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The Current Point on the Journey with John Campbell and Phil Clothier


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2016 CTT International Conference:
Phil Clothier and John Campbell lead an interactive session to connect deeply with and explore approaches for action to support the UN Global Goals.

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The Current Point on the Journey with John Campbell and Phil Clothier

  1. 1. Organisation Challenge
  2. 2. No point going halfway
  3. 3. THE GLOBAL GOALS Well-being for people and planet
  4. 4. Reflection with your neighbour Which of the goals (1 or 2) connected with you most deeply? 1 minute each
  5. 5. Collecting taxes using appropriate standards and ethics Saving lives with latest technology Building a great nation Writing software for medical devices How inspiring is Your Purpose currently? How does it fit the global agenda? Evolution of Purpose
  6. 6. STEP 1 How inspirational is your organisation’s purpose? 1 minute each
  7. 7. Considering our organisation, what are we already doing that makes a positive contribution to the Global Goals? STEP 2 What are we doing now?
  8. 8. How else can we leverage our core competencies and fulfil our group’s potential and dreams? What would we do and how would we be different? STEP 3 What more could we do?
  9. 9. For today, we are only going halfway
  10. 10. Put your own mask on first
  11. 11. SERVICE Service to humanity and societal contribution MAKING A DIFFERENCE External collaboration, community involvement INTERNAL COHESION Sense of purpose & strong internal community TRANSFORMATION Ongoing improvement and employee participation SELF-ESTEEM High performance systems and high quality output RELATIONSHIP Positive relationships that support organisation needs SURVIVAL Financial viability and employee safety A FULL SPECTRUM ORGANISATION
  12. 12. NAPRANUM Shifting the Needle
  13. 13. Question: What are you moved to do now? Offer: The “Global Goals Organisational Challenge” workshop (Powerpoint slides) for you to customise and inspire your clients.