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<?php>m doing! (shh, yes you do.)

Being productive is all about being in the zone. There are many distractions from that goal, both internal and external. This talk will give you several tips and tricks of the trade to avoid those distractions that are avoidable and tactics to mitigate the effects of those that are unavoidable.

Some of the concepts touched upon include: remote working, co-working, office hours, meeting schedules, the fear of success and the fear of failure.

This isn't a PHP specific talk!

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<?php>m doing! (shh, yes you do.)

  1. 1. <?php echo 'Hello Worl...Oooh, Shiny! Presented by Sean Prunka Sr. PHP Developer The Hacker Academy
  2. 2. 8 4 6 Late Interruption Early Interruption Small Interruption Big Interruption Uninterrupted 2 0 Efficiency Metric* 10 12 Why are distractions such a bad thing? Time on Task *NB: Efficiency Metric uses imaginary data points
  3. 3. What distractions do we face? ● Unavoidable – Meetings – Email – Phone – Coworkers – Bosses – Mental Blocks – Task Switching ● Avoidable – FOMO! ● Twitter ● FaceBook ● IRC ● G+ ● Etc. – Self Inflicted ● Smoke breaks ● Playing Games ● Videos (YouTube!)
  4. 4. So, how do we combat them? ● External – Put the phone on DND – Set aside a block of time specifically for follow-ups via phone, email, text, etc. – Schedule meetings early or late. – Adjust your own schedule to overlap with “business hours” ● Internal – Impostor Syndrome ● Pep Talks ● Mentors ● Community – FOMO ● Block site ● Close tabs
  5. 5. Tips to combat downtime (2) ● External – Project Switching ● Manage your time by devoting larger chunks of time to each project. – 2 Projects? ½ day each or every other day. – 3 or more? Split days in half and swap days. ● Internal – Mental Blocks ● Improvise ● Take a break/walk ● Catch up on FOMO ● Reach out to the community for help.
  7. 7. But I work remotely!
  8. 8. (pause) (breathe) (questions?)
  9. 9. HELP! I Don’t Know What I’m Doing! (shh, yes you do.)
  10. 10. T he System 638: Exper ts Used by permission of the creator: Rosscott Nover (@Rosscott) Taken from his website:
  11. 11. Fear vs. Reality ● ● ● ● I can’t even remember the right syntax for substr() w/o ● That test was *easy* I passed because it was just common sense. One day, they will figure out that I’m a fraud and fire me. Luck has gotten me this far, what if my luck runs out? ● ● No one remembers all the syntax for every function. That’s why auto-complete exists in IDEs and that’s why is so well documented. I *earned* my ZCE. I am the go-to guy at my company for PHP, MySQL, and even JavaScript. I would not have been asked to speak at this meeting if I were a fraud.
  12. 12. T he System 355: Exper ts Used by permission of the creator: Rosscott Nover (@Rosscott) Taken from his website:
  13. 13. Additional Resources Distractions: Jason Fried's TED talk “Why Work Doesn't happen At Work”: Codecraft post about Interruptions: Coding Horror post on Multi-Tasking: Impostor Syndrome: The blog article this talk was based upon (mine): Laura Thomson’s blog post on Impostor Syndrome: Wikipedia article on Impostor Syndrome: Mentors can be a big help too:
  14. 14. About Me: ● Sean Prunka – Sr. PHP Developer for MAD Security, LLC – 15+ yrs of PHP experience – ZCE PHP 5.3 ● Twitter: @sprunka ● Email – –