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Hotness montage2

  1. 4. Talson's natural shyness and single-minded devotion to inventing has kept him from finding someone special to share his life with. He learned at a young age that no relationship is forever, and remains unable to open himself up to anyone because of that. Has Tal finally met someone who accepts him for who he is, and will help heal his broken heart?
  2. 5. After accidently ruining his sister’s commercial audition by knocking over the props on the set, Quest became one of the most desired models in the industry. At the age of 13, he’d graced the covers of every teen magazine and was the spokesman for more that five different products used worldwide. By the time he reached his adult years, Quest had traveled the world and grown tired of the spotlight. Shortly after ending his career, he saved a young woman that was being attacked in an alley. Instantly his heart began to beat again as she motivate him to follow his heart and go back to what he loved before parting ways. Returning to his position at the top of the industry, he set out to find her, not stopping until she was his. With a new love for his work, Alani, and their adopted daughter Mylie by his side, life couldn’t be anymore perfect.
  3. 6. Luke Adventurous wants to be a mad scientist after he graduates from University. He never knew his real parents; being raised as an orphan, he longs for a family of his own. Once he finds the right woman, he plans to start a legacy, and always be surrounded by family!
  4. 7. Zaelem has long been jaded with life. His complicated relationship with Mejaine left him frustrated and tired of love, yet his strong discipline in workouts does not seem to extend to his heart. He finds it difficult to express himself and ends up with practically no friends at all, with the exception of Kismette whom he is undeniably drawn to. Will fate play him out?
  5. 8. Growing up a biracial child in a town defined by color, Ramone developed a thick skin and infections personality that brought him friends easily. Discovering this ability at a young age, he became the one person everyone needed to know. His freshmen year at college, his loyalty was tested when he and his best friend Will fell for the same girl. After Will backed out of the picture, Ramone learned of the girl’s true feelings for Will and silently resented him for it. Ending the short lived relationship and patching things up with Will, he vowed to never cross that line again but has yet again found himself at odds with Will over the love of a woman who has captivated him in more ways than he could ever explain. Learning nothing from the past, history is doomed to repeat itself and this time, there could be nothing to fix.
  6. 9. The first born of and only son of Claudio , Wilson’s life was premade. He was to follow his father’s footsteps as a business man and one day run the family bank. His strong personality combined with the need to rebel against his father after discovering the true reason behind the separation between he and Cian, aided him in creating him own path and start his own successful night club. Following his heart that he placed into the night club led him back to Cian and a world of happiness that is limited by the color of their skin and newly declared war with his best friend for her heart. Determined to remain who he is and be there for Cian no matter the outcome, Wilson wears his heart on in sleeve in hopes of one day, giving it to her.
  7. 10. Abel is the second son of Adam and Eve Creation. He was never concerned with becoming heir, happy to let his brother Caine take on the responsibility; wanting to spend his time courting the ladies of the village. A Bachelor Challenge finally changed his philandering ways. He broke every heart in town when Marsha, his childhood friend, finally won his hand. They plan on living happily ever after.
  8. 11. After surviving an abusive childhood, and the murder of his first love at the hands of his evil mother, Tristan is inexplicably drawn to the Creation family; especially Ivah, Adam and Eve’s only daughter. Can the prophesy that foretells of their everlasting love, and a means strong enough to destroy a great evil, keep Tristan and Ivah together and ensure the safety of her family and finally bring peace to his troubled soul?
  9. 12. The men of Fallen. From left to right: Alares Hellstrom, Jared Hurl, Ralph Han, Uriah Hellstrom, Ivan Reich and Matthew Ras.
  10. 13. Alares Hellstrom is one of the Guardians in Limbo. Ralph is Arianna’s love interest in Fallen. Uriah is Alexis Ras’ Whitelighter and twin-flame. Ivan is obsessed with bringing back his beloved from the land of the dead. Matthew is Alexis’ father, and he’s currently being held by the Guardians. Jared is a newly turned vampire, Alexis’ soul mate and best friend.
  11. 14. The middle sibling, Piaget was often quiet and unassuming as a child. However, once a teenager he came into his own and shone with a new aspiration and hobby, managing to get abducted by aliens before he left home. He's the heir to the Hypothesis Incorrect challenge and loves both grilled cheese and his girlfriend Chloe.
  12. 15. Moving on from the tragedy of losing the love of his life 10 yeas ago, Krisis thought things had finally turned around for him; Vampires were out in the open, and he'd formed the first, wildly successful all vampire band. Even when SHE showed up, his vow to never love another human kept him strong. Now, Leigh's life is in danger, and Krisis is the only one who can keep her safe, but will saving her cost him his heart?
  13. 16. Nicoli Mobacy was a Legacy spare with no direction in life. Going away to Uni brought him more changes than he'd ever dreamed of. Now, instead of facing a life in the "family business", Nic faces death as a creature of the night, with no lack of willing victims!
  14. 17. Alfonso came to town with a chip on his shoulder, looking to score big and move on. He didn't expect to find love, and it's putting a giant wedge in his plans. How can he do what he was hired for, while Charisse makes him want to be a better man? A deal is a deal, and following his heart may just cost him his life.