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The Leader's Challenge with John Mackey

2016 CTT International Conference:
John Mackey shares his challenges and approaches to leading a large values-driven organisation.

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The Leader's Challenge with John Mackey

  1. 1. John Mackey September 2016 Conscious Leadership & Culture
  3. 3. ? What is the Purpose of a Business? All professions have a higher purpose that relates to the public good. Why shouldn’t business? Who gets to define the purpose of a business?
  4. 4. Great Enterprises Have Great Purposes
  5. 5. The Good The True The Beautiful The Heroic Service to others; improving health, education, communication & quality of life Discovery and furthering human knowledge The courage to do what is right to change and improve the world Excellence and the creation of beauty
  6. 6. Google Organize the world’s information and make it easily accessible
  7. 7. Improve the health of people, the food system, and planet
  8. 8. Conscious Leadership
  9. 9. Purpose-driven Authentic Loving & caring Emotionally intelligent Spiritually evolved High integrity Service oriented Qualities and Virtues of Conscious Leaders
  10. 10. The Ideal Leader
  11. 11. Emotional Intelligence Intrapersonal Intelligence Interpersonal Intelligence EQ Understanding Oneself: Self-Awareness Understanding Others: Empathy Emotional Intelligence
  12. 12. Spiritual Intelligence  Discerning and communicating higher purpose  Highly developed ethics  Love, care and compassion in abundance  Creating and expressing the Good, True and Beautiful
  13. 13. “Good leaders must first become good servants.” -Robert Greenleaf Servant Leadership
  14. 14. What Conscious Leaders Do
  15. 15. Create a Shared Purpose
  16. 16. Make a Positive Difference Conscious leaders are NOT in their role to maintain the status quo. They:  Work to make the world better in a significant way  Inspire  Mobilize
  17. 17. “The best organizations are ones in which leaders walk the talk and reveal the meaning in each person's task. People are invigorated by their work and feel a sense of balance and completeness, a sense of effectiveness and competency, a sense of autonomy, initiative, belonging and creativity.” -Leadership scholar Manfred Kets de Vries Create Workplaces with Meaning and High Energy
  18. 18. Help People Grow and Evolve  Develop leadership potential  Discern the unique talents and gifts of each individual  Unleash creativity
  19. 19. Create Win-Win Strategies, Not Trade-offs Conscious leaders:  Are driven by purpose  Lead by inspiring and guiding  Think Win-Win-Win
  20. 20. Decisions guided by the company’s purpose and core values create the most long-term value for all stakeholders. Make Tough Ethical Choices
  21. 21. Be the Love You Want to See in the World  Bring love out of the corporate closet.  If we want love in our enterprises, we must embody that love in ourselves.  Seek to eliminate fear.  Promote on the basis of love capacity.  Express love and care even when facing difficult decisions.  Use appreciations, which are transformative in helping to create a workplace of love and care.
  22. 22. Becoming a Conscious Leader Requires High Intentionality and Purpose
  23. 23. “We have reached such explosive levels of freedom that we are now in charge of our own mutation.” -Peter Kastenbaum
  24. 24. “Know Thyself”
  25. 25. Follow Your Heart
  26. 26. Life Is about Learning and Growing  Take chances, and be willing to make mistakes.  Grow through your relationships.  Practice forgiveness.  Everyone is trying to help you to wake up.
  27. 27. Evolve to Higher Consciousness in Stages  Conscious leaders are dynamic and evolving.  Growth proceeds through distinct stages or waves of development.  Avoid being stuck in rigid ideological orthodoxy – strive to evolve your consciousness upwards.
  28. 28. Role Models • An important and time-tested way to grow • Practice their qualities and virtues. • Ask yourself, “What would they do?” Coaches & Mentors • Give you the foundation to make fewer mistakes and learn quickly from those you do make • Accelerate your growth Find Role Models, Coaches & Mentors
  29. 29.  Stay with the process.  Expand your consciousness wider, open your heart and mind further, and make yourself even more vulnerable.  Engage in spiritual practices. A Crisis Is a Wonderful Growth Opportunity
  30. 30. Meditation Yoga Prayer Tai Chi Affirmations Breathing exercises Chanting Visualization Set Time Aside for Self-Awareness
  31. 31.  Just as we shouldn’t fill our bodies with junk food, we shouldn’t fill our minds with junk ideas that have little real substance.  The world’s collective knowledge and wisdom is at our fingertips – available to access anytime, anyplace and virtually for free! Study Timeless Wisdom
  32. 32. Personal Growth Is a Choice That is the Hero’s Journey! Our greatest challenge is to manage and lead ourselves. It is also our greatest opportunity for service, and the rewards are virtually limitless. First, we must become more conscious. Then, we must share our wisdom with our organizations and society.
  33. 33. Adapted from Lynne Twist Those of us alive today have the opportunity to lead the most meaningful lives ever lived. Our challenges are great, but so is our entrepreneurial creativity. We have all the tools we need; we just need to unleash human innovation and creativity on our challenges. There are no problems we are incapable of solving.
  34. 34. You have the power to be a conscious leader.