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The Key to Loyalty


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What is loyalty? What are the different levels in loyalty? What is it all about? How do we measure loyalty?

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  • Hello Inaki,

    Slideshare fixed a bug through which it is possible to see the notes per page. If you run through the prsentation and click on 'Notes for slide 1', you will see the comments per slide.

    When I mean 'A' as a brand, it is because 'A' is the logo that Antwerp designed as a brand. It was designed specially like that because first of all 'A' is the leading letter of Antwerp and secondly, in the Flemish Antwerp dialect 'you' is pronounced as 'a'. This means that sentences like 'zot van A' which means 'crazy from A' also means 'crazy from YOU' when it is pronounced in the Antwerp dialect. An other example: 'we zijn er voor A' which means 'we are there for A' also means 'we are there for YOU'. It is one of the strongest brand designs I have ever seen.
    So, automatically you are right. Because 'A' in dialect means 'YOU' it also means 'the people'.

    How to develop this personal contact: the presentation was given towards 150 communication specialists working for the city of Antwerp. They have to transmit the message to all people working in their environment and that way all those personal contacts with the citizens become activated. I started the speech as an introduction on loyalty, but it ended as a very motivational speech for employees of Antwerp.

    I fully agree with your segmentation proposal. The original presentation came with two interactive exercises. The first made clear that all people are unique, the second segmented the audience in a small group who had a lot in common. Leave me a message at and I will send you the two exercises as PPT-slides.
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  • Iñaki Elicegui Aizpitarte wrote on LinkedIn:

    I`m not specialised in marketing for cities but for companies, but I would trie to give you my opinion.
    It's difficult too to understand a PPT wihtout the autor explanation.
    I think it is very interesting and I' agree 70%. Some slides are fantastic.
    - I don't believe in structural links, because they are (many times) forced and it is not possible to build any future relationship on a forced structure. It's much better to work in emotionals structures.
    - Loyalty exist. Of course. The point is that only e very few organisations are working in the right direction looking for loyalty.
    - You say 'A' as a brand. This is the key. And very difficult. We use to say 'the people are the brand' because the brand is not something tangible, but it's an emotional relation which could build a relation with the 'thing' and the customer. And it's builded by the people from the company which work for this.
    - You say 'the key reaching and understanding'. 100% agree. And you add the 'personal contact importance' --> 100% agree again. But how do you develop this personal contact? This is the point, and my humble suggestion.
    - In my opinion the most important point to develop loyalty is that customer feel is receiving a greater value from you (very easy to say). In our commodity society, this is very difficult to develop (everybody copy each other and it's very difficult to differenciate one from other). The only point is to create a very narrow personalised relation with 'each' person. But this is impossible because you would need a lot of money. When we were studing in the university, we spend a lot of time with segmentation exercises. Surprisingly, I have never used this technique. It's very strange that an industrial company would have their customer segmentated. Is it unseccessful? No. I don't know why we don't use it, but I have recognised recently the useful of this tecnique. In my work as marketing consultant involved in customer focused. It's not possible to develope a personal strategy to each customer. The solution is to group the customers in homogeneous groups by their requirements. And one of the challenge is to try to develop the different customer segments that the company have. And the results are very interesting.
    In your presentation, I would suggest you to segment the people (by requirements) in order to define the value propose to each segment. I think it would complete your idea.
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    This presentation is an extract of the presentation made for the marketing & communication department of Antwerp. The original presentation was given in Dutch during their internal customer day on November 25, 2008, by Paul Van Lil (
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The Key to Loyalty

  1. 1. the key to loyalty Presentation made for the city of Antwerp November 2008 Paul Van Lil
  2. 2. Lifecycle of the citizen Value of the citizen during the lifecycle lifecycle of the citizen
  3. 3. financial loyalty
  4. 4. = 1 x x 10
  5. 6. the right partner high turn-over
  6. 7. social loyalty
  7. 8. passion, family, hobby, sport, work, …
  8. 9. everybody is unique
  9. 10. split in groups
  10. 11. structural loyalty
  11. 12. the bank account number is a very strong structural link
  12. 13. … nevertheless, customers leave banks
  13. 14. most applications are written for Microsoft
  14. 15. a.o. Google attacks Microsoft with Google Chrome
  15. 16. the mobile number is an other strong structural link
  16. 17. Belgium counts more mobile numbers than Belgians
  17. 18. conclusion: loyalty does not exist !
  18. 19. Loyalty does not exist ?!?
  19. 20. what makes Antwerp unique?
  20. 21. Antwerp is a brand!
  21. 22. relationship with ‘A’ is the most important
  22. 23. the success of that relationship is loyalty
  23. 24. the key to loyalty is ‘reaching and understanding’
  24. 25. to mary you need to be with two
  25. 26. loyalty (and trust) is mutual
  26. 27. mutual respect
  27. 28. personal contact
  28. 29. personal contact mapped out © 2008 Carlson Marketing. All rights reserved. The company seen through the eyes of the customer
  29. 30. building a relationship is complex
  30. 31. social media is the gateway to ‘reaching and understanding’
  31. 32. Guru Seth Godin about the way ‘tribes’ work
  32. 33. Should you recommend Antwerp to friends or family?
  33. 34.           detractor promoter neutral
  34. 35. promoters will tell of their friends 6
  35. 36. detractors share their grieves with friends 10
  36. 37. Net Promoter Score <ul><li>Example </li></ul><ul><ul><li>total segment = 125 or 100% </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>promoters = 30 or 24% </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>neutral = 75 or 60% </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>detractors = 20 or 16% </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>NPS = 24% - 16% = 8% </li></ul></ul>NPS = % promoters - % detractors
  37. 38. Where is north?
  38. 39. Where the citizen of Antwerpen says it is !
  39. 40. … and maybe you do not always agree
  40. 41. you make the difference
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  42. 43. special thanks to Richard Rosen who brings brand and direct together through his Brand Interactive Model
  43. 44. Paul Van Lil [email_address]