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Salt Valley of Añana. Winter 2015


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The Salt Valley of Añana (Salinas de Añana, Basque Country, Spain) is one of the most spectacular and best preserved inland saltworks. Its value not only lies in its particular architecture or on its almost 6.000 years of documented history, or even in its geological features, biodiversity or landscape values, but in the union in perfect harmony of all of it in a privileged context.

In Valle Salado you can participate in the project that is being carried out to return the saltworks, comprising hundreds of platforms built with stone, wood and clay, to their former glory. Salt has been produced in this unique landscape for thousands of years.

On the tour you will learn about its history, understand why there is salt here; appreciate the unique wildlife, learn about the salt trade; learn to make salt and enjoy one of the best salts of the world; soak your feet and hands in the hypersaline waters of Salt Spa ...

Valle Salado produces some of the best salt in the world: Añana Salt. This highly acclaimed product is the result of the natural evaporation of the brine from the springs. The way crystallises is the result of three factors: the sun, the wind and the traditional techniques of the salt makers.
Its quality and ecological value are guaranteed by its traditional production in a landscape with thousands of years of history and by the recognition of international chefs.

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Salt Valley of Añana. Winter 2015

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