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( Adventures of Captain Santa Speed)
I dedicate this piece of work to Almighty ...
It was September 7th of the year 2000… I was a kid of ten years old that is been admitted into a
new school, it was a new ...
Back there at the church, there were two other boys living there too, Christian, the eldest of us
all was brought to the c...
Now in secondary school, my mother told me that there will be a lot of intelligent boys from
other schools and that I have...
no where to go and I stopped going to school, my mother’s friend agreed to accommodate us,
later my mother settled with th...
promises” but I had no money for that so while I was attending lesson the next day, I stopped at
a shop to buy something a...
morning before I take the day’s paper, I will receive some strokes of cane to remind me that I
owe the school some money, ...
tenant in the school I was first class, this got into my head and all the zeal I had for academic
excellence exhausted, I ...
Uchenna asked the girl out and she did not agree to date him, I asked her out and we started
dating, this got Uche very an...
will not recognize me, one of them did and I was apprehended and flogged that morning as
they had initially planned and th...
with me anymore, she also told me that she has a boyfriend, I was heart broken, I did not know
what I was supposed to say ...
the guy started cutting my head with the kitchen knife in my room but it did not penetrate until
he cut my shoulder, when ...
In the morning I was in chains, my mother called my uncle and he came to the church, he asked
me why I did that and I told...
a loyalist like me, I grabbed the orientations and one day I approached the group’s gathering
and ruggedly identified myse...
called again and said a lot of things, he convinced me of his sincerity and we agreed to meet..
he was to come to Edo stat...
thought it was money so I told her to bring the paper and she refused, I had to drag the paper
with her and when I got it,...
On 26th December, for this very December, I bought a new set of clothing for my wife, my
daughter and myself, we were to a...
months back, I checked his call log and I did not see any sign that these people were still friends
so I concluded that sh...
this youg man and I was confused, I asked him why he did that kind of thing to me and he said
that he is still in love wit...
the navigating was supposed to be turn by turn but since they decided to go against the
agreement, I for one will not sit ...
heart that Chinenye killed my baby so that she could be free, besides a nurse that examined the
baby confirmed that she di...
I decided to pay Ifeoma in her own coin, she unlike the rest of us was not bothered about
anything, after all she is the m...
I will just take some days off, I needed it besides James has left, Jenifer was to go the next day,
“they will need to cal...
of her own.. she never expected any help from her half brother and sisters and they never gave
any themselves.
I took Amal...
thinking that I was sleeping, she took my statement and read it and then she asked me some
questions and asked me to write...
looking for me everywhere by now, what should I do? I had to go and face them, “it was hide
and seek now and I know the ga...
and I went, that day I saw his three sisters, amongst his sisters was Chizara, I liked her because
she was pretty and more...
only come to the house when she tells me to, “it’s safer that way”. One day I came to her house
and I could not control my...
BEJOY CENTER POINT. This was the name of the restaurant where I started working , when I
attended the interview, I felt th...
One day she announced to us that she has been invited for documentation by U.B.A, she is
going to start working in the ban...
call a spade a spade and not a garden fork”, this made me stop work and I decided that I will
not work for anybody anymore...
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa   Speed)(1)
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GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa Speed)(1)

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GREENER PASTURES ( Adventures of Captain Santa Speed)(1)

  1. 1. GGRREEEENNEERR PPAASSTTUURREESS ( Adventures of Captain Santa Speed) DEDICATION I dedicate this piece of work to Almighty God, who gave me the talent, To my beloved mother Lady Joy Kambili Modozie, To all members of Norse men club of Nigeria and to all lovers of good story books. Vally will not let you get bored. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I owe the greatest gratitude to Almighty God and my beloved mother who has been the only backbone I have all my life. To Rev Andrew Uche, my spiritual father.. Daddy! God will keep blessing you for me. I also show gratitude to my publisher Blesyn prints, To Norse men club of Nigeria for the vast experience and honor… Vikings Mekansa!!!, Finally to all my friends and loved ones who aided in one way or the other in making this dream come true.. “A journey of one million miles they say starts with a step”. -Vally Afamefuna Modozie CHAPTER ONE AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, I ALWAYS ADVANCE WITH GREATER COURAGE WHEN I DO NOT KNOW WHAT AWAITS ME… FOR NOTHING WORSE THAN DEATH CAN EVER OCCUR AND FROM DEATH, THERE IS NO ESCAPE… and then where are those reliable people who have seen the scroll where the hour of our death is assigned… and if Pre- destination really exist.. why then are we given free will and reason and why must we account for our actions? …….. Perhaps tomorrow….. I might die and there will not be a single creature that would have understood me completely… Some deem me worse… Others better than I actually am…. Some will say.. He is a jolly good fellow.. Others will say.. He is a scoundrel.. Both this and that will be false…. After this.. Is it really worth the trouble to live? And yet we live and out of curiosity.. One keeps expecting something new… Mitchew! Absurd and Vexations!
  2. 2. It was September 7th of the year 2000… I was a kid of ten years old that is been admitted into a new school, it was a new environment and this time it felt different for I am being well taken care of by my beloved mother. For the past ten years, my mother left me in the care of my grandmother; she was a young girl and could not take care of a baby (me). Life became hard when my grandmother died and that was when I had to seek for my mother, I rather eat grass and sand with her than spend a moment of my life at my uncle’s place. With my white shirt and a blue short, a neat pair of sandal and a new school bag, I was led into my class, primary 4a, I made two friends at school, a boy and a girl, the time I hang out with my friends happens to be if I was sent on an errand or if I am going to my uncle’s place, for I live in the church, my mother lives and worships at the church and that’s why I left my uncle’s place to be with my mother. Life was good this time because I am being well taken care of. The school I attend is a government school, after first term, the school went on strike so my mother enrolled me into another school, a private school, I had to repeat primary 4 again for my own good, I was happy because I take lessons with kids from comfortable homes, there I met competitive brains, that first term I took the 4th position and all eyes were on me, it was like “who is this boy?”. When I took my result home, I was the best in the whole church and I got a lot of praises, everybody was proud of me, the next term I took 10th position and everybody was disappointed at me though I was still the best in the church, my mother cautioned me so I read and worked hard on my studies, that third term I took the 3rd position. In primary five, I realized that there were just three people I was competing with, they were the best in the class that shared the first three positions but with my presence we became four. Then I had this friend that was so close to me, she will buy snacks for me during break period and some times walk me home after school, I did not know exactly why she likes me so much until the day I was flogged mercilessly at school by my mother’s co member of the church where I live who happens to be a teacher in the school. That fateful day she entered my class and went to meet with my class teacher, Uncle Rienne C C happens to be the teacher I like most in my school and he likes me as well because of my intelligence and smartness. After discussing with him, Uncle Rienne asked me to come out and kneel down, I was surprised and I guess that the whole class members were surprised too “for they looked with tender curiosity”.. he asked me why I come to school late and I told him that I do a lot of work before coming to school and that my house is a bit far from school, after listening to my excuses, he told me that I lied… I was surprised.. I wondered what the woman told him.. she has told him why I come late.
  3. 3. Back there at the church, there were two other boys living there too, Christian, the eldest of us all was brought to the church by his mother, the other was Charles, the son of the teacher that worships at the church with us, we all live and eat together from the same pot with the owner of the church so the domestic chores were shared amongst us. Christian was to cook and run errands because he is good at kitchen stuff, Charles was to fetch water while my duty was to wash dirty plates, I always delay while washing the plates and that was why I come to school late, that day I was flogged like a thief. Through out that day I cried and the girl was there consoling me, this was in the month of April and we were practicing the match past we were to present alongside other schools during the children’s day that was to take place on the 1st of May, I did not go for the practice and my friend did not go too and that was when I knew why she likes me, she takes me to be her boy lover, my head swelled when she told me that she loves me and asked me to kiss her, I jumped up from my seat, despite the pain I was feeling all over my body and went straight to our head mistress and reported her, she was punished and after that she stopped being friends with me, I cared less… “the only pleasure I was after was the pleasure of being the best pupil academically”. I was making my family proud for I was very adventurous thereby taking part in all the school activities , I take part in the quiz competitions, sports, our school came third during inter schools relay race and that was when I got my first price of excellence, “a plastic jug”, everybody was proud of me. Even at the church, some times the church committee do organize bible quiz competitions and most times I come first and I won bibles.. “another price for excellence”, during school ceremonial festivals, I was part of the drama group and I always emerge as the best drama boy. In primary six, the school functionaries were appointed and I was made the senior prefect, though we have not been presented to the school, we were still going through inspections, at one of those interviews I was asked what I will do if somebody beats up my kid brother, I had a foster kid brother, he was the son of the pastor of my church, everybody knew him as my kid brother so when asked what I will do if some one beats him up, I told them that I will report the person to the school authority. Some days later, my classmate beat up my kid brother because he did not say “excuse” before entering our class, I picked quarrel with her and was about to descend on her when a teacher interfered, the spirit of senior prefect was now taking over, when this was reported, I was made sanitary prefect instead of senior prefect, I guess I was never made to be the senior prefect. All was good for the academic session and we wrote our common entrance examination, I was posted to Igwebuike grammar school, the toughest boys secondary school in town. CHAPTER TWO
  4. 4. Now in secondary school, my mother told me that there will be a lot of intelligent boys from other schools and that I have to be serious with my studies, I took her advice seriously and I was one of the best in my class, I was made French prefect and integrated science prefect, it was quite a burden but I was ready for that responsibility. When I entered jss2, my mother promised to take me to Mr Biggs if I take one of the first three positions, with this promise on my mind, I worked so hard, I did all my assignments and projects, at the end of the term, we expected our results but we were told that we will collect it the next term, when next term came, our form mistress called us one after the other, when it was my turn, I went to the staff room and my result sheet was given to me, I took the second position, I was all smiles and very happy for myself.. Finally I am going to Mr Biggs.. I had so much desired to go there, I came out from the teacher’s staff room and I headed for home straight, I did not look or talk to anybody until I got home, everybody was happy for me. Around 5pm our pastor took me and Sam to Mr Biggs , there he bought a plate of ice cream and meat pie for us, I said I will take mine home, I was planning on how to make other kids get jealous because of the way I wanted to eat my thing, when we got home, my mother shared the ice cream amongst all of us the kids and I was so angry about this even though I got the biggest part, I wish I had known, I would have eaten them when I was asked to… penny wise, pounds foolish. A day came, I had a problem with a boy that lives in the church, he bit me and I beat him, there was this lady at the church who came out and started beating me without asking what happened, when my mother came out, I told her what happened and this caused a problem between herself and the lady so they started fighting, it was a severe fight and they destroyed properties, when the pastor of the church came out, he laid both of them on the ground and flogged them mercilessly, I watched while my mother was being flogged and I wondered what her crime was.. “could it be because she fought for her son?” That day I was given a good reason to leave the church to our own place but where is our own place?.. no where! My grandfather had a mud house which was destroyed after his death, the compound was given to some church people so that they could develop it since nobody lives there any more, this compound happens to be my inheritance, my grandfather gave birth to five girls and no boy, my mother was the third child, the first two got married but my mother got pregnant instead, whether she did it intentionally or a mistake, I could not tell, her father was happy about it, my grandfather does not have a male child so when my mother gave birth to me, It was a prayer answered to him, I became the son the family had. Life at the church was sweet until 2004, my mother had a misunderstanding with the owner of the church so we were asked to leave the church premises, this affected me so much, we had
  5. 5. no where to go and I stopped going to school, my mother’s friend agreed to accommodate us, later my mother settled with the owner of the church and we went back. At the year 2005, my mother had another misunderstanding with the owner of the church and we left the church to my mother’s friend’s house ( another of my mother’s friend) who had pity on us and took us in, my mother sold her only property ( a refrigerator) and used the money to start a petty business at the motor park along express road, after school I will go to my mother’s shop and my mother will give me a bowl and 50 to purchase a bag of cold sachet water that I will hawk so as to support her, this we did together until my mother stopped coming to shop because she was sick, I became the only one that comes to the shop, at the shop we had few things for sale, a bottle of gin and packets of cigarette, when I come to the shop, I will sell few things I can and then use the money to purchase cold water that I will sell towards the hot afternoon. My mother said that we have to go back to the church and I refused to go back there, “I rather hawk sachet water all my life than go back to that church… that man always beat up my mother.. I don’t get to take part in all the church activities and I like it so much, I had friends I play with now, I go out and I come back any time that I like”, for these reasons I refused to go back to the church, I stayed back and continued the business until the business folded up that same year then I had to depend on myself, my mother left me and went back to the church under the care of her friend’s children, these were grown up girls. CHAPTER THREE Life at Nwonu’s family was lively and tough too, now I am faced with the challenges of life all alone, I will go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on Thursday till week ends I hustle so that I can at least eat, I am close to my family compound now, I always go there. I must say that life was not easy for me this time around, the people I stay with does not stay at home, they were young and unmarried.. This made me develop so many acts in other to survive, I became conscious of money so I started stealing and this got me into a lot of troubles. I am in jss3 now so I enrolled for an evening lesson since I don’t get to go to school all the time, this made life get more complicated because I made friends…. female friends. Life for me became a competition, “I happen to be the type that always like to measure up to the standards of my mates”. During our annual inter house sports competition, a friend of mine brought a digital camera along, I used the camera to snap myself and my friends, he left the camera for me so that I can take it to the photo studio where I will get the pictures out, this camera got me into a lot of troubles, I started snapping my friends at home and at the lesson centre, I promised them that I will get the pictures for them the next day, especially the girls,” I always like to keep my
  6. 6. promises” but I had no money for that so while I was attending lesson the next day, I stopped at a shop to buy something and then I saw 500 note in the woman’s money box and I took it, I went straight to the photo studio and I got the pictures like I promised.. it was not up to five minutes when I came to the lesson center when the task force of my village youth congress came for me, I followed them and when we got to the woman’s shop, I was asked if I was the one that took the money in the money box and I denied, there was this dreaded cultist there who called me aside and asked me to tell him the truth and I still maintained that I am not the one that took the money so they decided to take me to the village square where I will be flogged publicly before I agreed that I was the one that took the money, they brought me back to the shop and out of annoyance, the cult guy took a bottle of limca at the corner there and broke it on my head, I sat down, I thought that my head has been busted because liquid substances spilled down to my face, I thought it was blood, I touched it and it was kerosene, they sell kerosene with the bottle.. instead of breaking my head, it tore my skin at the neck region, beneath my ear, this was the first injury I got on my body, when the news got home, the people I stay with was so angry at me, this also made them develop hatred for me.. “not that they liked me before any way”, they stopped me from attending the lesson. Feeding became hard, I hard to beg before I could get food, the tuition for my JSCE was given to me, my mother had to borrow so that I could write this exam. I took the money to school but our school bursar did not come to school that day, the next day, she did not come, during these days I tried hard not to spend that money because I was so hungry and I had no other money on me but I did not try hard enough so I spent 50 naira out of the money, I had hoped that I will replace the money but I could not, I took another 50 naira and this was how I kept eating the money until it got half. At home I don’t complain of hunger any more, every evening I purchase fried yam, the people I stay with started suspecting that I stole money from some where but nobody was looking for his or her money so they called my mother and complained of what they observed, my mother suspected that I was spending the money she gave me so she came, she was angry when she found out that I was actually spending the money, she collected the remaining from me and asked that I should stop school so I could hustle and replace that money or else, I won’t write the exam,. This became a burden to me so the next day I went to our town market and hired wheel barrow, I started pushing and at the end of the day I will take 400 naira home, I did this for some time and I was able to make the money I spent so she gave me the rest and I went to school and paid. Before the examination commenced, we were told that we are supposed to pay our third term school fees, I went to my grandfather’s brother and he said that every member of my family had to be present before he can give me the money.. I looked at this man and I just stood up and left.. I could not understand him so I did not go back to him again. My mother managed to raise some money and I paid but I was still owing the school, every
  7. 7. morning before I take the day’s paper, I will receive some strokes of cane to remind me that I owe the school some money, this continued till the day of our last paper, the principal of our school brought out everybody that was owing the school and sent them home but when he got to me, he said that the reason why he is letting me stay is because he heard that I am intelligent, I was happy even though I still got some strokes of cane, I took the exam and that was the end of JSS section for me. I went to stay with aunty Nwamaka at Onitsha for the holiday.. she was my mother’s immediate elder sister..she wanted to take care of my upbringing, she loved me as the only boy that answers her family surname, her husband was wealthy until she became ill and then things started getting hard for their family, their family was the praying type, one morning we were in the sitting room for our morning devotion, aunt Nwamaka was very sick, I closed my eyes and I saw her in a burial bed dressed like a dead person, she was already dead in the spirit, when I opened my eyes I saw her sitting down, few weeks after this revelation, my aunty died in the hospital. I was in Onitsha when the new academic session began, aunty Nwamaka’s husband asked me to stay back, he wanted to enroll me into a secondary school there but the money involved was too much so having heard that the tenants in our compound paid some huge money, he asked for some of them so that he could enroll me easily, this money was paid to my mother’s eldest sister but when he asked her of money, she said that there was no money left.. how come? When I was staying at the house of my mother’s friend, things got out of hand and her daughter told me to go to my family’s half built home and stay since I don’t like the way the were treating me, I went to my mother and asked her why those people that occupies our family compound did not build a house for us as they agreed they would, she said that they did not just do so, I suggested that they should be sent off and it was done. A new set of people came through my mother’s eldest sister so they paid the money to her, this money was to be used in building two rooms at our compound but they just ended it at one uncompleted room, “no plaster, no window, no door” and then told us that the money has been exhausted. My mother got angry and reported the case to our kinsmen, we all were summoned but my mother’s sister did not come, there was nothing my mother could do so she just went back to the church. This was the money aunt Nwamaka’s husband was asking of so as to be able to enroll me in school, I went to my mother’s sister and pleaded with her to help me but she said that she had no money, I told aunt Nwamaka’s husband to allow me go back to my school and continue and he did. I came back to Igwebuike grammar school when the term was nearly half, then our school was merged with another government school so we had huge number of new students, our classes were extended to L, there were no extra classrooms for students starting from G to L so we were allowed to stay in other classes as tenants, I was a K student in C, thereby making me a
  8. 8. tenant in the school I was first class, this got into my head and all the zeal I had for academic excellence exhausted, I became stubborn, I don’t attend classes any more and I don’t care what anybody thinks about that, after all who is paying my school fees? Nobody! The only hope I had was that no matter how bad my academics turn out to be in that school, I can still go to another school for my SSCE exams. The new students in our school formed a group, they called themselves “uptown squad” they will gang up and beat you up mercilessly if you mess with any of their group, most students dreaded their style but I was one man show, I did not believe in squad and I did not give anybody any chance to intimidate me, this made me stand out. One day we were taking physics lesson in class, the teacher (corper) was explaining what she wrote on the black board while I was busy copying another subjects note that I borrowed from another student, she walked up to my desk and asked to see what I was writing, when I showed her, she got very angry and started flogging me, I closed the book and placed it inside my locker and brought out my physics note book, she came back she started flogging me again, she felt that I was still doing what she asked me to stop because I bought the same color of book for all the subjects, I tried to explain to her but she did not want to listen to anything I want to say, the uptown boys outside our class started gingering me and then I pushed her off my desk and jumped out through the window, she left the class in anger and in about ten minutes time, our block was filled with corpers, art master, French master and our principal, these were the toughest teachers in our school and I cannot stand their punishment, I ran and jumped through the school fence and that was it, for one week, I did not cross our school gate. During my exile from school, there was this musician in our village, we came from the same clan so I begged him to allow me follow him each time he had music shows so as to earn a living from there and he agreed, I started following him, he became my boss, I go to his house and I run errands for him. During his musical shows, my work was to pick money that was sprayed on him while he was performing, after the show he gave me half of what he gave his players and I was not happy about it so I started hiding some of the money I pick so as to have enough money afterwards. I did this for along time and it paid very well, one day I wanted to hide some money and another player saw me, I promised to give him part of the money if he keeps quite and he did, after the show I wanted to play a fast one on him, I told him that another person saw me so I had to drop the money back but he did not believe me, this caused trouble and he told the group what happened, for this I was excommunicated. CHAPTER FOUR With no means of livelihood, I resorted to treasure hunting, this I survived on. There was this boy in my street, he does not like me and I don’t like him either, we always see reason to fight each other, this time around a girl moved into our street, she was staying with her aunt,
  9. 9. Uchenna asked the girl out and she did not agree to date him, I asked her out and we started dating, this got Uche very angry. Uche joined a secret cult, he became friends with Obiora , a member of the same cult and he happens to be friends with Oluchi, I had a small problem with Oluchi so she started flirting with Obiora just to get me jealous, he would come to my street in the company of Oluchi and Uche, this kept happening and I got tired of that and decided to make up with my girlfriend. Obiora and another boy were in company of Oluchi when I called her and told her that I do not wish to see her with those boys any more, Obiora heard me say this to her sohe came to prove how tough he is to Oluchi, I just took a bottle and busted it on his head and he ran. Obiora told Uchenna and the next day they came to fight me, I was sitting at a restaurant in my street when they came to call me, they were three in number, they brought another boy with them, when I saw Uchenna in their midst, I knew that it was trouble so I got ready, they asked me to follow them to a dark path and I told them that I rather discuss with them where I stand or they should forget whatever it was they wanted to discuss with me, this got Uche angry and he slapped me, just then I slapped him and this time my own slap was harder than his so we started fighting, the two other boys were attacking me from the back while I dealt with Uche who was already on the ground, people came and separated us. The next day, I was passing through Uchenna’s compound when he came out and attacked me with a stick, he managed to hit me two to three times before I held the stick and we started dragging it, the fight was put to an end by passersby, I was telling the people that asked me what happened when I saw Uchenna walk out of their compound, I rushed him, I wanted to chew him alive but he had a kitchen knife that was hidden under his pants, he made to slit my throat with that and I dodged and ran, there was crowd everywhere, luckily for me Nonso and his friend came by, he was the junior brother of my mother’s friend, he asked me what happened and after telling him, he entered Uchenna’s compound and started beating up everybody they saw inside the compound, now I became the boss, everybody was pleading with me to tell them to stop, Uchenna had disappeared so I told them that the guy has ran away, they gave me their phone number and asked me to call them whenever I see the boy and left. Everybody felt that I have joined a cult group because of the way they fought for me, Uchenna told his mother and she called police but I ran away. I went uptown to hunt treasures and luck ran out on me so I was caught and they beat me mercilessly but I managed to escape with a severe wound on my face, at night again I left for my treasure hunting and I was caught again, I was tied to a pole and they started dragging what they are to do with me, some said that I should be sent to the police while others said that I should be flogged in public in the morning, this caused a problem between them and some left, I was now given the chance so I struggled and loosed myself and ran away, I forgot that I had a wound on my face and I passed through that same street I was caught, to me, I felt that they
  10. 10. will not recognize me, one of them did and I was apprehended and flogged that morning as they had initially planned and then they let me go. When my mother heard this, she sent me to Abuja to stay with her junior sister, I spent four months in Abuja doing nothing, I did not go to school and I did not work, all I do is sit at home, eat, take the kids to school, watch movies, eat again and sleep, these to me was not the kind of life I wanted so during Christmas I told my aunt that I am going and she let me go, I came home and hustling began again. I learnt how to play local drums at the church where I grew up so one night I attended a wake keeping service, there was a band group performing, they brought konga with them and nobody was playing it for them so I offered to play it and they allowed me, I played it very and the leader of the group collected my phone number, he started calling me anything they had music shows, I will go and play for them, after which they pay me 3000naira, this now became my source of income. I went back to school but school was tough for me because I had to combine schooling and hustling, I did not wish to stop school entirely, school for me was more like fun because I hang out with bad guys that don’t enter class, I roll with uptown guys now. Instead of a school shirt, I wear a T shirt and black cap, I was going home with my friends from school when somebody stood in front of me and removed my cap, it was Ifeoma Kalu, she was my classmate in primary school, she told me that she does not like my choice of friends and that I should dress well to school, I told her that I have heard and we went our different ways, the next day she repeated the same act and this made me believe that she likes me, she is pretty and intelligent and if she can like me.. all I need do is return it and then I started thinking about that. On their school inter house competition, I decided to go, just for one reason “Ifeoma Kalu”, I don’t fancy outings but because of the girl I know I had to go, I bought new clothes for this occasion. That day, I was just looking for her and then I saw her, we strolled from their school till we got to their house, I knew that I was supposed to tell her something but I didn’t just know what it was so I did not say what she expected me to say, I told her that I will love to see her next time and she told me when to and I left. I wanted to think about how I am going to start, she was the first girl I ever got close to and I liked her so much so I needed to package myself very well so that I will not screw things up. The day we scheduled for came, it was Monday, I went to her school gate and waited for her till the school dismissed, we went to a restaurant near her school and I still could not say anything to her, her beauty overwhelmed me, all those while I was sitting with her I was very nervous, after saying irrelevant things, we decided to go home. I went home and I wrote everything about me, my personal details, the things that I liked and the next day I went to her, I gave her the sheet of paper and I left, I was genuinely in love with this girl and I did not just know how to express it, every evening, I accompany her to her lesson center, some times we strolled to my friends place, I was so proud of having her as a girlfriend . One day I came to her lesson center as usual and she asked me if she actually said yes to my proposal.. I was confused at that question because I could not remember when I proposed anything to her, she told me that she would not want to be friends
  11. 11. with me anymore, she also told me that she has a boyfriend, I was heart broken, I did not know what I was supposed to say so I just left. The next day, I was in my uncompleted room when someone knocked at my zinc door, when I opened the door, it was Ifeoma Kalu, I asked her what she wants from me and she just started crying, the tears shattered me and I started consoling her but I was too ashamed of where I live so I suggested that I walk her back to her place, on our way I asked her how she got my house address and she told me that it was from the sheet I gave her.. she actually read it. The next day I went to her school and she told me again that she do not wish to be friends with me any more and that she is serious about it this time… I asked her why and she said that I am not a man and left… I got confused.. what made her say that? I could not tell, I asked my friend what could make a girl say such to a guy.. I offered to buy her a phone and she refused, I had also offered money and she refused so what else? My friend asked me if I have had sex with her and I said no and he said that was the reason why she said that.. oh my God! I have never had sex before but Ifeoma did not give me the chance to prove to her that I am a man. I did everything to win her back but her mind has been made up.. she has a man now, I felt that it was because of where I live so I wrote letters to her to explain my family’s condition and she ignored all. One evening, I waited for her along the road she usually takes while attending lesson, when she came across, I asked her why she does not want to talk to me any more and she said that she heard that I am a cultist and that I am the notorious Speed in my school, she would not want to have anything to do with somebody like me but she was wrong, I was not a cultist and yes.. “I am Speed”.. this was the name I got when I returned from exile after pushing my teacher, I came back with a new school uniform, I dressed like a good student this time, the same teacher I pushed came to our class and started ranting about the student that pushed her, she swore that she was going to deal with the boy but she could not recognize me any more even when I was sitting in front of her, I stood up and I promised her that any day the boy comes to school, I will report to her and she felt happy, when she left, the whole class started laughing and my friend called me that name Speed. Ifeoma said that unless I denounce the cult and stop answering Speed, she won’t be friends with me anymore, I promised her that I will.. I mean what else am I supposed to do? Meanwhile I was battling with hunger at home, one night I took my flask and went to steal food at a restaurant in my street, I went there around 10:30pm, thinking that they have gone home but when I got there they were still there so I left and came back around 12am, I broke into the restaurant and stole food, that night I ate to my fill. Very early in the morning, I knocked on my door and when I opened, it was the owner of the restaurant I broke into with some other guys, they said that I should follow them to the shop but I refused, they started dragging me, one of
  12. 12. the guy started cutting my head with the kitchen knife in my room but it did not penetrate until he cut my shoulder, when I saw blood, I had to follow them.. I had no other choice, when we got to the place, they asked me why I broke into the shop and I told them that it was hunger and after the long talk, they let me go. Few days after this incident, I went to see Ifeoma Kalu, I told her that I had denounced the cult and that the injury on my shoulder will testify to that but it still did not make her change her mind so I decided to show her that rugged part of me that I have been trying to conceal, I got hold of her bag so that she will not go any where but she left the bag with me. I took the bag thinking that she will have to come and look for me but she reported me to her lesson master instead, after the lesson, all of them came for me, I was coming to meet her when I saw the crowd and I ran, they caught up with me and i returned the bag , that was how my relationship with Ifeoma Kalu ended for good “but her memory will remain inviolable in my soul… I have always told her this and she believes me although she say that she does not”. CHAPTER FIVE Everybody was now talking about WAEC and where they are going to take the exam, I went to my mother and she told me that she cannot afford the money for the exam, I became worried, “how can I spend all these years in school only to fall out because there was no money for my SSCE exam”, I stopped school entirely and started hustling full time so I can save money for my SSCE exam, I started following a man that owns a 911 lorry which he uses to distribute firewood.. he will have the big trees inside the forests felled and our work was to load them into the 911 lorry at the end of which we will be paid 1000 or 600 as the case may be, I had no strength for hard jobs so I did not go all the time and then I started sleeping at the church because that’s where we take off to work. Christian and others were strong for the work so they did the work regularly, Christian opened an account where he will be saving his money, he applied for his ATM card and it was given to him, Christian is not an intelligent person so he did not change the default pin at the bank before bringing it home, the slip where the pin was written was with him, he kept it in his bag, I saw the slip and I planned on how to use the Atm card and withdraw his money, that night I did not sleep at the church and when it was mid night.. I came to the church and I sneaked in, took the card and went straight to the bank and withdrew all the money in his account, he saved 8000, unknown to me, he had his bank sms alert activated and when I took the money, an alert was sent to his phone, this must have caused great panic and everybody was looking for the person that took the atm card, I came back to the church and made to drop the card and then some one saw me and alerted everybody, I was apprehended and they beat me mercilessly, my mother also took part in the beating.. she felt so disappointed.
  13. 13. In the morning I was in chains, my mother called my uncle and he came to the church, he asked me why I did that and I told him that I needed money for my SSCE exam since my mother said that she does not have money, this made him pay for my SSCE exam that was to take place the coming year. Before the SSCE examination, I was living alone at my family house, I had managed to make it look like a sane person’s home, I begged my aunt’s husband to help me with his old abandoned door and louvers and he did, I even provided electricity for the room, for my mantes I was a big boy, there was a friend of mine who came and wanted to live with me and I agreed, I was lonely and need company, we were more like brothers, we do everything together and were fond of each other but Chinonso was a cultist. One day we went to a lesson centre, some group of cult boys came to look for another boy and this boy was a friend to Chinonso, when they met him they wanted to collect his phone but the boy was fast enough to pass the phone to Chinonso so they came after Chinonso but he was such a rugged and stubborn cultist, he refused to allow those boys intimidate him, he ran outside and called his own group on phone, his group came and the other guys called their head, when their head came, he heard what happened and he told them they were looking for trouble and left. In the evening, Chinonso went and brought a locally made gun, he kept it at home incase those boys chose to come to the house. Around 9pm, the leader of the other cult group came to our place and by this time Chinonso has slept, I was the person awake, when he knocked, I looked through the window and I saw him, I took the gun and pointed it at his face when i opened the door, I asked him why he had to come to my house in search of another guy, he said that he came for peace so I woke Chinonso and they did their peace talk. The next day he came again, this time he came looking for me, he said that he wanted to be friends with me and I agreed. Chinonso’s cult group had another misunderstanding so they came to my house to look for him, when they saw him they just took everything they saw on him, I ran to them when I noticed that they took my phone as well, they gave me my phone and Chinonso became angry as to why I did not collect the whole phone.. he told his group what happened and they advised him that staying with me is dangerous so he decided to leave. Funny dude! Onyeka, the cult guy I met through Chinonso’s trouble was always coming to my house now, most times with his girlfriend. There was this cult group I admired from afar, they were Junior Vikings confraternity but I was too scared of the initiation through torture because it sounded so terrible when I heard of what one has to pass through, there was this boy that came just came back from Port Harcourt, he was a member of the group and he knew their orientations very well, I approached him and I told him that I am part of them but that i don’t have orientation and is badly in need of that, he believed and decided to teach me the norms and ethics of the group, he felt happy that he has
  14. 14. a loyalist like me, I grabbed the orientations and one day I approached the group’s gathering and ruggedly identified myself as a junior Viking, but most of them did not believe because they see me in company of Onyeka, they took me to the bush, Inside the bush, they beat me thoroughly to confirm my claim and I maintained that I am part of the group even though it felt like the initiation torture, they believed and I started sailing with them.. in no distant time.. I became a dreaded cultist in my street. CHAPTER SIX I was friends with Onyeka, I liked him and I liked his girlfriend too, she will come to my house, clean everywhere and wash all my dirty clothes. My mother called me to spread the news she got, Chinenye’s elder sister was her school daughter during their secondary school days, she had called her to inform her that I have gotten her junior sister pregnant, the lady was married to man from my village and they live in my street, most times when Chinenye come to see Onyeka at my place, her sister thought that I was the one she was coming to see, this was how myself and Onyeka got to know that Chinenye was pregnant, she did not tell anybody.. she could not believe that she was pregnant until it was obvious, we went to Chinenye and she confirmed the news, when my mother called me she sounded happy, it was like a prayer answered so I did not tell her that I was not responsible, I told Onyeka how my mother felt about the pregnancy and he begged me to please maintain that I was responsible for the pregnancy, his mother will chase him away from the house if she hears such news, he had caused enough trouble at home already and I agreed, I was lonely and need family . chinenye’s father threw her out of the house and she came to stay with her elder sister but her sister stay in one room apartment with her husband so there was no way she can stay there so she came to my house, for the first time I had sex with her. The new spread that I had gotten a girl pregnant, everybody was disappointed but my family was not, they had always wanted another child so they backed me up. Chinenye’s father said that I should come and pay her dowry, by now Onyeka has ran to Lagos thinking that I will tell the truth.. I felt so disappointed. When he heard the news that I was to pay Chinenye’s dowry the coming week, he sent his friends to come and dissuade Chinenye from being my wife.. they said incredible things to her and she told me…. The upper week I paid Chinenye’s dowry she became my wife and the unborn baby.. my baby. Chinenye went to stay with my mother at the church and I travelled to Edo state to write my SSCE exam. One evening, my mother called to inform me that my biological father came looking for me.. hmmm… I did not believe what I heard but my mother is not the type that say things just for joke sake.. she had never said anything about my father to me before. A man called me after my mother hung up and said that his name is Sunny… I asked him who the Sunny is and he said that he is my father… I just told him to get lost and hung up, the father I know has died.. he
  15. 15. called again and said a lot of things, he convinced me of his sincerity and we agreed to meet.. he was to come to Edo state. The next day he called to inform me that he is on his way to Edo state, I felt happy and at the same time I felt angry, I felt happy because now I am going to stop being a bastard, I am going to know my father and I felt angry as to why he has to abandon me, it was a question I wanted to ask him face to face. Through out the moment he said he was coming, I was so anxious to meet this man, I wanted to know what he looked like, I stood outside my lodge, a lot of things came to my mind, I thought of how I am gong to confront him, I recited the words I planned to use on him, I suspected every man that entered the street, a black vehicle drove up to where I was standing and stopped in front of me and the driver came down, he introduced himself as Sunny.. my father, I entered the vehicle and we drove to a nearby restaurant, he bought food and I refused to eat even when I was so hungry at that moment, I asked him why he abandoned me and he said that he was denied access because of my mother’s tradition so he left in anger, I asked him why he chose to come now and he said that he cannot abandon his first child, he told me that he was told of my marriage and wanted to know why I got married, I told him that the girl got pregnant and I did not want to abandon my child like he abandoned me, he apologized and promised to be there for me starting from that moment. He dropped me in front of my lodge and gave me some money and then left. After my examination, I came back home and I started working at a newly opened car wash, I made money from the job and I was taking care of my wife and unborn child, I became a man by force, nothing mattered to me anymore but work, I had to be up and doing for the task at hand and hustling paid well. I was still an active junior Viking.. a rugged junior Viking. Everybody testified that I was truly taking care of my family. Chinenye gave birth to a baby girl, I was happy for the child, she was dear to my heart, she was indeed my first child.. I called her Chikamso. My mother took care of Chikamso while I took care of Chinenye, she never got bothered by Chikamso because my mother was always there for the girl, if office pay very well, I will go straight to the market and buy a complete set of clothing for my wife, with the help of her father, I opened a telecommunication business for her, I had a friend, a boy, he was an hair stylist.. I made sure that he always took care of Chinenye’s hair problem. Chinenye does not breastfeed my baby because of some health problem that has to do with her breast, all she got to do was take care of the baby’s dirty cloths and then cook, so she started seeing friends. One day I came back from work and asked Chinenye of the money her father promised to give us, she said she can only give me half of the money and I agreed then she went to bring the money, while taking the money from where she hid it(under the rug) she realized that I was standing at her back… I wanted to collect the whole money but instead of protecting the money, she started protecting a piece of paper beside the money, I wondered why she will fore go the almighty money and protect a piece of paper.. hmmm.. this must be a very interesting stuff so I asked her what the content was and she said nothing.. i
  16. 16. thought it was money so I told her to bring the paper and she refused, I had to drag the paper with her and when I got it, I saw that it was a letter from her lover( a girl lover).. hmm.. so you are into lesbianism? It was the same girl she introduced as her school daughter, I threatened to tell everybody and she pleaded and promised to end the stupid relationship and I let the matter go. CHAPTER SEVEN I was ruggedly sailing junior Vikings ship, the sea became rough and strong hands were called to plan the way forward, I was among those called for this task so I went to answer, we were inside ice when I asked if their was an intel man outside and the navigator said no, I offered to run the intel myself, I took the local made dvc that was on the ground and started going out, on the way I saw a black grown up man entering our Iceland and I asked him who he was in Vikings language but he did not respond so I raised the gun with me and wanted to point it at his face and the man brought out an already corked English pistol and shot straight at me, he was a police man, he missed and then I ran, I threw the gun with me away and ran as far as my legs could carry me, my fellow members heard the gun shot and they know it was a police gun so they all ran, I had nearly escaped when another shot came through my back, I fell to the ground and the bullet hit the plantain tree in front of me and it fell on top of me, these police men wanted to kill me but I was lucky, he ran up to me and held me, they beat me up for about one hour inside the school I ran into this moment, the first police man that confronted us while inside the bush was busy searching for that gun I threw away, he wasted time and when he came out he was so disappointed at himself, he had missed the gun because it was almost night. They took me to the police station and there they beat me the more, they told me to sign an already written statement and I told them that I can write my statement, they wanted to implicate me, when I refused to sign it they beat me up the more at the end they gave me my phone and I called my mother, all I could tell her was that I am in the police station. My mother came to the station and she was so disappointed when she heard what I did, she just started crying, I wrote my statement and on my statement I did not agree that I had touched a real gun in my life, they put me in the cell and my mother left. Inside the police cell, I accepted my fate and was enjoying the tales inmates tell, there were a lot of people in side at that time, this was December period, there was a man who was in for raping a nine years old girl.. an old man.. but he did not marry for reasons known to him alone, he had no money and that alone can lead a man to many things there were other people who were in for not doing a particular thing, there were buglers and suspected kidnappers and cultists like me, I was in the police cell on the 25th of that very December, my wife brings food for me, she told me that people were trying to help so I held on.
  17. 17. On 26th December, for this very December, I bought a new set of clothing for my wife, my daughter and myself, we were to attend the festival of a neighboring village, that day my wife did not bring food for me. The next day my mother came by herself and told me what happened. My father came, saw our door wide open but did not see anybody inside so he called my mother who was at the church at that time, they all ran to the church when I was arrested, he told her what he observed so she rushed home, when she got home, she saw Chinenye fully dressed, she was asking her where she was going when she sighted Onyeka, the fool that got her pregnant and ran to Lagos, he came back and they wanted to go out, fro that reason Chinenye forgot or probably dumped the idea of bringing food to me. Interesting! I asked my mother why my father did not come… “ he said that he will not father a cultist” interesting.. I guess the man saw too much work to be done and ran for his dear life. The next day, I was called out and I was told to denounce cultism and I did and then I was sent home with my mother. I lost friends when I came out, I went to my ex boss to ask of my salary, he had sacked me a day before I was arrested, he introduced me to a man who was recruiting people for a government job, it was a week job, we were to go to villages and ask people questions as directed from a questionnaire and then write down their response, the pay was good. During the period I was doing this job, my friend (Amala) kept telling me of how Onyeka come to my house and his escapades with my wife but I kept quite, I needed proof before I confront him, this day I forgot some questionnaires at home and I came back to collect them, when I got to my house, I saw Onyeka’s sandal on my door mat with my wife’s beside it and the door was locked, I knocked… they must have seen me, they did not respond.. I wanted to play this game with them so I did not say anything and I left. Meanwhile I had a friend I was calling on phone before I was arrested, we had plans for Christmas, when I came out I started calling her like mad, I was open with the relationship now, I rounded up with my job and I was paid, I gave my mother 5000 for my baby, I called Sandy and she gave me her address and the next day I went there, when I got to the place I saw her, she liked me, I slept at her place and the next day I came back. Last two years, I went to spend a night at my mother’s maternal home, that place was my second home, I sleep at my cousin’s room, there was some other guy that sleeps in the room with him, he lives with his parents in the compound, this particular night I had appointment, it was when Ifeoma Kalu was still my head ache, I pleaded with her to allow me call at night and she agreed, when it was time, I dialed her number and her line was switched off.. she switched off her phone intentionally.. the disappointment made me sleepless, I tried to call other friends of mine but some of them were either busy or will not pick at all, I took the guys phone and started searching it, I went to his inbox and I saw the message that Sandy sent to him, it was
  18. 18. months back, I checked his call log and I did not see any sign that these people were still friends so I concluded that she might be his ex, I took the number and I called it, she picked the call and this girl had a very sexy voice, I called her by her name confidently and she was curious to know who I was and how I got her number, I just told her the truth.. I told her that I stole her number from a friends phone, she enjoys night calls so she agreed to be friends with me and from there I started calling her all the time. It was later I heard that Henry has been calling her, he got the number from her cousin, she was far away in the north, at some point Henry got tired of calling her and passed the number to Victor, he called and got tired as well and passed the number to Emma, he was the active caller when I came in contact with the number. The phone relationship really got to me, others called her at night only but I called her mostly during day time, she believed that I love her but I was not capable of loving anyone again, not after the experience I had with Ifeoma Kalu. “All my life.. I had always been frank with everything I do.. I do not wish to be reputed as a jolly good fellow.. only to be refuted when gotten close to”. When I came home I told my cousin and he told every other person that has called the girl but they did not believe so the next day, I went back to Sandy’s place and brought her to my town, everybody echoed that I am the man. I took Sandy to my house and introduced her to my wife and my mother, I did that so that Chinenye will understand that I had a girlfriend before I decided to help her out by marrying her, that day was on Friday, we went to club and slept at the hotel and the next day Sandy went home. When I came back to the house later in the evening, I was told that my wife left the house since morning and nobody has seen her since then, I tried her number and it was not going through, my baby was in the custody of my mother and that was all I was bothered about, the fact that Chinenye does not breast feed my baby made her worthless to me.. she can go and die. My mother noticed that I am not bothered and called my attention, she said that if anything happen to her that I will be held responsible, for that reason, I started looking for her, I called Onyeka and we started looking for her together, her number started going through, I asked her where she was and she said that she does not know. My mother suggested that I pet her but I could not do that, I called her the next day and instead of listening to the trash she was telling me, I was listening to the background, I wanted to know if I could locate where she was from the sound I will hear from there then I heard Emelda’s voice, she was Chinenye’s friend who liked what I did to save her from humiliation, I herad her tell Chinenye to tell me where she was but she refused so I concluded that she went to Emelda’s house, I called Onyeka and we went to the place, we met them on the way, they were four of them and then I saw Chinaza among them, she was Chinenye’s friend and I had asked her earlier if she knew of Chinenye’s where about and she said that she does not know.. she was the devil that lured my wife away, out of annoyance I attacked her, I gave her up to six hot slap, Onyeka came to hold me and Emelda shunned him, the way Emelda shunned him got him angry and he wanted to scold her for that, just then Emelda spilled the oil.. it was Onyeka who took Chinye to Ifite, all these while we were looking for her, I looked at
  19. 19. this youg man and I was confused, I asked him why he did that kind of thing to me and he said that he is still in love with the girl, “you are in love with her and you could not be responsible for your actions?” I just turned and me “this will suggest an existence all the more cruel for being totally capricious, a world in which rewards and punishments seemed to follow no recognizable pattern and since it is impossible to tell an enemy from friend, it was safer to regard all people as enemies to be cajoled, intimidated, manipulated and out mitted”, I regretted looking for her in the first place when I got home I told my mother what happened, I also told her that I was not responsible for the pregnancy in the first place. My mother got angry with me and when Chinenye later came home with her friends, my mother brought out her bag and told her to go back to her parents, I had pity on her and started begging on her behalf but I was told the implications of her act so she went home. During those days she went home, we expected to see her parents but they did not come, I felt that she has ran away with her lover, (whoever it might be) so I went to their house and just like I thought, she did not tell them, I told the father myself, I even told him that I was not responsible for the pregnancy.. but what has happened has happened besides I willingly chose to, the father came to our house and we settled so she came home but this time around it was a different me, I was jobless and it did not bother me, after all she admitted that she was in love with another, most times I see reasons to beat her up mercilessly. My aunt has problem with her husband so she came back home, I did not like the idea. We had no privacy any more and they were not bothered about having a house at their father’s compound until I hustled for it but there was nothing I could do about it, it was their father’s compound. One day I was beating Chinenye when she came to interfere and I shouted at her , asking her to back off, the way I shouted at her really annoyed her so she started abusing me, then she said “after all, this is not your father’s compound”, I told her that her so called father was a useless man who could not provide shelter for his children, when my mother came back, she complained to her that I insulted her, my mother warned me not try that and I told her what her sister said to me, she aid that it does not matter what she said.. this stung me like a bee and I told her that I will not enter that compound again, I took my bag and I went to my friends place, I had always wanted to leave that house, I hate the fact that I live under the same roof with Chinenye. CHAPTER EIGHT I started sailing junior Vikings ship full time, I forgot that I was married. my close friend became the navigator of our deck, I was among his close cartel, he handed over the ship to another junior Viking who was from uptown, this present navigator drove treasures from a decant so the guy organized a crew and mutinied him, the guy that mutinied him was a mall boy most of us witnessed his initiation, I mean “I follow match the guy for bush” there was an agreement,
  20. 20. the navigating was supposed to be turn by turn but since they decided to go against the agreement, I for one will not sit back and watch, I organized a cartel that was made up of rugged mates, “it’s our turn to navigate the ship and we have to go for it”. White was supposed to navigate the ship so we planned mutiny, I was on top of the whole arrangement. White was to call the boy and go to where ever they are, then call us on phone, White left, we waited for his call but we did not see it so I called him myself, he will pick the call and tell me “wait! wait!”, I called him again and he told me that he was promised the anchor man so for that reason he decided to relax, “a selfish act”, he forgot that he was not the one that gingered the movement.. I did, I asked him where they were and with my command, we all entered bike and started going there, “we were ready to die if it gets to that”, we were not to be trifled with like that and White has to pay for that. When we got to the street that will lead to where they were, a senior Viking saw us and suspected our movement, he made to stop us and then the navigator was alerted because by now we were in a go to hell mood, he ran away and this got me very angry, I took a bottle at one corner and busted the head of that senior Viking, there was commotion every where and we all left, I went into hiding, thinking that senior Vikings will come looking for me but they did not come. All these activities got to me and I forgot about my baby girl, on 6th February I got a call from Nkechi who accused me of finally achieving what I wanted and hung up, I called her back and she told me that my baby Chikamso is dead, this cannot be true, I thought it was a ploy to get me back home but then I remembered who called me, Nkechi cannot say that if it did not happen, she has lost a baby before so I rushed home, on getting home our door was wide open, I saw neither Chinenye nor Chikamso so I went to Nkechi’s house, there I saw Chinenye crying and Chikamso in Nkechi’s arm “ dead” I took the baby from her, I cried.. “so this is it? So I hustled all thes while so you my baby will later die, what could have killed my baby?” Chinenye said that she woke up fro sleep crying then she went to cuddle her and then she fell asleep again but this time she slept lifelessly, she suspected that something is wrong so she took the baby to Nkechi’s house since my mother went to the market,. “How can Chikamso die like that, she was not sick, mum took care of her.. or is it witchcraft? If so, then this witch must be around monitoring our movement and then struck when my mother was not at home, my mother will never leave Chikamso if she is sick so Chikamso was hale and hearty and that’s why mum left her in the care of Chinenye”, I thought a lot, “Chikamso was what i had to show for being a man, is it God that took her but how can God let her come into the world, place her in my care, turned me into a married man made me work like a slave only to come and snatch her away like that.. hmmm.. this must some god!” After the burial which took place that same day, I told Chinenye to leave my house, she felt relieved, she did not ask why, it was what she always wanted and I felt it deep down in my
  21. 21. heart that Chinenye killed my baby so that she could be free, besides a nurse that examined the baby confirmed that she did not die a natural death, her life was snatched from her. CHAPTER NINE My uncle works as a hotel manager so he got a job for me in a new hotel at a nearby town, it was a guest house with twenty one rooms, there I worked as a porter, all of us(staff) came from the same place except the manager, he came from Lagos, he was offered to manage the hotel and he agreed thinking that it was a big hotel, to his disappointment, it was just a guest house in a small town in one of the local government in Nnewi, he tried to work with us but could not, we don’t normally have customers and we don’t sell alcohol from which we might be covering from, another reason is that he cannot accept to be paid 20,000, it was too poor for his academic level so he left but for people like James and myself, we were comfortable as long as they pay us and on time too. Just like Tony suspected our salary was paid on the second week of the new month, this was a sign. Now we were without manager and Ifeoma became our manager, she was previously our supervisor. Ifeoma announced that we will now be paid 10,000 instead of the 15,000 we were initially told, she said that anybody that is not comfortable is free to leave. James and myself took this in good fate, we were young guys that were just trying to be occupied , some left but we stayed back. offices were reshuffled, I was sent to the laundry department, we stopped receiving lunch.. “instruction from oga” life became hardcore, James and myself decided to hit the street, we decided to make friends so that we can at least eat James was older than me and he had more knowledge, I was simply intelligent and bold, full of guts, James was comfortable with his choice of friends(females) but mine always gave me problem, I even spend the little money I had just to be a man. Meanwhile I noticed that Ifeoma and her sister were comfortable but were always taking decisions that will make us uncomfortable, she wanted us to leave so that she will employ people from that village, those that will be seeing her as a god since we all know her well now, she said that we are not to entertain visitors anymore which we ignored, somebody like me was like “ taah! see Ifeoma wey we follow make oga dey form at the top for us”. One day I had a visitor all the way from home, this was a girl I have been friends with since 2008, she has been staying away from me because of my marriage to Chinenye and now she heard that the marriage has crashed, she decided to shower me with love, I was in the room with her when I heard a knock, this was the first time she tended to make love to me, we were kissing when the knock came, it was Ifeoma, she said that chief wanted to know who was in the room with me, I was surprised, “who told him?” He was not there when the girl came.. ahaah! It was Ifeoma that told her. That day the girl left in anger because the so called chief rained abuses on her, he even threatened to sack me but for the intervention of James and others he let me be.
  22. 22. I decided to pay Ifeoma in her own coin, she unlike the rest of us was not bothered about anything, after all she is the manager and also the accountant now, the whole money we make is in her possession, she did not care about anyone else aside her sister, we were all bothered about the change in her character, James and others decided that they will leave at the end of the month, Ifeoma had announced that we will now be paid 6,000, why? “Lack of fund” she said.. hmmm. But I already found a way of taking part of the national cake since I know that we will all leave the work soon for the villagers as Ifeoma wanted, she wanted to employ those that can receive 5,000 as salary, I trace every of Ifeoma’s move, I wanted to know where she keeps the money that was accounted to her, I found out, she keeps the money in one of the guestrooms, she is not good at carrying keys so I always monitored the misplacement of the keys, anytime she loose guards the key, I will smartly pick and rush to the room and take any amount I needed for the moment, the first time I took 500, I had expected some kind of interrogation but none came, how come?, does it mean that she did not notice? The next time I got a chance I took 1,000, I did not hear her complain so I started taking big cash, sometime 2,000 or 3,000 as the spirit directs. James noticed that I am living large in fact everybody started wondering where I get money from, some felt that I was stealing money from somewhere but where could that be? Ifeoma had never complained about loosing money and nobody complained too. Our salary was paid, everybody was now being very careful because nobody knows who is who… ifeoma’s sister has been caught trying to steal from another staff and myself living large from an unknown source. I told James about my source of income, he was so sad about the way things were going and he said that he wants to be part of it but I never believed in two can play so I played dumb, having told him how I make my money, I expected him to make an attempt but he said he rather watch while I do the stealing.. haha! Smart guy! My response to that was “ no wahala” from thenceforth I became so decretive, each time I see an opportunity, I will do it alone and if he sees one, I will let it slip. I saw Jenifer entering room 101, from her movement I noticed that she does not want anybody to see her so I followed, but she saw me so I just passed, I later came back and took the key to the room and I saw the money she kept inside the fridge.. I took the money. When she started looking for the money, she suspected just me, on the ground that I was the one that saw her entering the room.. rubbish!, she had no proof so she let the matter go. When James came back, he asked me why I took Jenifer’s money.. “what did you just say?” James told me that Jenifer told him that I stole her money, I have been telling James of how rugged I have sailed Viking ship now I got the chance to prove that to him.. “I thought”.. I went to the kitchen to ask Jenifer why she said that and she wanted to run her mouth, just then I gave a very hot slap and she slapped back.. then I gave her few blows, James stopped the fight. We were called into the restaurant so they will know what happened when on entering the door, Jenifer attacked me, she saw her face on the mirror and she wanted to die on me, I nimbly dodged her blow and then I gave her few more blows. Chief was called and the next day I was given a suspension letter, I did not really bother,
  23. 23. I will just take some days off, I needed it besides James has left, Jenifer was to go the next day, “they will need to call me back”.. I thought. CHAPTER TEN I got home and I noticed that my friend (Amala) was not okay, she looked pale and tiny, that was not the plump and vibrant Amala that I know, it was after she told me her ordeal that I understood what was wrong with her. Amala was working as a sales girl in our town market, she was working for a woman that parks her vehicle in our compound, my mother was her guarantor when she applied for the job and the woman accepted her because of the parking favor we did her. Amala was always taking her money on daily basis, she will jump two lines in her accounting book and her madam did not notice that, she never suspected any funny move because she was smart and hardworking. They always do their general accounting at the end of the month, that day they will check everything, the cash in the book, cash at hand and the stock left, she always notice that the account is not correct but Amala does a proper account so “where is this shortage coming from?” Just like the saying “everyday for the thief and one day for the owner” Amala’s madam called her and asked her why she was stealing her money, Amala was shocked and tried to deny but the evidence was in the account booklet, Amala saw that she had lost this one, she was not smart enough this time so she agreed, the total money she stole was calculated and it amounted to 700,000, Amala will add other items on the checked account, this was why she leaves two lines were she squeeze in items she wants to steal the money which was either a bag of rice or beans then she will either add tail or hand to the already marked section, this way madam did notice the missing items. The woman started suspecting her because she now looked too rich for someone that is being paid 4,000 as salary. The day she knew that Amala was the rat eating her up from inside was the day she saw a gold necklace on her neck.. puzzled.. she asked her who owns the necklace because the necklace worth’s up to 20,000 or more than and she said that it belongs to her boyfriend.. hmmm.. “this boyfriend of yours must have a very rich parents o!” but she did not believe the story, it sounded too suspicious so she started monitoring her but found nothing on her, the woman felt that she was taking her food stuff home but nobody saw her carry food stuff, she does not even go to the shop with a big bag, just a small purse, she now decided to take the account booklet home and thoroughly check it, after examining the booklet she noticed how 0 became 6, how 7 became 9 and how 5 became 8.. “so this is the game”. Amala was reported to her family and they told the woman to do whatever she wants, her family was kind of complicated, she and her brother and sisters share the same mother but not the same father, having noticed this Amala decided to be a girl
  24. 24. of her own.. she never expected any help from her half brother and sisters and they never gave any themselves. I took Amala for a long walk, I felt that she needed it, I bought things, we played along the road, we laughed loud, I was trying to make her understand that “one must always be strong for him/herself no matter the situation”. The next day, Amala was arrested, her madam saw us the previous day so she felt like maybe because she allowed her to be free, that is why she was walking the street or that we were still eating the stolen money. She was taken to a police station that was at the next town, it was stressful to go there and nobody agreed to so I decided to, I took food to her, I discussed with her, I asked her how I will get part of the money so that I will bail her out but she said that there was no money left, she had spent all.. I went mad, how can she spend all those money without saving any? This was why her family abandoned her, they were shocked that Amala spent all the money but I understood, she did not steal the money in bulk. I called Amala’s boyfriends and told them what befell her, there were three of them that I was close, I was able to raise some money from them, I told them that I needed 20,000 to bail her out, they raised 8,000. I went back to the station with some money, I wanted to be giving Amala 500 each time I visit, when we got to the station, the police man that attended tome said that I should go behind the counter.. “what is happening?” It was instruction from madam that if I come, I should be arrested.. “as what?” To them I was part of the conspiracy, I was pushed into the police cell block until the woman came, she told me not to worry that she just needs my statement.. as what.. an accomplice? She told me not to worry and that I will be briefed when we get to the state criminal investigation department’s quarters, I was calm through out this short journey, my brain was now spinning like a top, “what should I do? should I open the door and run? What if I did not succeed.. then they will really believe that I am an accomplice”, all those thought was roaming about in my head and before I could conclude on what to do, we have gotten to the station” I can’t really do anything now” I said to myself.. “ this is it” I remembered the police case I had, If I can bring out a gun in front of a police man and got free, then this one is a small case. The car was parked outside and we went inside the compound, we went to the hall where I was to write my statement, inside the hall, there were many people and police men, some were lawyers, another man cam and joined us, he was dressed in suit, he was the lawyer that will prosecute the case, now this is getting more serious than I thought, I became more worried, I had to do something before this people send me to jail for a crime I knew nothing about. I was given a sheet and I wrote my statement, the police lady called me pet names and promised that I will be free after writing my statement, I innocently agreed and continued writing my statement, her phone rang and she went to answer who called her, she asked the lawyer to watch me, she took long and the lawyer became angry and started complaining, I had finished writing what I know and I laid my head on the table, I was thinking of how to extricate myself from what is about to befall me, few minutes later she came back, when she saw that I laid my head on the table, she tapped me
  25. 25. thinking that I was sleeping, she took my statement and read it and then she asked me some questions and asked me to write them down, what she told me to write was implicating, I was to agree that I conspired with Amala to steal her madam’s money.. hmmm, I wanted to refuse at first but “ I don enter be say I don enter” so I decided to comply, at least they won’t beat me, her phone rang and she left and left again, promising to come back quick this time but she spent more time than before, the lawyer got really angry and left, now I was alone , I started planning on how to escape, I wanted to stand up and run and then I thought, “what if this is a charade, maybe they wanted to know if I will run and hid themselves to watch my move”.. chai! I was damn confused, if these people make me sign this statement.. I am gone, I had to do something, I stood up and headed for the door, the voice of a police man behind me made me stop he wanted me to help him buy sachet water.. thank God! I took the money and was now at the door when the lawyer came back, he asked me where I was going and I told him that I was sent to go and buy something.. “by who?” He thundered, he thought that I was lying, he approached the police man and told him that I am a suspect so I cannot go, the police man apologized and asked me why I did not tell him that I am a suspect, I did not answer him but just sat down quietly, I guess I looked innocent because I was wearing a white T shirt and I knotted a tie, I was supposed to go back to Nnewi that day.. “how can this man expect me to tell him that I am a suspect”.. he sounded funny to me with that question, we waited long again and she lady did not come out, the lawyer stood up to go and then he turned and asked the police man behind us to watch me while he attend to something, the police man yelled at him so he left in anger, he was in a go to hell mood now, the police man had hatred for lawyers, this he told those with him while returning to their conversation. Now game of intelligence ensued. He was discussing but was also watching me indirectly because he threw glances at me at some intervals, when I noticed the glances, I decided to lay my head on the desk, I lay in a way that will enable me watch him. His companions left and he was left with his suspect who was the topic of their discussion earlier, He took him to the cell block and went outside, I raised my head and started watching him, there were other people in the hall but they were all busy most of them did not even notice when we came in, I watched the police man and when I was sure that he is not seeing me anymore, I made for the door, I walked out of the hall and was innocently heading towards the gate when another police man called my attention, he wanted to know if I am a student because of my white and black attire, I told him that I am no student and that it is the dress code where I work, “this man was delaying my escape and I had to play smart or else he will notice that I escaping”, all those while he was talking to me, I kept moving, I told him that I wanted to buy something and he let me go.. thank God! I crossed the gate, crossed on to the other side of the road and then I ran as far as my legs could carry me, I went home, took my bag and I left for Nnewi, I got to Nnewi late in the night… Now I am safe. The next morning chief came and in front of her Ifeoma handed me another letter, a sack letter, though I was not surprised but I wished it could be withdrawn that moment, police must be
  26. 26. looking for me everywhere by now, what should I do? I had to go and face them, “it was hide and seek now and I know the game very well”, I took my bag and I hit the road again, when I got home and opened my door, I saw a note that was slipped into my room, it was a court order, the matter has been taken to the court, we (myself, mother and Amala) were sued for theft, conspiracy and forgery, I decided to ignore the piece of paper, “as in”, I behaved as if I did not see it, they had sent one to my mother, she went to a lawyer and the lawyer told her that I need to be present, she called me and I told her that I am in Pot Harcourt so I cannot come, she was very scared for my life she said that I could be sent to jail.. “for a crime I did not commit? I don’t think so”. The only crime I felt I committed was running away from the police custody, it was an insult to them and they will beat meat like a thief and I don’t want that. Meanwhile Anayo, Amala’s step brother was looking for me with his friends. I was at my guy’s house along a secondary school road when I saw their vehicle, I just crossed the road and entered the secondary school, there was my fellow jvites there, they stopped and Anayo asked me to come, I told him to come into the school if he wants to talk but he could not, they lefty, “my guys already know what’s up”. My mother called to inform me that she has expunged our name from the case, it was Amala alone now, I went home when I got this information, “anybody that wants to come should bring it on as long as it’s not the police”, by anybody, I meant Anayo and her friends I was not scared of the fool anymore. Anayo has been threatening me on phone, he wanted me to return the money I collected from Amala’s friend.. funny dude. Amala came out, she was granted bail in court. CHAPTER ELEVEN At a football pitch, I became friends with Arinze, he lives in my street, he is from my mother’s village, we became close and he started coming to my house., I hit a huge amount of money from street business, I painted my room, bought a set of electronics, I had stolen a wall mirror at the hotel I worked back then at Nnewi, this mirror added sweet view to my room, I bought curtains and every other thing a young guy needed in a room, I started living large. Arinze started bringing his girlfriends to my house, he had about three of them, I met Ozioma the day I went to drink with a friend, that day I was brought home and I was vomiting, Ozioma attended to cheerfully, for that reason I liked her, he had another serious relationship with Chinwe and there was this other girl, I didn’t know the girl’s name, “she was too proud for my liking”. In my street I was reputed a very bad fellow so nobody wanted to associate with me, “yes! This was my lot from childhood, everybody read in my face the sign of bad inclination which was not there but were supposed to be there so they came into existence”, at some point, Arinze got to understand some little things about me and then he really liked me, he invited me to his home
  27. 27. and I went, that day I saw his three sisters, amongst his sisters was Chizara, I liked her because she was pretty and more importantly very intelligent and smart, she had the hottest combination I ever saw back then, she was simply hot, she liked me too so we became close, she use to think that I am a dummy, she fell for me when she realized what a genius I am, because of Chizara, I always go to Arinze’s house and he liked the idea, he was now in control of my room, I gave him my spare key. One evening, Chizara was sent to go and buy kerosene and I accompanied her, that evening, we strolled, we discussed, we played and we laughed loud, she got carried away, instead of going to a nearby kerosene depot, we decided to go to a father one so we could spend more time together, at home we don’t discuss loud, we murmur, her father had called me one day to remind me that Chizara is my sister, he has observed how close I was to his daughter because now Chizara can do anything just to make me happy, I really liked her too, she is so intelligent, “the most important feature I desire in a girl is intelligence”, what? “Could it be that I am falling in love again? I am stupidly made so this could be expected from me”. You know: “there is a boundless delight in the possession of a barely unfolded soul, it is like a flower whose best fragrance emanates to meet the first ray of the sun, it should be plucked that minute and after inhaling one’s fill, one should throw it out on the road, per chance! Someone will pick it up” such was my case with Chizara but tradition is between us, I was ready to damn tradition if Chizara is, after all, I am not biologically from this village, I will go back to my father if I have to, Chizara was willing to damn tradition too, on our way back, I drew close to her and when I got close I paid no attention to her tremor and confusion, my lips touched her tender cheek, she gave a start but said nothing, she was shivering all over, I broke away from her and we headed for home, now I got my confirmation, she is willing to take the risk! I started telling Chizara stories, “my stories were clever to the point of stupidity, my raillery directed at erotic stories were wicked to the point of frenzy” she was so interested in my stories “ you have a great talent for putting one or two things together” she told me. When we got close to her house, we took the bush part instead of the main road, we had to be discreet about the affair, it was a risk! While walking, she was in front of me, I stretched out my hand and held her own hand, I drew her close to me and I kissed her passionately, the kiss ignited a fire inside me, we broke the kiss and she went home. I called her at night and we discussed about this risk we were about to spark off, her only fear was that I am from the same village with her, “ I am not biologically from this village, I will go back to my father if I have to” I assured her. “The love that is read in the eyes does not bind a woman to anything where as words”, she was more than willing to take this risk. Chizara ceased to be my sister the next morning, we became lovers, I don’t go to there place all the time, it’s risky now, I might not be able to control myself around her the way I used to, I
  28. 28. only come to the house when she tells me to, “it’s safer that way”. One day I came to her house and I could not control myself, I dragged her to her room and pushed her against the wall and I kissed her like I was about to die, it felt scared sweet, I broke the kiss and left in a hurry, bad boy things! My affair with Chizara continued, at some point I started noticing some things about her, “she was reputed a very innocent girl in our street because you don’t get to see her outside all the time and her father was this born again type” but Chizara is not innocent after all, she is a first year student in a university, Most times I check Chizara’s phone and Victor was the person that always called her, I asked her who this Victor is and she said that it’s her boyfriend, “Jesus! So you have a boyfriend?” he is a three hundred level under graduate and he is in the same school with her, Hmmm…. with this piece of information, all that was seen around me now was jealousy, “this guy will make this girl stop liking me o!”.. I was damn worried. One day I saw a text message in Chizara’s phone, it was sent to her by Victor, he had kissed her the previous night and sent a text message to tell her how the kiss felt, “chai! Another guy is kissing my Chizara”, I was mad, I was more worried because the kiss took place at night and Chizara does not go out at night except when she was sent to an errand, this guy must be close, who is this guy I asked her and from description, Victor was the same guy we call Web, he lives at the back of my house, “so Web is the guy doing this to my Chizara”. I became friends with Web, this way I found out some other things Chizara can do, “now the urge to have sex with Chizara started building up”. One particular night, I called her and told her to come to the part that leads to a primary school near her place, when she came, we started kissing, it got to a point where she got carried away so I took my hand down to her crotch, she was now so wet wow! This girl is having sex o! I took her into the primary school and removed my trouser and pant, I made to guide in my dick into her, she was not wearing pant when she came to meet with me. Bad girl! My dick was almost in when she recovered from the ecstasy, she realized that I wanted to have sex with her for the first time in a primary school, it will be a big shame to her, she has always told me that she was a virgin, now I know the truth, she stopped me and said that she wanted to go home, I begged her and faked a cry but Chizara was too smart to be played like that, with her left hand she held my head and indirectly felt my eyes, she was convinced that I was trying to play my way into her pants when she did not touch any tears.. she left. Chizara stated avoiding me, I tried to get her back but she did not give me the chance, I approached her sister and she told me that it’s better I leave Chizara alone for the sake of peace, okay! “Is this the game now? Well go and tell Chizara that I said that she is so cheap”, she did tell her because she stopped picking my calls, I stopped calling and that was the end of the road for me and Chizara.. A dead end! CHAPTER TWELVE
  29. 29. BEJOY CENTER POINT. This was the name of the restaurant where I started working , when I attended the interview, I felt that I had hit jack pot, it was so organized I was like “ these people fit dey pay twenty thousand o!” it was later I realized that it was the kind of job where you will be told the amount you will be paid in your appointment letter, if you like it, you turn up, if you don’t… who cares? I was among those that got the appointment text message, we were invited for documentation, when we came, I noticed that I was the only person with an ordinary level certificate “ see level” but no shit, I can do the job if others can. In my appointment letter, I was at the salary rate of 8,000, I was a waiter, a “front liner” they called me. The first month was tough, we were disappointed, everything that we were promised did not come, they played with our head, we worked more than we earned, it was so stress full, the restaurant was more of a bush bar, we mainly sell beer, assorted meats and fresh fishes, we also have live band, every week end happens to be more stress full, people come in hundreds, Bejoy was indeed a lively place, we at sales point are always at lose, if you are not smart, another sales rep will trick you off your money, it was war! At the end of the month, we all got the shock of our lives, we that came new. Tomi handed me an envelop, “ that’s your salary” I accepted it and it had no weight for an envelop that contains 8,000, when I opened it, it was just 100 note, I got mad, how come? I was asked to meet the accountant for explanation, when I met the accountant, she was new, the accountant that worked with us was among those that left when they noticed the flaws of the firm, the new accountant explained that I had shortages, the accountant that worked with us was a deadly silent poison, he comes to collect our daily sales while we were still at sale’s point “ I will record the rest in the morning” he normally tells us, this was allowed because he had to go early because of distance, by the rest he meant the money we will make after he had gone, he bought another book, in this book he recorded the money we account to him in the morning, he left with this book, smart thief!, the company said that we had to go and hold him but where was I supposed to meet this thief.. well if this is God’s will who am I to question it, I took this in good fate, I did not blame myself nor the company, they had to do business. I wanted to resign but having thought about it, I had to stay back, at least for the little tips and the food I get to eat in a day, besides it was hard before I could find the job. Interestingly I made a friend, her name was Regina, she was the most advanced among all of us, she liked me because I am smart, she took care of me while it last. At one occasion she was surcharged because of late coming but she was always among the first set of people that come early, those times she came late was when she had to go to the market to buy things that were needed in the kitchen, there was no other time for that because we at sales point always needed help and she was always there to help especially me, she almost cried, not because of the money but because of the reason, she told me that she will resign if they did not pay her complete money but they did not.
  30. 30. One day she announced to us that she has been invited for documentation by U.B.A, she is going to start working in the bank now, she was indeed a very lucky lady, I felt happy for her and at the same time I felt bad… who is going to take care of me now? It was during my days at bejoy that another money was paid by the people that occupied our only asset, this money was used to start my own room but it not really finish it, I told Regina that I needed 16,000 to complete my room and she gave me 10,000, “imagine this kind of lady”. Regina stopped coming to work, after three day she brought her resignation letter, she stopped working with us, it was Regina that made me understand that “in life you do what is right and leave it at that, if you start worrying about your decision, that’s what is hard on one”. Few weeks after she resigned, I also resigned. CHAPTER THIRTEEN I started working at Bransvile hotel, I applied at this hotel because it was close to my house, I trekked a lot when I was working at Bejoy and I do not need that kind of stress any more. Bransvile was good but it was too disciplined, once you mess up, you will get a surcharge, here I worked with intelligence, our manager did not understand my kind of person until I started working with them, ‘ this boy must be deadly intelligent”, she started watching me when I countered her on one or two occasions, she like to surcharge, all the money she surcharge happens to be her money “ it was manager’s right” but I had started watching her before she started watching me, I made sure I knew the place she keeps the money that was accounted to her on daily basis, I stole from her once in a while, it was while I was at Bransvile that Karma chose to deal with my friend, the boy sold the phone I gave to him without my consent, he forgot that and then he brought clothes for me to buy, “I am the type of person that believes that a sin should be forgiven if the person that committed it happens to be sorry and remorseful but if the person proves stubborn then he/she must be punished that minute or later but the person must receive the punishment”, I took two cloths and I asked him to come and take money the next day, when he came I reminded him of my phone that he sold, he became mad and threatened hell but I told him that I will not pay for the cloth and I never did. I was going home from work when I saw this fine girl, later I realized that her cousin brother works at Bransvile too, I collected the girl’s number from the guy and I called her. Nicole was a secondary school pretty damsel that lives along the street of Bransville, it took time convincing her that I will be a good boyfriend. My manager thought of how to let go of me but I did not give her any, she has noticed the changes in her office and she suspected that I am responsible for them, I started hustling for money because my instincts told me that I will leave that work soon, luckily completed my room, I was told to step down because of over staff “bull shit” why employ more workers when you have competent workers, she promised to call me back as soon as possible but to me she was telling a long story “ this is sack “ I told her.. I mean “ let’s
  31. 31. call a spade a spade and not a garden fork”, this made me stop work and I decided that I will not work for anybody anymore, I am tired of all those nonsenses. I started staying at home and then I had time for Nicole, she came to my house on few occasions and on those occasions I ignored the fact that she is a girl I can have sex with, I did not want to rush her, she is pretty, I needed to keep her for a long time but then I noticed that Nicole is not intelligent, she is one of those girls that like to speak too much grammar and when it gets to calculating their movements, then you will notice that they are real dummies. Nicole liked me because I am rugged and intelligent, I am some one street guys know, “I am captain Speed”, she has been hearing that name but she does not know who was bearing it, she likes to hang out with rugged guys and then I was comfortable too, she can come to my house and nobody will ask her who she is, I had a neatly furnished room with complete set of electronics, she will pack films and come to my place. I decided to look for another girl because Nicole was boring to me since she is not intelligent, I don’t discuss with her that much. I met Elizabeth, she was in the same school with Nicole, she is very intelligent, smart, bold and full of guts, she was a genius and in me she saw a bigger genius so she fell for me, I too liked her so much, we were fond of each other, she was always there when ever I needed her, she was still a virgin and this was a barrier, “I hate to spill innocent blood”. Elizabeth will come to my house and see me with another girl.. she will just turn and go and then call me on phone “ I no wan spoil you parole” she will tell me, i liked her because she was not a jealous type even though I know that she likes me, she does not ask me of money, she even spends on me.. at some point I wondered the kind of girl she is… well.. she is my Lizzy… my Omalicha and I am her Captain. I was at home with Lizzy one day when Nicole came, Lizzy just stood up and left so that I can meet with Nicole, the way she behaved made Nicole believe that there was nothing between us, her behavior shocked me and it made me think of her even while Nicole was there with me. Elizabeth will spark up a reasonable argument and for like two hours we will still be debating, she inspires me a lot with her intelligence and smartness, I call her my barrister but Nicole is this very dumb type, she wont discuss reasonable something with you and she won’t allow you take her to bed.. very boring and dumb.. gosh! I managed Nicole because she has striking look, she is a girl you take to parties, she is a party doll but Elizabeth was the girl I liked, the one I always want to be with. Nicole broke up with me many times, each time she will call me back and ask for forgiveness, I noticed that she has a boyfriend that lives close to her house, some times she will spark up a discussion that will be centered on how bad the guy is treating her.. “ why get stuck to this relationship if the boy is treating you that bad” she just can’t.. reasons best known to her alone. “One thing has always struck me as strange, I never became a slave of