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The Long Journey; Humanity's Story, Our Story with Annalise Jennings and Elder Maryann Coconut

2016 CTT International Conference
The Long Journey; Humanity's Story, Our Story with Annalise Jennings and Elder Maryann Coconut

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The Long Journey; Humanity's Story, Our Story with Annalise Jennings and Elder Maryann Coconut

  1. 1. Creating ‘strength based’ strategies The aboriginal community of Napranum Meeting Place Cairns
  2. 2. LuwangCollecting water from ‘Luwang’ sacred site for blessing ceremony Kwokkunum
  3. 3. Girl’s Dormitory
  4. 4. Weipa Mission School
  5. 5. OUR visionary Plan… An elder’s hopes and aspirations for the future... Nov ‘11 COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP and Self- Determination
  6. 6. Our Community Values Engagement Ownership Accountability Fairness Working Together
  7. 7. A new narrative…… from PROBLEMS to POSSIBILITIES From: Root cause of failure To: Root cause of success! From: Problems and deficiencies of community To: Possibilities and gifts of community
  8. 8. Student Program
  9. 9. Women of Worth Program
  10. 10. Patternalism unishment rohibition Community ownership Self-determination …..and 5 years on, it continues
  11. 11. The Shift.... Councillor Maryann Coconut Thanikwithi Elder Life is like a Rose..
  12. 12. Epic supermarket opening! The SHIFT.. Napranum Transformation
  13. 13. NEW LIBRARY (Named after Maryann!)
  14. 14. The SHIFT.. Napranum Transformation 60% increase in employment 18
  15. 15. 40% increase in community owned infrastructure 19 The SHIFT.. Napranum Transformation
  16. 16. 20 The SHIFT.. Napranum Transformation Community owned housing !
  17. 17. War Memorial
  18. 18. New Civic Centre! The SHIFT.. Napranum Transformation
  19. 19. From…. poorest community in QLD 2nd
  20. 20. True Community Ownership! Within 2 years!
  21. 21. The magic.. The power of Vision 90% + of the community’s goals came to fruition in just over 2 years!
  22. 22. New State Policy introduced Underpinning Whole of Community Change principles
  23. 23. Economic Development Spiritual Growth30% Funding Policy Programs Domestic Violence School truancy Alcohol related crime Unemployment  80% Reduction in children attending the Safe House  80% decrease in adult domestic violence  50% decrease in adult court appearances
  24. 24. The Well-being ‘happiness’ Index
  25. 25. Matches 3 Cultural Evolution Report Copyright 2013 Barrett Values Centre Orange=Values Match P=Positive L=Potentially Limiting (white circle) Cultural Evolution Report Healthy Needs monitoring Significant issues Crisis situation, riots 18% 13% 9% 33% 2016 2014 2013 2011 Wellbeing Index
  26. 26. Kili
  27. 27. Missionary Robert Hall driving the buckboard in 1912. With Maryann’s grandfather Robert Hall and great uncle Daniel Kwintaggan
  28. 28. The Janet Thomson Presbyterian mission sailing vessel Transported people and supplies during the 1950’s
  29. 29. Albert Mackenzie Ist Weipa Mission man to enlist in WW2 was Maryann’s great uncle. Served in the medical corps in the middle east
  30. 30. Weipa mission
  31. 31. A closer view
  32. 32. Amomanja with water vine used for sewing skinbark canoes
  33. 33. $1.2 mil Boat ramp upgrade Planned for 2017….
  34. 34. $4.4 mil upgrade of the waterfront
  35. 35. Cultural grounds upgrade
  36. 36. Refurbish PCYC
  37. 37. It takes a community to build a community! My Message
  38. 38. The Shift.... Real shifts never have an ending THEY IMPACT US FOR LIFE ! “THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO OUR COMMUNITY!”
  39. 39. Key Note Toronto – Maryann and Annalise Maryann Maryann’s script (slide2) Hymn Into Thy Presence We Come Sung in both Thaynakwith and English Maryann Story about a totem / story place. EG: Negwer the bandicoot Pics of her country will be showing on background slides Maryann The history of Napranum.. Maryann says something about each of the 5 slides (slides 3 -7) (90 sec per slide) Maryann passes the message stick to Native American (Richard Barkley to make) Traditional song to conclude Mary Ann to choose her song. One possible idea is ‘Langi Main’. Annalise • Introduces Maryann, HER HISTORY AND HER ACHEVEMENTS • Brief intro of WOCC Annalise • Planned for 2017 15 min 10 min 5 min 8 min 3 min 3 min 2 min Napranum song will be playing as we come onto the stage….. Music softly playing in the background as maryann talks about her slides
  40. 40. A critical moment in time
  41. 41. 1. School 2. Bus 3. Supermarket 4. Take away food 5. Restaurant 6. Roads 7. Library 8. Civic centre 9. Sports oval 10.Street lights 11.Speed bumps 12.Birthing centre 13. Play ground
  42. 42. Statistics YOUTH SUICIDE Numeracy Literacy Health
  43. 43. Women are speaking up and taking up leadership roles.
  44. 44. How was it done?
  45. 45. Increase Economic Opportunity
  46. 46. Infrastructure Services Community Growth Economic Development ‘Whole’ of Community Change program Over emphasis on deficiencies, needs and problems of community Builds social capital. Focuses potential & assets of community Infrastructure ServicesCommunity owned !
  47. 47. Community Growth Economic Development Community Leaders Parents Young Adults Students Elders Community drives this process! ‘Whole’ of Community Change program It all starts with you! Economic Development Spiritual Developmen The ripple effect!
  48. 48. RESPECT for Culture and Identity Starts with extensive community engagement and the creation of a community owned blue print
  49. 49. The answer starts with a question
  50. 50. Respect in the wisdom of the collective
  51. 51. BELONGING
  52. 52. Non stop wishes... Strategic Plan Our children... Our country.... Our future.... Steering Committee Session 10th October 2014 Non stop wishes...
  53. 53. Civil Construction House Construction Napranum Tourism Laura Banana FarmingCattle Industry Police Service Super Market Napranum Primary Health Care Mine Workers RioIndigenous Ranger Program
  54. 54. Survey & measurement tools
  55. 55. The Well-being Index.. Happiness Survey Measurement Matters! 3 simple questions  Who am l…  What is currently happening…  What do l want…
  56. 56. Pulse checks Pulse checks can be conducted on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. This will help build a picture of the wellbeing of the community Spiritual Mental Emotional Physical
  57. 57. Lets put the wellbeing index into practice…
  58. 58. WELLBEING Index 18th Aug 2016 Pulse checks A regular assessment of the community can then be measured
  59. 59. Kili
  60. 60. Other sessions of interest…. 1. Engagement  Key steps to producing viable, thriving communities 2. Community Owned Enterprise  The shift from Welfare Dependency 3. Key principles  What makes it different and why it works 4. Cultural Appropriateness  Getting the balance right with government responsibilities 5. Measurement matters!  The outstanding results and how we measure our progress 6. Constructing capacity  Building programs and measuring their effectiveness 7. Trust and Respect  Between government agencies and Indigenous communities