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Power in ap


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Power Crisis in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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Power in ap

  1. 1. Power “Crisis”<br />Stastics & Facts on Power Generation, Consumption, Wastage & Alternative Methods.<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />Due to the change in living standards, in every house we can see TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Iron Box, Computer, Microwave Ovens. However, because of carelessness power is being wasted. When the month ends a bill with thousand of rupees will be calculated. Moreover, when the power is not sufficient here the government buys the power at a cost of Rs.7 per unit & gives it in subsidy. Irregular use of power is wasting the country’s resource.<br />Lets see about the power generation, consumption & alternatives.<br />
  3. 3. In our state there are many small & large power generating stations.<br />In that Ramagundam, Kottagudem, Vijayawada, Rayalaseema power stations produce Thermal Power.<br />While coming to Hydel power Nagarjuna Sagar & Srisailam are important.<br />Ramagiri Power station uses Wind power & Vijjeswaram Power station uses Gas & produces electricity.<br />Power Stations in our State<br />
  4. 4. Power Stations in our State<br />All the above-mentioned power stations come under the Govt.sector. The APGENCO (Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation) under takes these.<br />Not only these but also some private companies like Lanco, Gowtami, Vemagiri, Reliance, Konaseema, Spectrum, GVK, Navabharath sell the power which they have produced.<br />
  5. 5. Total Power<br />Source: APGENCO<br /><ul><li>But still we are lagging with 1000-2000 MW of power.
  6. 6. So, power cut is necessary.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Why the power cut is more in the months of March , April& May?
  7. 7. Why is this happening?</li></li></ul><li>Reasons for Power Cut<br />As this is summer season, the water level decreases in the water bodies production also decreases in the hydel power stations.<br />Thermal stations also require some water. So, the production decreases.<br />At a total in summer the power production deceases.<br />At the same time the usage of power increases.<br />In agricultural field usage of electricity will be in top position.<br />The refrigerators will be filled with water bottles, cool drinks.<br />AC’s & fans will be running restlessly.<br />As this is exams season, lights will be glowing round the clock.<br />Demand is more than the supply. So, the Govt. gives the companies a scissor & permits them to cut.<br />
  8. 8. Now the question arises:<br />How is the situation before 10-20 years?<br />What is the present situation?<br />
  9. 9. Situation in 1990<br />Before 1990’s the situation is different.<br />Both, our demand & supply are nearly equal.<br />No power cuts.<br />No remaining power.<br />Situation in 2010<br />But now the situation has changed.<br /><ul><li>Industries started growing.
  10. 10. Living standards of middle class people were increased.
  11. 11. Our state had turned to IT Hub.
  12. 12. Industrial & Economical usage increased.
  13. 13. Usage of Computer, Color TV, Water Heaters, Refrigerators etc., has been increased.</li></li></ul><li>Power Usage In Our State<br />Source: Electric Power Survey<br /><ul><li>According to Electric Power Survey report, the demand is increasing by 8.21% per year. But there is no change in the supply.</li></li></ul><li>Power Consumed by House Hold Items<br />
  14. 14. Power Wastage<br />Power generation is dependent on various factors.<br />But usage of produced power is in our hands.<br />According to a survey in transmitting from the project to the consumer 30% power is being wasted.<br />When compared to international standards it is very high.<br />Power stealing is also a major problem.<br />The TRANSCO itself don’t know how much power is used for Agriculture.<br />In Britain, America power theft is as equal as bank theft.<br />According to an estimation due to these power thieves Rs. 27,446 Crores loss for the Govt.<br />
  15. 15. Is there any idea to decrease the wastage?<br />
  16. 16. Some of the ideas to decrease Power Wastage<br />In some states they are charging more tariff than regular, at the time of more usage.<br />Decreasing the timings of shopping complex & malls, may also works.<br />Introducing 4-day working plan in Govt., Private companies may also work.<br />With this monthly 4 days power usage decreases.<br />People also should come forward to make effective usage of power.<br />We should remember that one couldn’t clap with one hand.<br />So all should join hands to get rid of this power wastage.<br />Introducing “Power Audit” in organizations which use more current than required.<br />It may works. And the wastage also decreases.<br />
  17. 17. Some facts<br />Our country got independence 60 yrs ago. But till today >60,000 villages didn’t have power.<br />In developed nations average consumption of electricity per head is 1,000 units per month.<br />In our Developing Country it is <700 units per month.<br />To calculate a country’s development we can take the electricity consumption in that country. In this we are very much backward.<br />Energy sources like coal, natural gas etc., takes nearly 3 million years to form. Reckless usage makes them complete within 200 years. Till now we completed 60% of non-renewable energy sources.<br />If this happens to run our thermal plants we need to import 160 Crore Tons of coal.<br />
  18. 18. Contd…<br />Top most developed economies like France, Germany, America effectively uses Atomic & Hydel Power respectively.<br />But still our country depends on Thermal power (75%). Next to thermal comes Hydel Power (21%).<br />Atomic energy stands in 3rd place (4%).<br />Wind power is in startingstages.<br />Experts says depending on thermal power in this way is not good. Because the coal which we are using is not of fine quality. In that 35%-50% is only ash.<br />By 2050 our population reaches to 150 Crores. To meet their needs we need to increase our plants to 1300 Giga Watts plants.<br />If the production is in same position 414 Giga Watts power will be needed more.<br />In our country we have Thorium reserves which are enough for 20 Years. But we are not utilizing them.<br />“By cultivating Zatropha plants in moor lands we can reduce the fuel inflation.” --By APJ Abdul Kalam as President of India.<br />
  19. 19. Alternative Sources<br />Solar Power<br />In our country 365 days we’ll be getting solar power.<br />Why can’t we use the solar energy in agriculture & over come the power cut problems?<br />Unfortunately in our country solar power is a costly matter. Because some important items are to be imported.<br />Wind Energy<br />No steps were taken in utilizing wind energy.<br />In our state we have a chance of producing 8968 MW of wind energy.<br />But still our production is not crossing 123 MW.<br />
  20. 20. Some of the power saving tips<br /><ul><li>If not in use please switch off all the electrical equipments.
  21. 21. Construct the houses in such a way that the sun light enters into the buildings.
  22. 22. Usage of automatic iron boxes also reduces power consumption.
  23. 23. Minimizing the usage of electric rice cookers. If used switch off it before 5 min the food gets ready. The remaining food gets ready with that heat.
  24. 24. If not in use please switch off the main switch of the TV/Audio systems. Keeping the system in sleep mode nearly 40% power is wasted.
  25. 25. Keep the refrigerator in a open room. Never keep the fridge as if the sunlight falls on it.
  26. 26. While using AC’s all the doors & windows should be closed.</li></li></ul><li>Every body should feel saving power is their social responsibility. So that it will be helpful for the coming generations.<br />We should remember that<br />1 Unit Power Saved<br />=<br />2 Units Power Produced.<br />
  27. 27. Thank You<br />By<br />M.Vamsi Krishna,<br />9700584749<br /><br />