Experience in Sao PaoloFridayWe arrived to Sao Paolo on Friday and had a quiet evening with Henna and Valtteri.SaturdayOn ...
WednesdayWednesday started with choir exercise conducted by Andrea. Santander uses these exercises inleadership and team b...
We talked about Hedgehog concept and shared our experiences from Team Academy. We presentedEsa Saarinen’s Team Academy The...
birth giving with a question “what could be your four core ideas/tools for more efficient work andbetter results?” It was ...
concentration is more on individual learning. We presented our competence programs, tools forlearning together with custom...
Motorola ReportBrazil 12.6.-26.6.2009Henna Kääriäinen, Sanna Tossavainen, Valtteri MelkkoTeam Academy Experience with Grup...
-   There was no time to rest & get inspired by Sao Paulo’s sights – we were really tired and did       not feel like crea...
When starting a birthgiving with unexperienced group:    -   prepare the guidelines and criteria & communicate well what i...
with many different organizations at the same time (this would be a way to share also    expenses).-   Thereza suggested l...
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What happened in Sao Paulo & motorola evaluation


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What happened in Sao Paulo & motorola evaluation

  1. 1. Experience in Sao PaoloFridayWe arrived to Sao Paolo on Friday and had a quiet evening with Henna and Valtteri.SaturdayOn Saturday we started preparing Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s general presentation about TeamAcademy. During afternoon we went walking along Paulista, had a lunch and did some shopping. Wehad two funny incidents. First was when one guy came towards us and asked in French if any of usspeaks French. I helped him, but found it very hilarious. We didn’t look French at all and still he cameto us… The second one was during lunch when a couple who were at the airport same time withHenna and Valtteri came to talk to them. There are 17 million habitants in Sao Paolo and then youmeet someone you met on Friday!It was Henna’s birthday, so we had a nice dinner in traditional meat restaurant together with Estela,our contact from SENAC, and her husband.SundayOn Sunday we continued preparation of all materials and enjoyed Gay Pride Parade which we sawfrom our balcony. 3 million people participated to the parade! Amazing in this was that on Mondayall streets were clean as if nothing had happened.MondayOn Monday we had a planning meeting with Zoe, our contact from Santander, Felipe fromSantander, Estela and Fabiola from SENAC. We had a lunch at MASP, but didn’t have time to visitexposition. Our afternoon went in searching internet connection and evening in finalizing ourmaterials.TuesdayOn Tuesday we had our first seminar. We presented ourselves, our companies Entrepart, MonkeyBusiness and Cashmir and then started by presenting Finland. We continued by showing a flashpresentation and sharing some basic facts about Team Academy. We had prepared a visualizationexercise where participants were asked to close their eyes and through story telling imagine as ifthey were entrepreneurs inside their organizations. We had a short discussion after visualization andthen we shared our stories year by year. Participants asked many questions and we answered tothem. We went through different individual and community learning tools and answered again toquestions. Then there was a short workshop about tools and how to put them into practice. Afterseminar we had a feedback session with Zoe and Estela and then we went for a dinner with Zoe.Restaurant was inspiring with different “guiding principles” written on the wall. Another funnyincident happened. When we were waiting Zoe in front of Santander, we saw a guy waiting forsomebody with flowers. He looked like he’s done something bad and flowers were for apologizing.We left the bank before we saw who he was waiting for. When we were at the restaurant, the sameguy came in with his girlfriend who had the flowers. They looked very happy.
  2. 2. WednesdayWednesday started with choir exercise conducted by Andrea. Santander uses these exercises inleadership and team building seminars. It was little bit challenging for me and Henna becauseeverybody sang in Portuguese, but Valtteri seemed to enjoy!We started with Zombie exercise. It was really powerful and everybody had so much fun. First eachgroup created their Zombies – living dead they see in their organizations. Participants had somematerials for this (magazines, glue, scissors…) Groups presented their Zombies and then they wereguided to get rid of the Zombies. They transformed Zombies to living people and each groupprepared a short show. We were laughing tears in our eyes! For some participants this was reallyimportant exercise and they talked about it even during the last feedback session we had.After Zombies we talked about Leading Thoughts. I had planned to use Pullman exercise (mindmapping) to this, but then I became very unsure and we decided to withdraw the exercise. I realizedthat I’m not experienced in it and didn’t feel comfortable when thinking of results, so I decided not touse it. We asked Santander and SENAC to work in two groups and think of question “What kind ofLeading Thoughts related to education can be designed around the organization’s mission?”Participants gave good feedback and wanted to continue discussions in coming workshops.Together with participants we chose themes for workshops:Innovation & Knowledge ManagementLearning & Learning ToolsLeadershipHow to implement TA model to different culture & coachingIndividual LearningLeading ThoughtsDialogueCommunity LearningWe started our preparation work already during the evening.ThursdayOn Thursday we visited the Hub where we worked for couple of hours. Then we visited SENACcampus which was pretty amazing. If I remember right, our guide told us that it’s the most moderncampus in Brazil.Thursday afternoon we were preparing next week’s external event together with Cristina D’Arcefrom SoL Brazil, Pablo from the Hub and some SENAC people. Then during evening we continuedpreparing Friday’s workshops.FridayFirst workshop was about “Innovation & Knowledge Management”. We explained what these twotopics mean in Rocket Model and opened the plates. We had a dialogue about “What are the sourcesor your creativity and how do you nurture it? How do you nurture creativity and innovations aroundyou and among your team mates?” There was one girl (artist) who came from SENAC’s Design &Architecture unit and she shared exactly the same kind of ideology with Entrepart.
  3. 3. We talked about Hedgehog concept and shared our experiences from Team Academy. We presentedEsa Saarinen’s Team Academy Thesis and what are the starting points when educating creativity. Wehad planned to share some innovation tools, but because of poor internet access, we didn’t haveenough details and we mentioned only Six Thinking Hats. Process was very open and dialogue fluent.Second workshop was about “Learning and Learning Tools” in general. In the beginning participantsshared their learning from first workshop with others who hadn’t been participating. Then we askedobjectives for this workshop (we forgot to do that during first one). Participants were interested in“How to make people to feel responsibility? How to stimulate students? How to do internalmarketing? How to make people interested about learning programs?” During session we reallystarted to break participants’ mental models. We opened different learning plates of Rocket Modeland shared some tools and stories. We presented birth giving and challenged our participants to givebirth. Presentations were creative but repeating everything what we’d told.SaturdayValtteri went to beach to meet his friends, Henna went shopping and I went to gym. Then duringafternoon Zoe took me and Henna to samba club where we ate traditional Brazilian food and dranksome caipirinhas. For dinner we went to Zoe’s friends’ place. Guests were singing Brazilian songs andtranslating lyrics into English. Lyrics were really funny.SundayOn Sunday we started our preparation work already during the morning and on afternoon we visitedmarkets and had a lunch with Zoe and Estela. Zoe wanted to know about leadership in TeamAcademy and we had “a private session” with her (she wasn’t able to participate real session).During evening we prepared materials for Monday and Tuesday and planned external event.MondayFirst workshop was about”Leadership”. We shared learnings from earlier workshops and crystallizedobjectives. Many wanted to know about self leadership and protagonism. We played “MentalModels game”. In this game there are four papers on the floor with different texts: self reflection,working in pairs, working in small groups, whole team dialogue. We had a bottle in the middle, thenparticipants spinned it and used a method the bottle was showing. We asked different leadershipquestions and played this game. We shared some tools, for example Hit Mr philosophy, FriendLeadership philosophy and Dee Hock’s Leadership Model theory. We did also one exercise linked toDee Hock’s theory.Second workshop was about “How to implement TA model to different culture & what meanscoaching”. As earlier, we shared learnings from earlier workshops and crystallized objectives.Participants were interested in “How’s the coaching process, the form? How to change fromteacher/instructor to coach? Are there cultural differences in coaching? What are coach’scharacteristics? First steps to take for implementing TA methods?”First we shared examples from Europe, especially from Mondragon, Bilbao, Paris and Strasbourg.Then we opened case Wärtsilä as organizational example. We shared some insights about coachingand coaching processes and what kind of coaches Team Academy has. At the end we had our second
  4. 4. birth giving with a question “what could be your four core ideas/tools for more efficient work andbetter results?” It was interesting to see how a group which hadn’t participated our first birth givingwas more imitating us. The second group, who had already done one birth giving, gave a moredeveloped presentation and included some of their own ideas.For dinner we went to Japanese restaurant together with people from SENAC and the Hub. Our ideawas to plan external event, but we were all really tired and it was difficult to work. After dinner wefinished our materials for Tuesday.TuesdayTuesday morning started with sharing learnings and clarifying goals for “Individual Learning” session.We talked about protagonism and what it means. Because exact translation for protagonist is “mainactor in theatre”, we shared “The Performance Model” from Experience Economy –book.Conversation afterwards was really interesting because participants were questioning this theory.After first dialogue we went directly to birth giving which was linked to protagonism. This timepresentations were less creative and we saw that people were tired. After birth giving we did Belbin’stest together and shared some learning tools, for example skill profile.Afternoon was started again with sharing of learnings. Theme was Leading Thoughts and session wasvery important for participants. We wanted to give a lot of time for dialogue and started working ontwo different questions: “What are Santander’s Leading Thoughts for Education?” and “How SENACcan implement and communicate their Leading Thoughts?”In the beginning I asked participants to describe their Leading Thoughts by using Square, Circle andTriangle. It was a good exercise and I managed to comment their drawings little bit, but not as deeplyI would have wanted to. Participants continued their Leading Thoughts process and we challengedthem by presenting Toyota’s “5xWHY” model. I wanted to do Square, Circle and Triangle exerciseagain at the end, but we didn’t have enough time. It would have been interesting to see if drawingshad changed. Participants were very satisfied for the session and for example Santander’smanagement said they want to set up a work group in order to finish the work they started.Evening went in preparing materials.WednesdayThe first session was about dialogue. We asked participants to share their learning objectives andthen we challenged them to answer to their questions by themselves. Participants found thatdialogue is one of the most important tools when thinking of new education system and newstructures. Working culture in Brazil doesn’t encourage for dialogue. We went through differentinsights about dialogue, for example difference between dialogue and conversation. We also sharedsome of our own stories from Team Academy.Our last workshop was about Community Learning. We had basically presented all learning tools inprevious sessions, but from participants objectives we found out that for them network learning,customer relations, learning with customers and encouraging stakeholders were interesting themes.Participants shared that community learning was very different theme for them, in their culture
  5. 5. concentration is more on individual learning. We presented our competence programs, tools forlearning together with customers, what organizational learning means. Then together we haddialogue about what community learning could be for SENAC and Santander.Evening went in preparing external event and Thursday’s session.ThursdayThursday was our last day together with Santander and SENAC. Session was for all participants andwe concentrated on two things: reflection papers and birth giving. Reflection papers were first doneindividually and we asked “What did you learn? Is there something you can use in your work? Whatwas the most surprising thing you heard?” Thoughts were shared with smaller groups and then keyideas from groups were shared with everybody. For birth giving we had 3 different questions: 1) Howcan Santander re-structure its education system to be more open to dialogue and team work? 2)What projects could Santander & Senac do together? 3) What can you do for the structures/control& command system that blocks protagonism? Then one group created their own question “what kindof free entrepreneurship training SENAC can offer for poor people?”People were divided into 3 groups and each had their own coach from participants. Questions 1, 2and 4 were chosen to themes. Results were amazing, they were exactly in line with 5E’s and includedalso many theories and new ideas. It was touching to watch them, rarely you have a possibility towitness such professional presentations from new beginners!After birth givings we talked about next steps which were very promising. At the end we awardedsome participants like we do in Team Academy.Evening went in preparing external event.FridayExternal event was organized in co-operation with SENAC, the Hub and SoL Brazil. There were 70participants from different organizations. Our presentation was a short version from our openingseminars on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we presented ourselves and our companies, shared ourstories, shared some learning tools and Cristina from SoL Brazil animated World Cafés. Event wasmore than a success, even though we were already so tired that barely managed to keep our eyesopen.A lot of contacts were exchanged and connections done. Next step to take is to contact everybodyand continue dialogue and co-creation with them.During evening we said goodbye to everybody at Zoe’s place and visited quickly in salsa club.Experience was amazing and we learned so much!
  6. 6. Motorola ReportBrazil 12.6.-26.6.2009Henna Kääriäinen, Sanna Tossavainen, Valtteri MelkkoTeam Academy Experience with Grupo Santander Brazil and SENAC Sao PauloWhat went well? - Visiting Brazil with Team Academy happened finally after good planning! Everything was well organized. - We worked well as a team, Sanna & Henna & Valtteri. It was rich to share stories and experiences from 3 different points of view, together we managed to share also the spirit of Team Academy. - Birthgivings of the final day were great – at least the presentations were really involving and thoughtful! It was also good that outsiders came to watch the presentations and we managed to break some expectations (for example Camille shared during evaluation how surprised she was because she had been waiting ”boring” presentations) - The participants were well selected – we had a feeling that all were really interested and participative in our sessions – we learned a lot from the group as well - We managed to create quite intime atmosphere together with participants. Valtteri’s portuguese skill was really important and there were always participants who translated for Sanna and Henna. - The external event with good participant profile was rich in contacts and in learnings  that can lead into further co-operations through SENAC & Santander - From the learning aspect: we gained a lot of experience on different kinds of coaching situations. Process was really enriching especially for Sanna who has been working a lot alone in France. - Leading Thoughts process was well delivered and received as an important thing for learning organization. It was good that Santander management took the responsibility to continue the process. - We laughed A LOT! - Some participants, for example Cecile, shared their ideas on Thursday how to put different tools into practice. - On Thursday we heard suggestions for monthly meetings, deep cross fertilization and sharing between SENAC and SantanderWhat went poorly?
  7. 7. - There was no time to rest & get inspired by Sao Paulo’s sights – we were really tired and did not feel like creative – a lot of really good ideas came afterwards. This was seen also in workshops, we didn’t use many creativity tools or games. - Both Sanna and Henna got sick but didn’t let it bother working - We didn’t manage to get deeper in SENAC’s and Santander’s cultures. Every now and then we had a feeling that we were blocked in our own mental models and could not see participant’s reality clear enough - We were thinking Santander as a whole, we weren’t reflecting differences between Santander and Real and how to make fusion easier. - Planning the workshops more concretely after the first 2 days was lacking. Participants didn’t know what was going to happen in different workshops and maybe did not come because of that – or at least came unprepared for the workshops. This was also challenging for us because we weren’t sure what participants were expecting to hear and prepared our materials intuitively. - Materials were only in English - Henna understood just on the last days that she could speak Spanish with the non-English speaking participants and while thinking in Spanish she could also understand Portugese – handy skill, but not used - Top management had problems participating the workshops & the last Thursday - We did not manage to get as close relations with participants as we would have hoped – only some close relationships were built. Close relations are important when creating a trust and encouraging individuals in their work. - Was there enough cross fetrilization after workshops? We could have used motorola for sharing passed workshops. - In the beginning of each workshop objectives were asked from participants but maybe we could have challenged them to give even more concrete case examples. We could have tested tools more practically and challenge participants to put them into practice through real cases. - External event could have been earlier. Many were interested in us, but we couldn’t organize any meetings when we were about to leave Sao Paolo. - We didn’t have a chance to go to lunch with Marco Andre neither to say special goodbye for RicardoWhat did we learn?When planning a short-term 2 weeks coaching time: - leave some space for resting and going to inspiring places for nurturing the creativeness of the team. It’s also important that participants have time to rest and reflect their learnings. - aim high, set clear goals and ask for deep commitment
  8. 8. When starting a birthgiving with unexperienced group: - prepare the guidelines and criteria & communicate well what is supposed to be done (we failed in this) - choose internal coaches for each group and prepare them by talking with them about the things to take care of (we did this) - divide the teams with the internal coaches beforehand, and then they choose their teams (we failed in this: team sizes were different and one team had only SENAC people) - decide a point of view for choosing the team coaches: volunteering, competencies, leadership positions? (we used volunteering) - follow the process and talk with the coaches about the process (we failed in this) - we guided the birgtgiving process now just like in Team Academy - all the details were not compeletely thought through. Although the participants got good results out of the birthgiving despite of this.Other learnings about coaching in Brazil: - If you as a coach don’t have energy for the group nobody will have it. Be an example of the mood you wanna have in your team. - Communicate well with other coaches and prepare the turns for speaking about the themes. - Cross-fertilizing in the beginning of every session was a good learning tool in fact. One learns always better by explaining the learnings for others, and that’s what happened in the cross- fertilization. - In the other hand, learning by imitating is not supported in TA – this insight came just now when thinking about the external event for example. People there were asking: ”Are you studying other companies’ success stories in TA?” And the answer is yes, in the events, but not in order to imitate them for reaching the same success. Point is to create events for networking with customers. Birthgiving of Fabiola’s team was nicely showing this important learning!What are the next steps with this project? - Contacting the contacts of external event for getting the network in Brazil stronger for future TA actions  this we have started already and interest for continuation seems to be big! - SENAC IN Team Mastery! - What kind of projects can be created together with Team Academy and team entrepreneurs? Is there something we can co-create for example with SENAC’s junior companies? One participant during external event was interested in organizing a summer program for students together with Team Academy. - We are ready to continue coaching and go deeper in process. After external event many people was interested in us, so maybe there’s a possibility to build partnerships and work
  9. 9. with many different organizations at the same time (this would be a way to share also expenses).- Thereza suggested long distance coaching, video conferences and conference calls, very good option to consider! Support from us has to be continuous, as we promised to Vivian as well.- SENAC will talk on Thursday 2nd of July about the next steps with TA and according to the thoughts from that meeting we can think of co-operation- Team Academy can offer long-term coaching practice periods for the ones who take part in Team Mastery – and this possibility has to be considered with SENAC people who could take part in Team Mastery but preferably not to fly to Europe and back constantly – so the people would stay for a longer time learning coaching, and they would not have to do this constant flying- Team Academy has an international team which will start in September. Program lasts for 9 months, it’s in english and participants ”live a life of team entrepreneurs”. If SENAC sends students for exchange, this might be an interesting option.