The boarding house ordinance of barangay pico


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The boarding house ordinance of barangay pico

  1. 1. Proposed Ordinance 2012 by: Valred Olsim
  2. 2.  The council is committed to insuring that the community members and resident are secured in their persons and property against criminal elements.   It has been observed that one of the sources of criminality is the teeming turnout of unrecorded boarders/ real estate lessees in the barangay. Various cases of crimes against persons and properties have been mostly attributed to boarders or real estate lessees since they can run away easily from their temporary abode. One solution that is seen by the council to reduce or eliminate these criminal elements, is to monitor and ascertain the character of individuals or persons who will apply as boarders or real estate lessees in boarding houses or building spaces.  
  3. 3.  A primary step to achieve this goal is to mandate Real Estate Lessors or Boarding House owners and any other persons operating a similar business to require lessees or occupants to secure and submit a clearance from the last barangay where they came from, together with a completed personal data sheet or bio-data with an attached identification picture BEFORE they accept or maintain them in their business.
  4. 4.  SECTION 5. Responsibility of Boarding House Owners/ Lessors. The Boarding House owners or Lessors are mandated to assume these responsibilities:
  5. 5.  a.) To secure permits for their businesses.   b.)To require their boarders or lessees to present barangay clearances from the last place where they came from, and attached completed personal data sheets/ bio-data with recent identification pictures. Provided that, old boarders or those who have been boarders or lessees of a space, a building or part of the building which is located at Barangay Pico for six months shall secure their barangay clearances herein.  
  6. 6.  c.) To submit original duplicates of their boarders’ or lessors’ clearances with said attached personal data sheets/bio-data and identification pictures to the barangay for its records.   d.) To keep personal records of his/her boarders/ lessees containing their clearances and personal data sheets/bio data with their recent identification pictures.   e.) To assertively remind and make certain boarders/lessees will obey other local ordinances or existing laws of the barangay and even the municipality.
  7. 7.  SECTION 6. Family Boarders/Lessees. A clearance and a personal data sheet/ biodata with identification picture from a member of the family which will wholly represent the same shall suffice for the purpose of this ordinance. Provided, that house-helpers, maids, stay-in workers, and other persons who stay with the residence of Family boarders shall submit individual clearances and personal data sheets/ bio data to the boarding house owners/ lessors.
  8. 8.  SECTION 7. Barangay Record. The barangay shall have a record containing the compilation of the clearances and personal data sheets/bio data with picture of boarders/lessees submitted by their lessors or boarding house owners.   SECTION 8. Violation and Penalty. Violators of this Ordinance shall be penalized as follows: First Offense – Warning Second Offense – Php250.00 Third Offense – Php500.00 &/or non-issuance of Barangay Business Clearance for the following year after violation, or both Subsequent - Php1, 000.00 &/or non-issuance of Barangay Business Clearance for the following year after violation, or both    
  9. 9.  SECTION 9. Responsible Persons and implementing agency. All Barangay officials, Sangguniang Kabataa officials, NGO’s, Civilian Volunteers Organization (CVO), Barangay Tanods, Barangay Associations/Organizations, Barangay Health Workers, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Barangay Midwife, Barangay Council for the Protection of Children and concern citizens shall render their support for the full implementation and enforcement of this Barangay Ordinance through ocular inspections, and public information and dissemination campaigns to avoid violations and penalties;
  10. 10.  VALRED OLSIM 