • An online remote provision for VR to provide remote assistance, so service visits are not always required • Quickly on site, also through cooperation with service partners. Globally! 3 Tailor-made work Service is not off the rack, but tailor-made. Well in advance of the installation, we discuss your wishes and the result is a service contract that feels like a relief, not a burden. While you manage your business, we take care of your intralogistic systems 4 Continuity for your logistical system • Continuous training of our service engineers • VanRiet develops all in-house • We invest in the most advanced equipment for inspections and repairs • Clear reports for the desired insights • Continual development; we constantly re- search the possibilities to further improve our service Inspections Every year, thousands of accidents occur in and around warehouses. Besides the perso- nal dramas, you as an employer can be faced with replacement costs, damage to goods and a decrease in motivation of your person- nel. Through periodical inspections, you can prevent this negative productivity. VanRiet’s periodical safety inspections are carried out exclusively by experts and cause minimal disruption of your processes. The periodical safety check is carried out as part of a maintenance contract or as a separate service. By doing a very detailed PROFIBUS check, we ensure your data communication remains optimal. The VanRiet team ensures maximum unburde- ning, so you can focus on your core business. CompanyProfile_02_0613_ENG
  16. 16. VANRIET VANRIET MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS | PO Box 416 NL-3990 GE Houten | T +31(0)30 - 60 68 111 | |