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cfMAPP Salesforce Map App for Inside Sales Brochure


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The only Salesforce CRM map app designed for easy use by B2B sales reps while on a call. Salesforce app with Google maps of prospects and customers to help B2B inside sales reps close deals while on the phone.

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cfMAPP Salesforce Map App for Inside Sales Brochure

  1. 1. Call. Connect. Close.With a super simple map app for reps who sell on the phone. Every leadand opportunity detail layout has a map button. Reps just click on it duringa sales call. A pop-up map quickly and automatically plots the accountsthat are close to the prospect or opportunity:Reps may be calling fromfar away. Now they cansound closer.It’s not easy to get and keep aprospect’s attention on a cold call.Plus, inside sales reps who workwide geographies may not befamiliar with local markets. Nowyou can solve both problems.With cfMAPP fully integrated intoSalesforce, your reps and closerscan quickly get local knowledge.They can better convince prospectsabout your geographic strength intheir markets. They can name-dropeffectively and influence prospectsto move to the next step.What Users Say“Our closers show this to theprospect on every demo.We can’t be without it.”- Nick S., Closing Team Training Manager“This has made it easy to speakto a prospect as though we arelocal. We drop customer namesthat they recognize and resonatewith, building instant credibility.”- Brad B., Marketing ManagerVisit us at Capabilities Include• Google Maps in Salesforce.• View data from accounts,leads and opportunity objects.• Instant pop-up maps. Nosearching, clicking, looking,boundary drawing – no wastingtime on the phone.• Show nearby accounts toprospects during live demos.• Reps can refresh the sorted listand work the script best suitedto each prospect – whetherit is the largest companies inthe market, your best/largestcustomers, nearest location ora similar industry.
  2. 2. Subscription InfoAbout ValgenValgen helps B2B sales organizations get more from existing investmentsin, sales teams, data and customers.We deliver strategic consulting, analytic insights and SaaS applications toexecute actions for scalable revenue growth and sales productivity.Learn More variety of options are available for both Salesforce admin and marketing admin to customize the sales rep views.Choose which customer fields to summarize, fields to display, distance to be mapped, which customers to be referenced.There are two levels of customization between Salesforce admin and marketing/sales manager admin:Minimum RequirementsFor the app to work best, it needs a minimum number of users and customers in order to plot enough data so the appis useful for sales reps. Minimum number of users per org is 25; no max limit. Minimum number of customers is at least3,000 customers in the U.S.; no max limit. Territories in U.S. only; not an international application. If you don’t meet theseminimum criteria but are still interested, please contact us so we can discuss whether this app can help you.SaaS subscription pricing. Only $12 per userper month, 12-month subscription. Free appupgrades.No additional Google API or license fee.Deployment in one week.Managed package.Works with Salesforce Pro, Enterprise andUnlimited Editions.SPECIAL $9UNTIL JULY 31, 2013