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Valgen all products datasheet


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Valgen all products datasheet

  1. 1. partners in value generation TM Wish your sales force had a crystal ball? Imagine if you could:  Call every customer at the right time.  Get the next order from a new customer.  Cross and upsell when customers are ready.  Assign the right customers to the right rep. We help you do all of this. How? It’s easy ... • We find hidden profitable patterns in your sales data. • We predict which customers will take which action next. • Then we deliver action recommendations. Served to your Get Results sales force on an easy platform. “I’ve been in sales for 15 years and never seen anything quite like it. This has to be on • Sales reps simply act. every manager’s purchase list and on every rep’s desktop.” • You gain incremental revenue. - Sales Manager, K-12 Division of Multi-Billion Retailer • We even tell you how much revenue. “This stuff works. Once you get a taste for how predictive analytics makes your life easier and delivers results, you’ll never be This is what predictive analytics without it!” can do for you. - Sales Manager, $1 Billion Small Business Division of High Tech Retailer
  2. 2. PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS Find profitable patterns hidden in your sales data. cƒMAX real-time customer action recommendations for the sales force: Convert Leads Retain Customers Penetrate Products Nurture Accounts Problem: Over 50% of new Problem: Reps focus on top 20% Problem: Two-thirds of customers Problem: The top 5% of customers don’t make a second of customers for 80% of revenue, do not buy or penetrate more than accounts can cause over 75% of purchase within 6 months. but remaining potentially profitable a few categories. revenue decline, and they need customers can “fade” away. high level of care. What: Establish buying cycle What: Introduce customers to quickly and increase efficiency What: Help reps proactively product and service categories What: Manage risk associated of lead gen. Focus on the best anticipate customer timing. Alert most relevant to them, when they with highest value accounts. customers and divest of those not reps when to call customers at the are ready, while providing reps with Holistically evaluate all aspects attracted to your value prop. right time to generate sales and breadth of knowledge needed to of relationship sales, satisfaction, build strong relationships. make the sale. and operations to detect early How: Predict new customers warning signals. most likely to accelerate How: Identify each customer’s How: Valgen’s cƒsell predictive early orders. Use Valgen individual buying cycle, predict models show you the best How: Monitor pipeline at recommendations to provide care their next optimal buy/call date, combination of timing, customer, account level, by deploying an and attention to customers with and track deviations in timing or and rep attributes to deliver cross- “engagement model” to track both highest future value. spend that if continued, may erode sell and upsell recommendations. cost and revenue side. Determine the relationship. components of overall change Why: Getting early orders Why: Increase sales of higher- and get actionable guidance. identifies repeat buyers, Why: Connecting with all margin products and services in generating higher lifetime value customers at the oportune time the short term, while ensuring high Why: Hold a meaningful dialogue from them, and more predictable results in guaranteed incremental customer lifetime value over the across entire spectrum of large revenue streams. sales -- it’s like getting an extra long term. account behavior to sustain month of revenue with no extra and even grow revenue and work. profitability. We make CRM smarter: We find the hidden profitable patterns in your sales and CRM data. Then, easy tools deliver action recommendations to sales reps and sales managers. See this action from a cƒtime account record in, telling the sales rep to call this customer now. The next order was predicted to occur Aug. 12. It’s now past that date. This company is missing a sale until the customer is called.
  3. 3. SALES PRODUCTIVITY SUITE Designed by salespeople, for salespeople. sƒMAX proactive planning action recommendations for sales managers: Balance Accounts Manage Transitions Plan for Growth Provide Coverage Problem: Accounts assigned on Problem: Account transitions Problem: Goals based on rep’s Problem: Poor alignment of a salesforce-driven basis result in done after reps leave lose 15% to workload vs. current customer multi-channel sales resources lower “per rep” sales. 30% of value over the following dynamics produce lower growth. can increase cost to serve by year. 200%. What: Legacy-based factors What: Reduce dependence may often drive initial selection of What: As sales reps leave, their on history when setting goals. What: Sales coverage -- call accounts, portfolio composition, books often get redistributed Predict goals based on modeling center, inside, special, field and and distribution, causing lower based on past rather than future of projected trends, and correct partners -- is not aligned with sales than possible. growth considerations. the actions needed to meet goals greatest expected payoff, nor on an ongoing basis. coordinated from a customer How: sƒbook balances each How: Instead, sƒmove scores perspective. rep’s book proactively to reflect each book and predetermines How: sƒgoal models and changes in customer trends and allocation before the decision predicts the sales goals based How: Set up coverage and the rep’s overall workload. Used is needed. Rapid transition on rep, market, customer, and quotas based on expected initially for a starter portfolio and implementation arrests the product trends allowing you customer needs from sƒwrap for periodic adjustments. decline and delivers growth. to reflect current conditions quantitative models. Invest and incentivize reps on future in coverage consistent with Why: Sales rep books balanced Why: Record a sales gain rather performance. expected return at the customer through sƒbook’s predictive than a loss in one-year sales level. engine are more likely to record after rep transitions, and a faster Why: Setting goals based on higher growth than from a legacy- return to penetration and margin macro trends capitalizes on fast- Why: Capital or operating based allocation method. goals. changing trends hidden within a expense by partners and internal rep’s portfolio for each customer. sales/customer support teams can yield much higher return with transparency and accountability. Valgen’s Vision: We want to make life easier for more sales professionals, and bring real results to you.
  4. 4. partners in value generation TM We help you efficiently grow revenue beyond the 80/20. Typically these customers are top of mind and get most attention. Other customers are under-served, resulting in lower future value. t No need for hardware Typical Users or software investment. • B2B No ongoing maintenance. • Fast transaction, shorter sales cycle • Mutli-channel sales: field, inside, call centers, That’s one way we make our tools partners easy to use. Valgen’s predictive • Multiple product lines analytics solutions are SaaS, or • Minimum several dozen sales reps software as a service, delivered • Minimum 1 year of sales data through online subscription. Industries we work with are those where most Our solutions are deployable repeat sales are not pre-defined events like through many CRM applications subscriptions, including: retail and technology, and are completely integrated with and office, janitorial, hospitality and medical supplies. Our solutions can also work for non-profit organizations with sales processes. How will our solutions work for you? Contact: (847) 637-0359