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VioFixer (DevOps & Security automation tool)


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Viofixer is a tool that embraces Security in DevOps with automation leading to DevSecOps.

This tool was created by software developers to ensure that their own applications would be free from security code vulnerabilities – this tool is now available to you too.

Therefore, you need not take days or even weeks to fix errors or bugs, as VioFixer helps you to fix them with just a few clicks.

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VioFixer (DevOps & Security automation tool)

  2. 2. What is VioFixer? VioFixer fixes applications code violations automatically – freeing developers to continue focusing on their core tasks instead of researching and resolving security vulnerabilities or having to hire an external vendor What problem does VioFixer solve? • VioFixer automates the process of correcting security vulnerabilities identified by static code analysers • VioFixer eliminates the countless hours “Invested” in manual correction, saves resources and enables developers to focus on the other vital tasks. TECHNOL OGY INNOVATION PROCESS
  3. 3. Advantages of VioFixer: NO MORE VIOLATIONS IN YOUR CODE Freeing developers to continue focusing on their core tasks instead of researching and resolving security vulnerabilities or having to hire an external vendor DELIVER SECURE CODE FASTER VioFixer enables developers to deliver secure code faster - shortening development time - and improving the security of completed applications KEEP PROJECTS ON TIME AND UNDER BUDGET VioFixer enables organizations to save money and reduce workforce requirements while protecting their clients from modern cyber threats TECHNOL OGY INNOVATION PROCESS
  4. 4. How VioFixer Works? 1. VioFixer evaluates output from a static code analyzer 2. Copies the code from the configured .git into VioFixer branch 3. VioFixer remediates the vulnerabilities into VioFixer branch 4. Allows the users to view the changes made to the code/files 5. Commits the code changes to a VioFixer branch TECHNOL OGY INNOVATION PROCESS
  5. 5. What VioFixer Fixes? TECHNOL OGY INNOVATION PROCESS Open Web Application Security Project A1 Injection A2 Broken Authentication A3 Sensitive Data Exposure A4 XML External Entities(XXE) A5 Broken Access Control A6 Security Misconfiguration A7 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) A8 Insecure Deserialization A9 Components with known Vulnerabilities A10 Insufficient Logging & Monitoring VioFixer Algorithm 1. Fixers in algorithm based on OWASP list 2. Addressed most common vulnerabilities across all severities 3. Targets and repairs ~50% of identified vulnerabilities 4. JAVA and JavaScript applications 5. Update algorithm based on changed threat 6. Continuous update of algorithm against new threats
  6. 6. Why Viofixer? Save money by deploying software security practices before an application hits production TECHNOL OGY INNOVATION PROCESS Reduce time and cost to remediate security vulnerabilities Reduce delays in time to market Reduces compliance cost Reduces security testing spending Avoid security breach and associated liabilities
  7. 7. To Know More About VioFixer Visit: TECHNOL OGY INNOVATION PROCESS