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Chapter Ten-Girls Just Want to Have Fun


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Chapter Ten-Girls Just Want to Have Fun

  1. 1. “I come home in the morning light My mother says when you gonna live your life right Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones And girls they want to have fun Oh girls just want to have fun..." – Cindy Lauper
  2. 2. Day 15 - the day Victoria returned to Statham Island. Song: Bittersweet goodbye- Kylie Minogue Hope! Is it something tangible - something we can touch and see with our own eyes? Is it something abstract - a feeling that flutters in our hearts when things go horribly wrong? Is it that silent whisper always urging us to keep dreaming even when we know some dreams are impossible?
  3. 3. Hope is what keeps us going when the dark clouds of trouble settle in. We hope for a new beginning when we can't live with the mistakes of our pasts. We hope for a brighter future when our present doesn't follow our life plans. We hope that soon our luck will change, a lover will return and rekindle old flames. Even at deaths door we hope for some reprieve - a chance to live our lives over. But for Victoria, Hope was the baby she was convinced was growing inside her, the baby she thought would validate her worth as a woman. Hope was the baby she would live for and pour forth all her love on.
  4. 4. When she fell sick she convinced herself it was morning sickness. She shaped her desires to be a mom and she truly believed she was pregnant with Storm's child. So, silently she made plans. Suddenly she had someone to look forward to, someone who needed her. Naturally she was devastated when the pregnancy test she took five minutes earlier came back negative. The plans she'd started making vanished along with the hope that'd suddenly made its way into her morbid life. She cried for a very long time. Heart-breaking sobs wracked her small frame. She cried for the death of her hopes and future she'd imagined with Storm and their baby. She cried for the baby that never was and for the relationship that would never be!
  5. 5. Exhausted from crying she slipped under her covers with the towel still wrapped around her head. She closed her eyes and wished for instant sleep. For a long time she lay in the dark, trying to understand this inexplicable feeling of tremendous loss in her heart. She knew it was silly of her to feel such a loss because she was never really pregnant. But still, it was a huge blow! She'd grown attached to the possibility that she was pregnant. Silently, unobtrusively, a new hope wriggled its way into her heavy heart: a hope for a brighter morning.
  6. 6. Day 14 Song: Big Girls Don't Cry- Fergie Victoria felt calm when she woke up. Her heart still felt heavy and there was still a sadness inside her she couldn't shake off. But this morning things looked better. So what if she wasn't pregnant and she couldn't be with Storm ever again? She was young, rich and beautiful and she had her best friend's wedding to look forward to. But as much as she tried to feel upbeat about life, a huge part of her was still devastated. She tried to shake off her misery as she rushed to pick Kendra up and head over to the airport to meet their high school friends, Daniella and Cassie Friends. They were also Kendra's bridesmaids.
  7. 7. The four ladies screeched happily as they hugged and kissed each other. They were outside Statham Island's airport. Cassie and Daniella had to take a connecting flight from Desiderata Valley to Strangetown to get to Statham Island and they were exhausted from all the travelling. "You look amazing!" Daniella murmured as she kissed Kendra on both cheeks. She was excited to be back in Statham Island for Kendra's wedding. "You don't look too shabby yourself," Kendra smiled, a twinkle in her eyes.
  8. 8. "Oh my gosh, Toria are you pregnant?" Cassie asked excitedly as she hugged Victoria. "No! I'm not---pregnant," Victoria answered quietly trying to hide her shock and sadness. Now, why would Cassie think she was pregnant? Victoria breathed a huge sigh of relief when Kendra suggested they make a move and head over to Victoria's place. She really couldn't deal with any more pregnancy talk right now!
  9. 9. Day 13 The Hub Song: Superwoman- Alicia Keys "So where is that handsome man of yours? Kendra asked Daniella, who sat next to her, as they nibbled on their dinner of fillet mignon. "Who?" Daniella asked, a confused look on her face as she tried to remember if the man warming her bed now was the same one Kendra was referring to. She was sure Kendra was talking about Paul and there were four others after him. James, her current boyfriend, was the fourth. Wow, I must have broken some sort of track record: five boyfriends in six months! She smiled wickedly as she mentally patted herself on the back.
  10. 10. "My sister, the slut!" Cassie drawled in a sing-song voice. It wasn't hard to see why people didn't believe they were sisters when they explained their relationship and the same last name. Daniella was black and Cassie's Asian. They were both adopted by a white couple. Cassie was a year older than Daniella and she always acted like the big sister she was. She always reproached Daniella for her hedonistic ways and she'd tried so many times to turn Daniella into a responsible citizen, but it was obvious her sister was born for a life of indulgence. Cassie knew she'd have her hands full trying to keep Daniella from breaking too many hearts during their two weeks stay in Statham Island. Daniella on the other hand resented her sister's 'know it all attitude'. But they loved each other very much and they were very close.
  11. 11. "What? Slut? Me? No ways!" Daniella answered with a feigned look of shock on her face. Kendra, trying not to get drawn into what she knew was going to be a fight between the sisters any second now, reacquainted herself with her drink. She closed her eyes and let the cold, semi-sweet wine run down her throat. She loved this moment - surrounded by her three best friends, good food and excellent wine. What more could a girl ask for? "Dean!" She answered her own question, smiling at the memory of his passionate kiss before she left the house. She missed him so much already!
  12. 12. "Victoria, you are awfully quiet there. What's going on with you?" Daniella asked, turning her attention from her sister. Victoria was glowing and her chest looked much fuller. Maybe she really was pregnant and maybe that's why she's so withdrawn and mournful. "I would be too if I was pregnant!" Daniella thought to herself. Without thinking, she asked the forbidden question, the question that was on all their minds but Cassie and Kendra were afraid to ask: "How are things with Storm? I'm sure he's so glad to have you back!"
  13. 13. "Storm and I over!" Victoria replied icily. She didn't know why she was suddenly upset with everyone. She felt tears smarting her eyes and she blinked them away quickly. "Gosh, what's happening to me? I can't still be upset over the pregnancy test?" She wondered silently. It took a lot to upset her but lately she cried at the smallest things.
  14. 14. "Geez! Sorry I asked. I just thought since you are back in town you guys might work things out!" Daniella retorted crossly. She didn't know why Victoria was so upset anyway. "Well you thought wrong!" Victoria fired back, slowly sipping on her fruit cocktail. She decided against drinking alcohol because she was still feeling sick and naseous. She knew she had to see her doctor soon and get treated for whatever it was that was ailing her.
  15. 15. Day 12 Song: Glamorous-Fergie The four of them spent the next day at Marci's Beauty Salon located at the heart of Statham Island opposite the island's only bridal shop. Marci's was famous for spectacular makeovers, magnificent manicures and perfect pedicures. But Marci's was also big on gossip. If you were tired of watching soaps and wanted real life scandals and drama, you went to Marci's. If you wanted dirt on anyone, you went to Marci's. Daniella and Cassie were after Statham Island's drama and this is how they all ended up spending their entire day there instead of just a few hours as they'd originally planned. But when all's said and done after their long hard day, they all looked amazing with their new hairstyles and magnificently manicured hands.
  16. 16. Day 11 :Maplesprings Pool & Spa Song: Can't Fight The Moonlight- Leann Rimes "Come on Toria, three more squeezes and we are done!" Cassie's voice drilled at her. Victoria regretted her decision to join Cassie instead of heading over to the hot tub with Kendra and Daniella.
  17. 17. "I---can't---do--anymore! Can't---we---stop---now?" Victoria begged as she squeezed her arms and chest one more time and tried to breathe at the same time. "No! Don't you want to look fabulous in your skimpy bridesmaid's dress? You need to get toned. That month in Takemizu Village did some damage on you girl!" Cassie answered, lifting and curling her legs on the weights machine so effortlessly. After a while Victoria shut off Cassie's 'Drill Sergeant' voice and she day dreamed about Storm. She missed him so much and when they got home last night she tried calling him but his cell phone was off. She wanted to see him so badly and feel his strong arms around her...
  18. 18. Their reunion was so unexepected! He couldn't believe it was really her. He saw her perfect behind, her lithe small frame and the bounce of her red curls but it all didn't make sense to him. Of all the places in Statham Island, he didn't expect to run into her here. He stood still, listening to what his heart was telling him - he loved her, pure and simple and three months apart had done nothing to change his feelings for her! Without thinking, he called out her name as she was about to take a corner and head outside to the Spa's swimming pool. "Victoria!" He called out her name, unable to contain his excitement.
  19. 19. She thought she was dreaming. It couldn't be! She was just thinking about him and he was here! Did she dream him up? Conjured him from her fantasies? Self-consciously she walked up to him, very much aware of his mesmerizing blue gaze trailing a path on her body from her face right down to her feet. She felt hot all over and she had a sudden urge to hide her 'suddenly over grown' chest.
  20. 20. "Storm, what are you doing here?" was the first thing she blurted out when she finally stood opposite him. "Uhhm...nothing much," he replied. He didn't want to talk. He just wanted to stand there and drink her in. She was devastatingly, heart-breakingly gorgeous and she had his heart.
  21. 21. "We...the girls...we are just spending a day here, that's all," she mumbled, stuttering a little. You look...f---------" he started to say but she interrupted him. "Fat? I know! You don't have to point it out!" she snapped at him, almost breaking down in tears.
  22. 22. "No...I was going to say you look fantastic. You're glowing! I guess the three months away agreed with you!" Storm replied, looking at her chest. Wow, have they always been this full and perky? He wondered and he blushed slightly as he realized where his thoughts were headed. For a minute or so they both fell silent, their hands touching, wanting to say so much to the other but not sure where to start. She wanted to tell him about the test and he wanted to tell her about his promotion. He was now Head of Statham Island's BAU team since Ron left three months earlier. He also wanted to tell her about----Should he? Maybe not right now. He'll tell her later, he told himself. For now he's ecstatic to see her and why spoil this moment?
  23. 23. Victoria did what she'd wanted to do ever since she came back; she threw herself in Storm's arms and he was caught off guard. But he held her anyway. "Hey? What's wrong? Are you okay?" He asked, sensing a change in her mood. She seemed sad suddenly and he wondered if he was responsible for this sudden change in her. "You didn't call! Why didn't you call me? I waited---------" Victoria wailed helplessly. Oh my gosh, it's happening again, I can't control myself! She thought wildly as she sobbed on his shoulder. "I'm sorry. I was going to call you. I was out of town and I only came back last night...Hey, it's okay, don't cry, please?" He coaxed gently.
  24. 24. Their lips met in a long, sensous kiss. Their bodies ignited and they knew three months apart had done nothing to erase the chemistry between them. The knowledge that they were standing in the middle of a very busy corridor in a public place was the only thing that kept them from tearing each other's clothes off. Storm would have carried on kissing her, but Special Agent Pete Charlton interrupted them and shattered the prelude to what would have been their reunion love making.
  25. 25. Storm, Melissa's waiting for us at the office!" Pete mumbled sharply after clearing his throat politely to let them know they were not alone anymore. "I guess it's back to work for you!" Victoria mumbled quietly, her eyes searching Storm's for a sign that things were okay between them. "Guess so," Storm replied, suddenly guarded and distant. Victoria felt the distance between them and she excused herself. No matter how hard they could try to work on their relationship, he was an FBI agent and there were things about his life she'd never know, a huge part of him he'd never share with her!
  26. 26. "Victoria, wait!" Storm called out to her as she walked away. "Storm, let her go!" Pete cautioned him just when he's about to run after her. Pete liked Victoria but she was a distraction and right now the BAU didn't want Storm distracted!
  27. 27. "Hey, where have you been?" Kendra asked when Victoria finally joined them in the hot tub. "You look like you've been kissed thoroughly!" Daniella commented, a naughty smile on her lips. She knew the 'I've just been kissed thoroughly' look very well because she's had those more times than she could count. "Yeah, you look flustered. What's going on? Are you okay?" Cassie piped in, a concerned look on her face.
  28. 28. "Nothing...I guess you worked me too hard at the gym!" Victoria lied. Soon the conversation moved away from her and they started talking about Kendra's bachelorette party. Victoria settled in her corner of the tub and smiled dreamily. Her body tingled all over every time she thought of her kiss with Storm. She blushed slightly as she remembered how much she'd wanted him. She was sure if Pete hadn't interrupted them she and Storm would have sneaked into one of the suites upstairs and did lord knows what!
  29. 29. Day 10 Kendra's bridal shower @ Victoria's apartment. Song: Man! I feel like a woman-Shania Twain "Surprise!" Kendra was greeted by a chorus of voices as soon as she opened Victoria's front door.
  30. 30. Kendra burst into tears...of joy. She hid her face in her hands and tried to compose herself. She wasn't expecting a bridal shower considering her best friends were already throwing her a bachelorette party later in the week. "This wasn't supposed to make you cry," Victoria soothed as she rushed to Kendra's side. The surprise party was a spur of the moment thing and they didn't know what was supposed to happen at a bridal shower but they knew they couldn't send her off without proper gear. So they put together a lingerie bridal shower for her. The gifts were strictly lingerie or something naughty to spice up Kendra's 'soon to be married sex life'. They all assumed sex got pretty boring after years of marriage!
  31. 31. "I know...It's just...I'm so happy. You guys are the best!" Kendra whispered, a watery smile on her face now. "What? Are you crazy? Did you really think we'd send you off to 'god knows what' without a proper farewell?" Daniella asked jokingly. "Come on, let's get this party started. No more tears now!" Cassie ordered, in her 'take charge' voice.
  32. 32. They all sat down to tea and cake while they mingled and chatted. Victoria invited Kendra's mom but she couldn't make it, she had some business to take care of. No surprise there, Kendra's mom's always too busy for her anyway. Kendra was practically raised by her parents' housekeeper, Delia, who sat next to her now and imparted words of wisdom which should have come from Kendra's mom. Kendra wasn't even disappointed that her mom couldn't be there. In fact she wasn't even expecting her at her wedding. She's probably glued to the business channel right now and watching the stock market, Kendra thought waspishly.
  33. 33. "Kendra, darling, I've known you since you were five and I've watched you grow. I have never been more proud of you than I am now. I'm so excited for you and Dean," Delia said seriously, a thoughtful look on her face. "You are about to start a new chapter in your life with Dean, a life that's full of possibilities. It's up to you to make sure you get the most out of it! But it's also important you realise that from here on it won't be just about you only. It's you and Dean now. You are responsible for him as much as he's responsible for you. Marriage is like a job, you work on it every day and sadly, there's no time off!"
  34. 34. "I'm excited about marrying Dean and I'm happy to have him in my life but sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'll turn out to be like my mom, you know, incapable of giving myself fully to someone else," Kendra cried, searching Delia's face for assurance. "You'll do fine. Your are nothing like your mother Kendra. You and Dean will make a good, solid marriage. Be kind and gentle with each other and no matter what happens don't lose your way from each other!" Delia told her sincerely. "That should be easy enough! Dean and I love each other very much," Kendra smiled, so sure and confident in their love. Victoria sitting across from her wished she could have that with Storm.
  35. 35. "Don't try to act smarter than him even if you are and you have to let him win an argument once in a while!" the older woman continued with a flourish of her hand. "Huhh?" Kendra asked confused by her housekeeper's last statement. "But why?"
  36. 36. Kendra's friends were just as confused. "I don't understand. Did I miss something? Tell me again why she shouldn't act smarter than him?" Victoria asked, unable to hide her dismay. "That's a load of B*** S***!" Cassie protested, ever the feminist.
  37. 37. "And why should he win the occasional argument at all? Men are not supposed to win arguments period!" Daniella insisted. "Well ladies that's marriage for you! It is what it is!" Delia replied vaguely. The younger women didn't agree with her views fully but they saw no point teaching old dog new tricks.
  38. 38. After tea and cake and the words of wisdom from Delia it was time for Kendra to open her gifts. She loved most of them and blushed slightly at some of the skimpiest lingerie sets. Suddenly she couldn't wait to get home and pose for Dean! Delia almost fainted when Kendra opened the gift box from Daniella and took out all sorts of toys for adult entertainment. Kendra blushed furiously.
  39. 39. " you like?" Daniella asked impishly, unable to contain her excitement. It was her idea to get Kendra a steamy bedroom toy set and it had taken the other two a lot of convincing to let her have her way and now they all stood around Kendra waiting for her reaction. "I love it!" Kendra squealed back, jumping up and down the living room. "Grrrr!" she purred softly like a tigress, unable to resist the sudden urge. Yes, she and Dean would have lots of fun playing with their new toys!
  40. 40. It wasn't hard to see why Kendra was closer to Daniella than Cassie. They were alike in so many ways; they were free spirits whereas Victoria and Cassie were the serious, 'always cautious' types. "Easy tiger!" Cassie warned jokingly, moving away to check if Delia's still breathing from all the excitement in the room. With the formalities out of the way it was time for Victoria to give a toast to her best friend.
  41. 41. "Everyone, gather around please! It's the moment we've all been waiting for, it's time to get drunk and help our girl, Kendra, celebrate her last few days of freedom!" Victoria said excitedly. "Woohooo!" Someone in the crowd screamed and Victoria thought it was Daniella. Nothing excited Daniella more than booze and guys.
  42. 42. "Kendra, I've known you a lifetime and you've been my best friend forever. We've planned our weddings since we were six and for a a while there it was touch and go when both of us couldn't settle down or find Mr. Forever. But Dean came along. You settled down and you found your Mr. Forever. And here we are, celebrating the start of a new chapter in your life and words can't express how happy and excited I am for you. To Kendra! May you always be happy and in love!" Victoria raised her glass and smiled at her friend. "To Kendra!" the crowd cooed and glasses clinked. Someone switched on the music to signal it was show time!
  43. 43. "Stop! I feel--- a-- fever--- coming on!" Cassie cried suddenly and she closed her eyes and tried to steady herself. Everyone crowded around her, concerned. Delia, sounding worried, felt Cassie's forehead and asked, "Are you alright honey?" "I feel a DANCE FEVER coming on!" Cassie screamed wildly and launched into a smustle dance; the crowd laughed, relieved that nothing's wrong with her.
  44. 44. Delia looked on as the younger women shook their tushies. What kind of dance was this anyway? She wondered disapprovingly before wandering upstairs to powder her nose. While Daniella loved men and booze, Cassie loved to dance. On the dance floor she came alive and none of her friends could match her energy and vigor which is why she always opened the dance floor and always led the smustle dance.
  45. 45. Victoria couldn't remember the last time she had so much fun. This was nice, fun and hilarious, especially when they mixed up the steps to the smustle dance and Cassie reproached them crossly. For a little while she forgot about Storm and their kiss. She forgot about the pregnancy test and the sadness that came after. She forgot about her grief for her parents. She just danced! Kendra didn't want the day to end. It was a truly magical day. She knew she'd tell her children and grand children and great grand children about her bridal shower! Statham Island will be talking about this one for years to come. Her friends made the transition to the new chapter in her life an epic one!
  46. 46. Later, when all the guests were danced out and the party was dying down, Kendra finally had her chance to thank her best friend. "Toria, thank you so much for everything. This has been such an amazing day. I love you!" Kendra whispered softly as she hugged Victoria. "Hey, don't mention it! I'm glad you had fun!" Victoria replied, returning the hug.
  47. 47. "Are you okay?" Kendra asked, sensing Victoria was distracted. "I'm great!" She lied. The truth was she was still feeling sick and she was exhausted. She wanted to rest and have some down time but she knew that was impossible. The next few days were going to be so busy with their final fitting for the dresses, the bridesmaids' sleepover and the bachelorette party coming up.
  48. 48. Day 9 (Dress fitting @Statham Brides) Song: Freakum Dress-Beyonce The next day Kendra and her bridesmaids headed over to Statham's Brides for their dress fittings. While Kendra, Cassie and Victoria headed inside, Daniella stayed behind to check out the scenery: the cutie she'd seen as soon as their car came to a stop in front of the shop. "Come, let me read your fortune," she drawled in her fake "I'm a fortune teller" voice. She knew her line was cheesy but it never failed her. She'd caught so many with this one and there was no reason why Mr. Handsome shouldn't bite! And she was right. Soon, she had the stranger's hands in hers and was whispering sweet nothings to him.
  49. 49. Kendra looked breathtakingly beautiful. Her friends cried when she came out of the fitting room. She looked like a princess in her wedding gown and her long blond hair flowing about her. Daniella, Cassie and Victoria also looked great in their pink bridesmaids dresses. The fitting room area had grown tense moments earlier when Victoria threw a tantrum because the zipper on her dress couldn't go up; she was embarrassed at the amount of weight she'd put on out of the blue! She made a mental note to hit the gym for the next few days. She'd even let Cassie be her drill sergeant, just as long as she didn't look like a piggy at Kendra's wedding.
  50. 50. "Awww Kendra, you look amazing!" Victoria gushed at Kendra. "Dean's a lucky guy!" "I'm the lucky one," Kendra told her. "You look beautiful Toria. But I still wish you'd gone for a different dress like we first planned. How else are people supposed to know you are my matron of honor?" "It's just a dress Kendra. I really didn't want to outshine you!" Victoria joked. The few days before Kendra's wedding were stressfull and busy but they were also great because Victoria got to bond with her three best friends and unconsciously let go of the sadness she felt since the pregnancy test saga.
  51. 51. Bridesmaids sleep over @ Victoria's apartment Song: Beautiful, dirty, rich - Lady Gaga "Cassie, remember Greg Miles? Whatever happened to him?" Kendra asked, pointing at a photo of a "dorky-looking" guy with a pimply face. They were all sitting on floor and going through their high school yearbook. "Don't know, don't care!" Cassie answered quickly and looked away, wishing her friends wouldn't remember the story behind Greg Miles.
  52. 52. "Didn't you kiss him once?" Daniella asked, watching Cassie squirm a little. Yep, she really enjoyed taunting her sister. "Yeah, I remember was a dare wasn't it, at Chris's party? And you were so sloshed you came back and told us he's the best kisser of all time!" Victoria piped in. "Yikes! I still can't believe you kissed him! Urgggh!" Kendra said, a disgusted look on her face.
  53. 53. "Okay! Enough already! Pillow fight!" Cassie growled, getting up from the floor and reaching for a cushion on the sofa. She really didn't want to go down memory lane. "Take that!" She screamed, thumping Victoria on the head. "I know you did not do that!" Victoria shot back and chased after her. Soon they were all having so much fun chasing each other around the room.
  54. 54. "Wow, Toria that's your fourth slice. I'd swear you were eating for two!" Cassie observed innocently, munching on her own her slice of pizza. Victoria burst into tears, dropped the slice she was about to ravish back into the box and ran upstairs. "What was that all about?" Daniella and Cassie both asked at the same time, bewildered looks on their faces. "Dunno! But I'd better go check on her," Kendra replied and ran after Victoria.
  55. 55. "Hey, what going on?" Kendra asked when she found Victoria in her room. "Are you okay Toria?" "I'm fine!" Victoria lied. "You don't look fine to me. What was that about? You know Cassie was just kidding right?" Kendra said, searching her friend's face for some sort of clue. "I'm---not---PREGNANT!" Victoria wailed helplessly and she flung her face in her hands.
  56. 56. "Hey. That's a good thing right?" Kendra asked uncertainly. "No---it's not! Uhh---I wanted so much to be pregnant with Storm's baby...I was so sure I was and all of you keep joking about my weight and my boobs. Everyone seems to think I'm pregnant and it's so hard---" Victoria cried incoherently. "Hey. I'm sorry. I had no idea!" Kendra cooed gently.
  57. 57. "How could you know? I haven't been around much. And I'm sorry I couldn't help with the wedding and all. And I must thank Bree for standing in for me. When am I going to meet her anyway?" Victoria asked suddenly, impatiently brushing the tears from her face. "There's something I need to tell you Toria! It's about-----" Kendra started to say but then her cell phone rang. "It's Dean. I have to take it." "Go on. I'll be fine," Victoria told her. She wanted to be alone and collect her thoughts before going downstairs. She watched Kendra leave and wondered what she'd wanted to tell her. Whatever it was, Victoria knew it wasn't good news because Kendra had suddenly looked sad and serious.
  58. 58. Day 7- Kendra's Bachelorette Party @ PURE Song: Destiny's Child Feat. Lil' Bow Wow, JD, & Da Brat – Jumpin Jumpin (So So Def Remix) "Hey handsome, we'll have three Strawberry Daiquiris and one Sex On The Beach for our bachelorette here!" Daniella told the bartender sweetly, batting her eyes at him. She was in charge of getting everyone drunk tonight!
  59. 59. They were at PURE, bar cruising. Cassie and Victoria were in charge of the entertainment for the night and they decided to make the night one big DARE. The rules were simple: all three of them had to dare Kendra to get up to something naughty and wild, within reason of course, and Kendra couldn't refuse!
  60. 60. Song: Check on it - Beyonce After three rounds of drinks they were all ready for some fun. "I DARE you to go over to HIM," Victoria pointed at the dark handsome guy who just came on the dance floor, "and talk dirty to him!"
  61. 61. "No ways! Can I do anything else besides that?" Kendra asked. "Don't be such a prude. This is technically your last night of freedom. It doesn't get any more exciting than this after tonight babes. Remember, you can't refuse a dare Kendra! Rules are rules!" Daniella taunted. So, timidly Kendra made her way over to the stranger.
  62. 62. "Wooohooo!" her friends cheered on the dance floor as Kendra, without warning or introduction, grabbed the stranger and whispered something they all thought must be really filthy because suddenly the man moved in closer on her and ran his hand up her arm. "Sorry..." Kendra mumbled, pulling away from him. She couldn't believe she'd just said all those things to a total stranger! "Don't be! I like it when a beautiful woman speaks French to me," the stranger answered, moving in closer to kiss her but she quickly side stepped him and got back to her friends.
  63. 63. I dare you to get on the dance sphere and spin very hard, if you stay on for longer than three minutes without puking we'll let you phone Dean since you've been crying for him the whole night!" Daniella squealed at Kendra excitedly. It seemed easy enough but Daniella knew, from her many escapades, that it was very hard to pull this one off, especially when one was as drunk as Kendra. "Oh oh...I don't think I can do this," Kendra whispered, the whole room was already spinning anyway without being on that was she supposed to pull this off? "Woohoo..Go Kendra...Go Kendra! Do it for Dean!" Cassie shouted, urging her on. Kendra, feeling slightly brave, got on the sphere and stayed on for a minute or so before falling off.
  64. 64. "Ouch---That hurt!" she mumbled dizzily as she stried to stand up. "Better luck next time!" Victoria joked! "Can I at least call Dean just for trying?" She asked innocently, between drunken hiccups. "No!" came their reply as the four of them headed to the bar for more drinks.
  65. 65. Song: Trouble- Pink They were soaking in the hot tub outside chatting with Rick Thorne, one of Statham Island's rich play boys. Daniella was off somewhere with one of Rick's friends, reading his fortune! "I dare you, to kiss him!" Cassie murmured suddenly and pointed at Rick. "No ways! You know Rick and Dean move in the same circles! Are you out of your mind?" Kendra refused, a paranoid look on her face. She was thinking about the third World War that would start if Dean ever found out.
  66. 66. "Ladies, I'm right here you know," Rick said smoothly, his green eyes flashed at Kendra seductively. "Come on Kendra. You know you want to!" "'s not going to happen," Kendra replied crossly. "Toria. Tell her she can't refuse a dare. It's the rules!" Cassie said forcefully. "Rules are rules Kendra!" Victoria answered. She couldn't believe she was actually saying this, but what harm could one kiss do really!
  67. 67. "Fine. But you have to promise this stays between us, Daniella shouldn't find out about this!" Kendra relented and turning to Rick she said, "and you, not a word to anyone, your hear? No matter how drunk you are!" "Promise, on scouts honor!" Rick whispered as he moved closer to Kendra and kissed her. Damn, Dean was a lucky guy. She tasted of Sex...on the Beach and strawberries. Some guys really had all the luck in the world, Rick thought.
  68. 68. "Woohoo!" Victoria and Cassie cheered, "What happens in PURE stays in PURE!" "Okay...enough..." Kendra mumbled, pulling away from him.
  69. 69. Song: Don't stop the music - Rihanna They didn't know how they ended up outside PURE in their bikinis and dancing to Rihanna's voice coming from Victoria's SUV, but they all had a vague suspicion it was Daniella's idea. She was always up to mischief.
  70. 70. "Guys, one final dare before we call it a night...or is it morning...Anyway, Kendra, I dare you to flash Mrs. Crumplebottom when she comes by. And you know she's gonna come! Somehow that woman always knows when someone's up to mischief. So any minute now, she'll be here!" Victoria told her friends, her speech slightly slurred, a devilish smile on her lips. "No..I'm doing that...Never," Kendra answered. She'd do anything just as long as she didn't have to flash Mrs. Crumplebottom. It was fate. Mrs. Crumplebottom appeared out of the blue. "Daniella Friends!" She yelled in her croaky voice, "I know it's your idea! You put them up to this didn't you? Where's the rest of your clothes!"
  71. 71. "Me? It wasn't me...I didn't do" Daniella tried to answer, but ended up hiding her face in her hands, expecting the purse beating any second now. Luckily, Mrs. C was in a good mood, the beating never came. "And the rest of you ---- Put on your clothes! Don't let me come out here and find you half naked still!" Mrs. Crumplebottom warned, heading inside PURE to punish more victims.
  72. 72. Day 6- Kendra's Bachelorette Party @ PURE Song: Dance - Lady Gaga Not wanting to feel Mrs. Crumplebottom's wrath, they all put on their clothes hastily. They were still out on the street, dancing, when the sun came up. They were tired and partied out but they didn't want to go home yet. Kendra's wedding was still five days away but this was technically her last day to let loose and go wild and they'd all do anything to prolong it.
  73. 73. "Guys...Party's over. We need to make a move! We have to be at Storm's place by 12 and it's already 10:30!" Cassie told them, breaking up the party. She knew if she didn't take charge no one would. Victoria seemed to be in her own daze, Daniella was man hungry and well, the bachelorette was still very much drunk.
  74. 74. Song : A thousand miles away-Vanessa Carlton "Yay...we are going to meet the groomsmen! Finaly! It's show time!" Daniella screamed excitedly. The wedding party was heading out to Twikki Island from Storm's place for a "getting to know each other" couple of days. It was going to be off the hook, Daniella smiled to herself. The four of them sang along to Vanessa Carlton's 'A thousand miles away' as they went over the details of Kendra's epic last night of freedom...
  75. 75. Kendra, although still very drunk, remembered every detail of her party, especially the kiss with Rick. She really hoped he would keep his mouth shut. The last thing she wanted was to hurt Dean. Soon her thoughts turned to Dean's bachelor party which was also last night. She wondered how it'd gone, she hoped his wasn't as wild as hers. And then she thought of Victoria and how broken she was that she wasn't pregnant. For the hundredth time since Victoria came back from Statham Island, Kendra wanted to tell her about Storm. Somehow, like now, it was never the right time. She promised to tell her soon before she found out from someone else!