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P5+ EMD Brochure

  1. 1. passion perseverance positivity performance prideC A R E E R P R O G R E S S I O N | TA L E N T S E A R C H & S E L E C T I O N | H R C O N S U LTA N C Y Owned by EMD Management Limited, a member of EMD
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroducing P5+ 2Our philosophy 3Our key strengths 4Talent Search and Selection 5Executive Search & Selection 6Contingency Search 6Retained Search 6Recruitment Consultancy & Assessment 6P5+ Process 7Our Ethics 7A service which adds value 8HR Consultancy Services 9Different levels of analysis 10Our HR Professional Services 11HR Consultancy 11Talent Management & Development 11Assessment Services 11Our Ethics 12Our Assurances 12
  3. 3. Introducing P5+ Established in 2001, EMD is a multi-disciplinary i-Gaming, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Medical organisation specialised in the provision of advisory, sectors; Career Advisory; Learning, Training and corporate, legal, tax, and support services to both Development; and HR Consultancy such as the international and local clients. Over the past ten implementation of HR policies and procedures, years, EMD has evolved considerably as a result performance management systems, organisational of its continuous efforts to meet its clients’ needs restructuring and other interventions at different and provide them with a complete ‘one-stop organisational levels tailored to meet our clients’ shop’ service. To date, EMD is composed of EMD needs. Advocates, EMD Advisory Services Limited, EMD Solutions Limited, EMD Management Limited, EMD P5+ is geared towards the establishment of a Trust Services Limited, EMD Linguistic Services transparent and close relationship with each client. Limited and Euris Consult Limited. EMD has A personalised service is key to knowing one’s also established an extensive network of foreign clients’ needs and requirements and to address correspondent firms and organisations, thereby them effectively by implementing the right solutions enabling it to source expertise which is required in in a timely and cost effective manner. This, coupled connection with specific projects. with the ability of its people to think outside the box, provides the basis of our services. EMD Management Limited, operating through its brand P5+, is the Human Resource (HR) Consultancy arm of the organisation whose core areas of specialisation include Talent Search and Selection services (we hold an Employment Agency license) specifically in the Financial, ICT,2
  4. 4. OurphilosophyP5+ represents our business philosophy, our modus operandi. It also represents how we view the HR sector. Ifyou are a hiring manager searching for talent, or an organisation requiring support in the form of HR Consultancyand/or Learning, Training & Development, our services will reflect a holistic approach encompassing the P5+values making up our business philosophy: You have to have the tenacity and passion to help bring about growth in oneself passion and others. The delicate process of vineyard cultivation represents the qualities a person requires to excel in their chosen field. Perseverance is determination to succeed and to overcome any obstacles to perseverance personal growth - the sapling breaking through hard ground represents the ability to succeed through sheer determination. A positive outlook radiates into other aspects of ones life - the sunflower represents positivity the will to look for positivity as it always turns towards the bright sun. Reaching for the top, managing to excel and achieving “peak-performance” - the performance mountain range represents both the challenge and the achievement in overcoming the obstacles towards your goals. Having pride in one’s own abilities and their work is a positive trait that should always be nurtured - the majestic landscape ties in the need to appreciate pride the power in expansive natural beauty which also has to be looked after and encouraged.At EMD Management Ltd. we adopt a holistic multi-disciplinary approach, in line with our philosophy,which is based on the belief that organisations and human beings are a mini-ecosystem. We ensure thatwe consider all the elements that make people and organisations succeed as we believe these elementsare all dependent on each other. It is this understanding that makes us different in the way we approachTalent Search & Selection, HR Consultancy and Learning, Training & Development. 3
  5. 5. Our key strengths P5+ is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of The personality traits of our chosen candidates are professionals coming from a variety of top tier as important as their experience and qualifications. backgrounds, who gained a high level of business We look for those who not only believe in the P5+ knowledge and understanding both in Malta and values, but those who are influential, inquisitive, abroad (particularly in Europe and North Africa) and innovative, competitive, highly motivated, dynamic, seek to place their experience at the service of their versatile and artistic. It is these traits that give us the clients. confidence to provide our clients with a service that can differentiate us and them from the competition. P5+ provides top quality services through best-of- Therefore, the enthusiasm and a willingness to excel breed service delivery methodologies. We strive to in all they do is a must in all team members. excel in our work and to exceed clients’ expectations whenever and wherever we may be engaged. Once on board, each new team member is trained Furthermore, we will only accept to offer our services further through in-house training programmes and where we are certain that our involvement adds procedures. In general, we also encourage all of value to a particular project or assignment. our staff to pursue further education in addition to our own investment in our people through our In order to live up to our philosophy, we carefully direct subsidisation of any certification courses select the individuals who join our team. In fact, each or otherwise, which are directly related to the member of our team is recruited following a rigorous individual’s area of expertise. selection process which is aimed at ensuring that our people possess the right attributes and skills required for the services they shall be delivering.4
  6. 6. Talent Search& SelectionOur approach towards Search and Selection tackles the hiring process in a holistic manner. Throughout theprocess, our Recruitment Consultants work closely with the client to understand their business requirementswhich will enable us to provide them with hiring methods that best suit their unique hiring needs. Whenwe start screening candidates for a post, we go beyond the experience, qualifications and knowledge of aperson. We consider the psychology behind a career move, the motivations, interests, beliefs and values ofthe candidates. These will help us understand whether the candidate has the right attributes to fit within thehiring organisation and identify the motivators for high-level performance that lead to goal achievement andsuccess.Where do we come in:• When gaps in an organisation cannot be filled by internal employees;• When there is a desire for an external perspective to the market place for talent;• When there is no HR department within the organisation;• When the hiring organisation wants to retain anonymity throughout the hiring process. Since we believe that no one solution fits all, our team adopts different methodologies in attracting,identifying and selecting talent in order to offer the best possible solution to the client. As a resultof this, our Recruitment Consultants are geared towards:1. Executive Search and Selection2. Contingency Search3. Retained Search4. Recruitment Consultancy & Assessment 5
  7. 7. ExECuTIvE SEARCh & SELECTIOn This method, which is perhaps better known as headhunting, is preferred by those who want to reach passive candidates. Within each organisation there is a core of well qualified and happy individuals who are not actively looking to change position and are therefore not reading adverts in the print media and internet or applying to recruitment agencies. This method is often adopted when hiring organisations want to target a specific sector of the market, often involving direct competitors or specific niche sectors. In such cases, a number of organisations which meet the predetermined criteria set by the hiring organisation are chosen in order to approach appropriate individuals with required expertise. We differ from other recruitment agencies in that we specifically target these key individuals who tend to be the higher achievers. COnTIngEnCy SEARCh Although the above approach may be appealing to all organisations, this may not be the best solution at all times. When organisations want to attract potential candidates from a larger ‘pool’, a different methodology will be adopted. By posting your vacancies with us, you will be allowing yourself the opportunity to be provided with a list of interesting candidates from our continuously developing database. We can also attract candidates through advertising campaigns and the use of our extensive network of contacts and referral procedures. RETAInED SEARCh If you have a long-term hiring strategy (of at least 1 year) it will benefit you to retain us to conduct your recruitment process with a view of stream-lining the processes and reducing agency costs. The approach adopted to attract and select the right candidates can be a combination of different search and selection methods, depending on your specific hiring needs. RECRuITMEnT COnSuLTAnCy & ASSESSMEnT Experience, qualifications and technical know-how are easily assessed, but they are limited in the extent to which they can predict good job performance. Our aim is to provide you with the best solutions for your needs and thus we give you the opportunity to assess individuals’ personality, motivations, values, potential and abilities to find the best match for your requirements. Our consultative role is useful in assisting you to carry out a job analysis and develop job-descriptions and a person-specification in line with the current organisational structure. Based on these documents, our team is equipped to identify and administer the best assessment tools that can be used to predict individuals’ performance and their job satisfaction in a specific position. During this process, we give due importance to how different aspects of the business may influence the recruitment process and how recruitment itself may influence the rest of the business. Recruitment solutions can be tailor made to suit our clients’ needs. Taking this holistic approach will enable organisations to be more accurate in their final decision and will avoid extra costs resulting from poor selection. Our ultimate aim is to help your business grow and succeed with the help of the most valuable organisational assets: talent and the P5+ values.6
  8. 8. P5+ PROCESSWhilst driven to achieve excellent results, our team gives priority to the process by which these results areobtained. At P5+ we pride ourselves in building a rapport with every candidate and client in order to ensurethat their experience with us is a positive one from beginning to end. Our continuous feedback system hasallowed our thinking to go beyond the traditional way of designing recruitment solutions.We go a step further and:• Provide an invaluable source of feedback to management during the hiring process;• Provide an equipped ‘talent lab’ to meet the candidate and conduct interviews and assessments in privacy, especially when recruiting for sensitive positions;• Provide assistance to management in evaluation of the candidate’s expectations;• Understand the organisation’s culture and team structure within which the newly hired candidate will be positioned. We do this to ensure that the candidate selected would be a good fit from a personality perspective too;• Identify stand-out characteristics in our candidates to provide our clients with individuals who can really add value to their organisation;• Provide industry expertise (e.g. development of job description, compensation packages);• Ensure detailed reference checking;• We go a long way in discussing career progression with the short-listed candidate to ensure that he or she understands that the ambitions and motivations for their career advancement will be met by the potential new employer. A better paid job should not be the primary motivating factor behind a career move. Other issues include advancement potential, opportunities for growth, challenge, management change and a company’s direction should be the vital decision-making criteria, and these we tackle with the candidate;• We understand that the required candidate is likely to be in high demand and will know his or her true worth. Our expertise can be invaluable at this stage in facilitating the offer process and acting as intermediary.OuR EThICSIn order to provide a high-level service, we are given access to sensitive information by our clients. In thisrespect, we are committed to protect and safeguard the privacy of organisations in all aspects of our businessoperations. Our privacy policy complies with the regulations of the Data Protection Act 2008.Organisations with an opening in their executive ranks are vulnerable.• Whether for an existing position to be filled, or a position newly created by downsizing or market opportunity, the hiring process is strictly confidential;• Adverts for new vacancies can be branded to increase awareness of the organisation or non-branded when a role is commercially sensitive. 7
  9. 9. A service which adds value Hiring managers want to recruit the best individuals in the market to add value to their company. Job offers are often based on the first impressions which are formed in the initial four minutes of encountering an individual. Recruitment decisions based on such impressions are rather problematic and risky as they do not stand up to scrutiny and may have a detrimental impact on the organisation’s performance. P5+ adopts different selection tools by which good job performance is predicted. We ensure that these tools aim for objectivity rather than being based on our subjective judgments of a candidate. Being aware of the existing gap in the recruitment industry, we are committed to offer the most reliable and valid tools in the market to provide the best recruitment solutions to our clients. Our selection procedure is mainly concerned with individual differences which will have an impact on job performance. These individual differences offer us a framework that is concerned with how individuals are different from each other in terms of intelligence, experience, ability and personality. We also take this range of differences between individuals into account when considering the particular requirements of a job, what to include in selection procedures, and what kind of tests might be appropriate. Recruitment solutions are then tailor made for our clients to assist them in making the right hire the first time round. In order to ensure objectivity and clarity at all stages of the selection process, we assist our clients in conducting a thorough job analysis to produce person specifications and then link these to appropriate candidate assessment programmes. In this context, tests are used to make inter-individual assessments and compare the strengths and weaknesses of different individuals to see who best fulfils the job requirements. However, we go beyond this and use assessments to make intra-individual assessments for individual career guidance and development. At P5+ we believe that nurturing our relationship with the candidate to help them develop into strong candidates will ultimately result in a better service to our own clients.8
  10. 10. hR ConsultancyServicesThere is a strong need of instilling a mentality of having Human Resource Management and Developmentas one of the pillars on which a professional enterprise should be built, especially considering that the talentmarket is now a Global market, exposed to constant competition from international organisations for thesame labour market pool. In recent years, clients’ needs have become more complex and specialised,widening the gap between organisational needs and workforce capabilities. Hence, apart from helping thehiring organisation identify and recruit strong performers, we also strive to support its development across thedifferent organisational levels. To bridge the existing gaps in organisations, our specialised team works closewith our clients, as business partners.Organisations engage Consultants to provide them with professional advice and ‘effective’ solutions. Whatdifferentiates us from other Consultancy firms is ‘simply’ the way we go about this process, in which we ensurethat we live up to, and exceed, clients’ expectations. Our adopted approach considers each situation as aunique one and spends enough time in identifying a wide range of different solutions that may be appropriate.We go a step further and ensure that systematic evidence about the effectiveness of these solutions isgathered to enable us to provide the client with the best and most effective of the identified solutions. Ourultimate evidence-based solutions are designed and shaped around our clients’ needs and business contextin order to provide them with the best return on their HR spending.Where do we come in:• When clients want to work in partnership with their HR Consultant: » in cases where no HR unit is in place and want cost effective solutions; » to develop a new HR Unit; » to drive the existing ‘HR’ unit from an administration function to people management; » to be provided with fresh and objective ideas in cases where their HR department may be facing conflict of interest;• When clients want strategic advice and long term planning;• When clients are looking to implement evidence-based solutions to achieve best results;• When clients want tailor-made solutions to their business needs which are effective;• When clients want to develop their employees’ potential to succeed. 9
  11. 11. DIffEREnT LEvELS Of AnALySIS When we are entrusted with an assignment, we kick off by carrying out an assessment which will help us identify the requirements of the organisation. Feedback sessions with the client will take place whereby the service/intervention required, and at which organisational level this will take place, is agreed. The below illustrates the different organisational levels at which we can operate: Organisational Level Departmental Level Team Level Individual Level Our focus is therefore based on the assessment of various elements within your company which we deem as crucial to have as a solid base on which to build your HR Management and Development programmes. Implementing changes at one specific level may automatically influence other levels of the organisation. Therefore, improving in one area may as well impact the overall performance of the organisation, which is why our services are said to adopt a holistic approach. hR Services: Our main focus is that of setting up your HR Unit or else outsourcing your HR services to P5+. When HR Departments are already in place, we work towards taking your HRM&D programmes to the next level. Providing you with HR programmes which are recognised for their strategic contribution towards organisational success, is our primary aim. In order to achieve this, we intervene at different organisational levels, according to client’s needs.10
  12. 12. OuR hR PROfESSIOnAL SERvICEShR COnSuLTAnCy• HR audits; • Retention strategies; • Formulation of recruitment processes; • HR strategic planning; • HR manuals for all employees;• Job evaluation; • Rewards and recognition schemes; • Departmental restructuring advice; • Alignment and development of HR policies and procedures; • Talent management strategies and succession planning. TALEnT MAnAgEMEnT & DEvELOPMEnT• Training needs analysis (TNA);• Design, implementation and evaluation of training and development programmes;• Performance management programmes (PMP);• Team building activities; • Motivational & success-building programmes.ASSESSMEnT SERvICES• Employee satisfaction and engagement surveys; • Well-being at work surveys;• Psychometric profiling (personality and ability); • Leadership assessments;• Specific skills assessment. 11
  13. 13. OuR EThICS Interventions at all levels of the organisation require a trustworthy Consultant who is allowed to analyse both strengths and weaknesses of the organisation. An HR Consultant may become aware of various sensitive issues at different organisational levels during the intervention process. These issues may be crucial for competitors and can make or break an organisation. We provide clients with highly trained Consultants who come from a strong ethical culture and who can handle sensitive information and treat it confidentially. OuR ASSuRAnCES • An extensively tested hiring process management system. • An approach towards Recruitment that takes on a Career Consultancy mentality, tackling the hiring process in a holistic manner. We go beyond the experience, qualifications and knowledge of a person. We consider the psychology behind a career move, the motivations, interests, beliefs and values of candidates. • HR management and development programmes with standard operating procedures geared towards the attainment of a high level of quality, total confidentiality, impeccable reliability and continuous communication for the provision of feedback. • We do not send in speculative CVs, thus ensuring that we do not waste the hiring manager’s time. • We offer a holistic approach to Consultancy with cost effective solutions for your business needs.12
  14. 14. www.p5.com.mt EMD Vaults 13-16, Valletta Waterfront, Valletta, FRN1914, Malta T: (+356) 2203 0000 F: (+356) 2123 7277 E: p5@emd.com.mtOwned by EMD Management Limited, a member of EMD