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Salt Valley of Anana. Basque Country. Spain / Valle Salado de Añana. País Vasco. España


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The Salt Valley of Añana (Salinas de Añana, Basque Country, Spain) is one of the most spectacular and best preserved inland saltworks. Its value not only lies in its particular architecture or on its almost 6.000 years of documented history, or even in its geological features, biodiversity or landscape values, but in the union in perfect harmony of all of it in a privileged context.
The awareness by both government and society of the importance of the Valley has led to the heritage and environmental protection of the saltworks. They have been protected on the Spanish heritage register since 1984; as a cultural landscape the Valley is a candidate World Heritage Site of UNESCO , and in 2002 it was listed under the Ramsar Convention as a wetland site of international importance

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  • Es muy bonito en todas las épocas del año!! la sal de Añana ademas de buena muy saludable ,es la que uso en casa!!! animaros a visitar el Valle Salado
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Salt Valley of Anana. Basque Country. Spain / Valle Salado de Añana. País Vasco. España

  1. 1. Valle Salado de Añana ¿Invierno o verano? ¿nieve o sal?Añanako Gatz Harana Negua edo uda? Elurra edo gatza? Salt Valley of Añana Winter or summer? Snow or salt?
  2. 2. Invierno
  3. 3. Invierno
  4. 4. Verano
  5. 5. Invierno
  6. 6. Verano
  7. 7. Invierno
  8. 8. Verano
  9. 9. Invierno
  10. 10. Invierno Verano
  11. 11. Invierno
  12. 12. Verano
  13. 13. Invierno
  14. 14. Verano
  15. 15. Invierno
  16. 16. Verano
  17. 17. Invierno
  18. 18. Invierno
  19. 19. Verano
  20. 20. Invierno
  21. 21. Invierno
  22. 22. Verano
  23. 23. Invierno Verano
  24. 24. Invierno
  25. 25. Invierno
  26. 26. ¿Invierno o verano? ¿nieve o sal?Negua edo uda? Elurra edo gatza?Winter or summer? Snow or salt? Candidato a Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO UNESCOko Gizateriaren Ondoreko hautagai Candidate to World Heritage List of the UNESCO