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  1. 1. “And as we lie beneath the stars We realize how small we are If they could love like you and me Imagine what the world could be…” If Everyone Cared-Nickelback
  2. 2. Three months later… Dean and Kendra’s Place “Surprise!” everyone screamed as soon as Victoria and Storm walked through the front door. They had just returned from Howick Hills three months after Jade’s death.
  3. 3. They would have stayed there indefinitely but, with the baby due in less than a month, Victoria wanted to be home with family when the baby made its big debut. “Oh you guys,” Victoria cried, firmly clutching her husband’s arm. “You shouldn’t have!”
  4. 4. “Welcome home,” Dean murmured, giving his sister-in-law a big bear hug. “I missed you all so much,” Victoria cried, blinking her tears away.
  5. 5. Everyone was fascinated with Victoria’s baby bump. It was amazing how her tummy had suddenly popped out. “Whoa! What have you been eating Victoria,” Drake joked.
  6. 6. “Hey, watch it!” Storm glared at his cousin when he was about to touch his wife’s tummy. He did not like men touching her belly, no matter what their relationship was. And just to prove how serious he was about his ‘hands off’ policy, he laid a possessive hand on her tummy and smiled when their baby kicked in response.
  7. 7. Victoria loved all the gifts they got, especially the blue stuffed teddy; it reminded her so much of Fuzzy, the teddy she had as a child. Storm wondered if all the baby gifts would fit in the car. By the looks of things, they did not have to buy Baby Chace anything for a very long time.
  8. 8. While the guys had a water balloon fight marathon outside, Victoria and Kendra got a chance to catch up. “So, let’s start with Euphoria,” Kendra began the Statham Island sagas update.
  9. 9. Contrary to Victoria’s fears, Euphoria did not close down. Instead, after Jade’s bloody death, it became the town’s legendary haunt. It attracted all sorts of customers; the crazy, the wealthy, the psycho, and the downright perverse. Business was booming for Piper, and it seemed buying Victoria out was the best decision she had ever made.
  10. 10. Daniella had returned to Statham Island for good. She had quit her job, packed her things, and jumped on a plane into Drake’s arms. For now, Drake was her career, and they were both having so much fun sailing on The Love Boat.
  11. 11. Cassie was also a regular in town. She spent almost every weekend with Hugo, in Strangetown or in Statham Island. The constant travelling was getting to both of them, but the course of true love never ran smoothly. Every weekend Hugo proposed and every weekend she turned him down. But still, he remained hopeful. One day she would belong to him, in every way possible!
  12. 12. “And finally, Dean and I are trying for a baby!” Kendra cried excitedly as she finished the update. “Really? That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you both” Victoria replied gleefully. Baby Chace would have a cousin to play with soon. She made a mental note to remind Storm later when they got home about baby names; they could not keep calling their little one Baby Chace forever now, could they?
  13. 13. “So…how are you really?” Kendra asked when they had exhausted all the gossip. “I’m great,” Victoria lied. Kendra retorted, “And I’m Queen Elizabeth!” She knew her best friend more than she knew herself sometimes, and she could see the turmoil behind her smiling blue eyes. “Let’s not talk about that right now. It’s great to be home,” Victoria murmured, changing the subject much too quickly. Both Jade and Euphoria were not things she spoke about . . . to anyone, except Storm.
  14. 14. Later while everyone splashed in the pool, Storm and Victoria found a cozy spot and had some alone time. There was still so much he wanted her to know, but every time he brought up Jade and why he left her, she always changed the subject.
  15. 15. “Storm, when will you go for the psych evaluation?” Victoria asked unexpectedly. She had not brought up the matter for a while now. As much as she enjoyed the fact that he was always at home with her, she knew he also missed his job, and he could not go back until he had seen a psychologist and was declared fit to be back at work.
  16. 16. “I’m not crazy Victoria” Storm replied stubbornly. As a forensic psychologist himself, he saw no reason to see a psychologist. He was well balanced, and he was not about to go on a shooting spree “I know, but I also know you miss work. I could see it the whole time we were in Howick Hills” Victoria tried again to convince him, but he flashed her one of his blinding smiles and, as always, she fell for it and soon forgot all about psych evaluations.
  17. 17. Somewhere in Statham Island… “Are we there yet?” A blindfolded Victoria asked again for what her husband thought must be the millionth time. But this time, he was glad to finally give her the answer she wanted. “Yes we are” he murmured as he let the car’s engine die down.
  18. 18. Outside the car, Victoria caught a whiff of French fries. Wait a minute. He did not make her wear a blindfold just to take her to a fast food joint now, did he? Reading her mind and the expression on her face, Storm silenced her with a kiss before she could throw a hissy fit and answered her unspoken question. “No, I’m not taking you to McDs” he smiled against her lips as he felt her relax.
  19. 19. She would never tell him but ever since Julian had kidnapped her, blindfolds made her uncomfortable. “Can I take it off now?” Victoria begged, leaning closer to him and breathing in his scent. Gosh, she loved him more than life. “Just a few more steps...” Storm promised. Taking her hand in his, he led the way.
  20. 20. As they headed inside and passed the ‘for sale’ sign on the front lawn, he made a mental note to take it off before returning to the penthouse. He had worked hard on this surprise for her and he hoped she would like it.
  21. 21. For a long time she stood still, unable to say anything, and with each passing minute, Storm grew increasingly nervous. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other anxiously, and he wished she would say something, anything. “So?” He asked finally, unable to withstand the suspense any longer.
  22. 22. Wordlessly, she put her arms around him and cried. “What’s wrong?” He asked, bewildered. “Is it the color scheme? I chose yellow because we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl.”
  23. 23. “No, you fool,” Victoria smiled tearfully, “I love it!” “Are you sure? We can always change it, you know,” Storm told her. It would take time and it might not be ready in time, with the baby due the following week, but it could be arranged. “No, it’s perfect!” She assured him. It was perfect. Now she did not have to stress about turning the guest room at the penthouse into a nursery! Everything was perfect!
  24. 24. Two days after moving into their new home, Victoria’s water broke and luckily for them the spa bathtub was delivered the previous afternoon. Victoria wanted to have a home delivery and wanted to have a water birth. She had read about its many benefits, but she liked the idea of having Storm close and literally hands on in delivering their baby.
  25. 25. “You’re doing great Sweetheart.” “Come on Victoria, one final push!” She heard Storm and Dr. Marx’s voices somewhere in the background. This was soothing, but not painless. Guess everyone lied, she thought crossly! With all her might she gave one final push and sank back in Storm’s arms when they heard their baby’s first cries. “Where is she taking our baby…Storm…?” she asked frantically when Dr. Marx left the room with their little one. “Don’t worry, she’ll back. Now relax and…just breathe. You’ll see our baby soon.”
  26. 26. A Starr, weighing 9 lbs 14 oz, shot into the world of an Unforgettable love!
  27. 27. He had tears in his eyes when Dr. Marx finally brought him back. Apart from his wife, he was the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on. He was in awe of his perfection. “Hello there. Do you have any idea how long we’ve been waiting for you?” he asked softly, unable to pull his eyes away from him.
  28. 28. Everything she had wanted, hoped for, and dreamt of for herself ceased to exist when she finally saw him. From that moment onward, her life was his.
  29. 29. “Hello Starr Chace" Victoria’s eyes filled with tears when she said their baby’s name for the first time; it had a nice ring to it! And he was beautiful. He had his father’s eyes and, judging from his dark eyebrows, his hair too.
  30. 30. For a long time they held onto the result of their unwavering love. Looking at him, made them realize anew he was worth everything they had gone through. He was their brightest Starr in a sky that had been so dark for a very large part of their relationship. He was their answered prayer! As they held onto Starr Chace, they forgot about all the pain they knew, and all the heartache they had suffered. Jade was now merely a nightmare from which they could finally awaken!
  31. 31. For the last time a huge Thank you to Tina, for proof reading this final, final chapter and all the previous chapters. You’ve been more than just a proof reader over the past few months and words can never be enough to thank you. Thank you all at Desirable Discourses, you know who you are, but just in case you don’t…in no particular order: Catmania- for your wonderful support, encouragement and constructive feedback. I’m sure, like me, you must be truly sad that the journey is over. I know how attached you’ve grown to Toria and Storm so I’ve uploaded them especially for you so you can have them in your game when you start playing again. You’ll find them on the Characters Page under the “Unforgettable” tab. Holleyberry- for all your constructive criticism of Storm’s character and for sparking a huge debate at Desirable Discourses over our Unforgettable couple. For anyone interested in that debate here’s the link: http://desirablediscourses.proboards.com/index.cgi? board=exchangestories&action=display&thread=870&page=7 Jillyson-for always being the first (sometimes) to read and comment on Unforgettable. I know how busy you are with your stories and your other projects but you always took the time to read Unforgettable and for that I’ll be forever thankful… Aussie Karima- I’ll be eternally grateful for your encouragement and support when I was plagued by the writer’s block. Without your wonderful, ingenious, creative plots the ending may have come much too soon  Joandsarah- for always trying to catch up on the latest chapters of Unforgettable. I know you’re still on Chapter Eight or so and lucky you, you don’t have to wait long for updates. And warm thank you to everyone at DD who has read the story but was not so vocal about Unforgettable. Much love to you all.
  32. 32. And finally, the following people deserve a huge thank you. They have tracked Toria and Storm’s journey almost from the very beginning. Again, in no particular order: luxun10 Lila110 crazysimfreak93 shell246712 loveyouo75 fatedicewolf28 Hazel13542 simsandadam3499 playerSam0814 Kaylanya123 Neonzebra bluestorm12 Popsickle13579 Katieloo95 fiesty554 Starly441 valpuri07 rox2loud4u liliatellefson Quare333 Rchl0508 jwoodsturlock00 whoaa177 moo moo Mossy britta22player Loganfifi missfrankieroxx Until the next story begs to be written this is Val signing off.