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Liferay on docker


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Installation of Liferay and run it inside a Docker Container

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Liferay on docker

  1. 1. Liferay on Docker From, K.G.R Vamsi, Software Specialist, Kodiak Networks Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. About me  Working at Kodiak Networks as Software Specialist  Photographer  Founder of  Consultant for most of the Startups
  3. 3. What is Liferay  1. Liferay is a open source platform which allows you to create websites. You can download and run it in no time. 2. To elaborate further, it's a Portal platform. A portal allows you to aggregate content from different sources. So you can have multiple web applications (Portlet applications) on the same page. Like blog, weather, wiki etc. Its also easy to use the features / functionality as a service. 3. It comes bundled with great features out of the box like blogs, forums, social networking, document and media manager etc. And plus you can customize all this. For doing that you need to understand Portlet development. 4. Liferay themes allow you to create great looking websites.
  4. 4. Old School Deployment of Liferay Stack
  5. 5. Jelastic Way of Liferay Deployment
  6. 6. Liferay Stack into MicroService Model
  7. 7. What is Docker?  Docker is an open-source engine to automate the deployment of applications as self-contained, portable containers independent of hardware, language, framework, packaging system and hosting provider. Think of it as building a sandbox with a deployed, configured application inside.
  8. 8. How Does Docker be Compatible with Liferay  Docker is a Platform Underneath a Application which you host on which you can compare it as a Thin App Hypervisor which creates services on the fly.  Docker deployments gives the flexibility to deploy huge app deployments across multiple DC’s and Az’s which makes most of the Monkey Patchings and Code Updates and release more feasible.  The Services can be shared and tracked across the portal and Detection of Resource within the code will be at a granular level which helps to debug most of your portal applications
  9. 9. Docker Template for Liferay
  10. 10. Docker Tools
  11. 11. Some more tools DockerStack
  12. 12. Thanks Q&A Time