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Software Project Success Through Value Assurance


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Published in: Technology
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Software Project Success Through Value Assurance

  1. 1. Valueware Technologies India Pvt Ltd.
  2. 2.  Founded by technology professionals. 50+ man years into Software Engineering. Large enterprise solutions globally. Product development as a speciality.
  3. 3.  Technology Services & Solutions Centered around value beyond software and hardware. Better insight; better control of delivery performance. Innovative methodology and framework.
  4. 4.  Project Efficiency Improvement Services Solution Review Services Technology Deployment & Support Services Outsourced Technology Office Mentoring Services
  5. 5. Facts and Figures from leading agencies in ITindustry Only 1/3rd of all the projects succeed. Nearly 40% of developer’s time into rework. 90% of the projects are cost overruns.
  6. 6.  Increase the success rates of your projects ◦ Valueware Solution: Detect failure points before they develop. Improve the efficiency of developers time ◦ Proactively identify and fix the effort wastage. Improve budget compliance ◦ Better clarity & Better execution ◦ Implement a ‘no-surprise’ planning
  7. 7.  Reviews QA Review – More of compliance check. Team Review – Lacks external perspective. Customer Initiated Review – Damage partly done. Need some Assurance mechanism Diagnostics & Corrections by an external source.
  8. 8.  Detects challenges before they happen. ◦ Wider view. ◦ Different perspective. ◦ No influence of operational pressures. ◦ Neutral and unbiased view. ◦ Proactive measure Proven solutions & best practices from the industry.
  9. 9.  Freelance consultants & specialists  No integrated view of the delivery system. Consulting Powerhouses  Good but very expensive. Valueware Solution Integrated view of the project, end-to-end. No theory; all experience. Experience based methodology; more effective.
  10. 10.  Project Performance Health Check Strengths that can be institutionalized. Identify gaps / weaknesses in the chain. ◦ Propose Solutions and Best Practices. Horizontal experience; Innovative Framework. ◦ Tuned by experience from multiple projects.
  11. 11.  We do *not* operate in development services. We do *not* substitute for internal teams. NDA, Non-compete agreements. We supplement internal resources; creating stronger project teams.
  12. 12.  Solution Assessment. ◦ Improves delivery efficiency. ◦ No additional processes to be run. ◦ No additional documenting. ◦ Unbiased external view of the project. Total Cost of Execution will be less ◦ Not more, when you engage us. Save time, efforts and money. ◦ Improved bottom-line of the project.
  13. 13.  As-Is & Improvement Roadmap ◦ A professional report with metrics mapped out. ◦ Graphs, Charts ◦ Challenges, Recommendations, Best Practices. Continuous support in the project ◦ To implement all identified recommendations. Blueprint for Project Success.
  14. 14.  Competitive advantage, efficiency gains, increased success rates in projects. Improved bottom-line of the project. Improved productivity of teams. Customer success; not just delight. An extension of customers’ internal teams ◦ Bringing very objective assessment.
  15. 15.  Three different engagement models ◦ BYTE model: Event-driven / Need-based ◦ Continuous Engagement for a specific project ◦ Retained basis We propose that a customer choose Continuous Engagement / Retained basis for best results.
  16. 16.  Fixed price model ◦ Annual fee  Agreed number of hours of engagement. Multiple projects. ◦ Per Day Deliverable based pricing ◦ Engagement fee, plus ◦ Actualization fee payable only if the benefits are realized.
  17. 17. Software project success can dramatically increase with small and timely corrections.Why not let us help you with these? +91 98660 49944