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Best properties and investment projects in the most attractive locations for investments (see the attachment):
• in Sochi, Russia (the host city for the 2014 XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games);
• in Tsarskoye Selo, Russia – the most beautiful green suburb of St. Petersburg (The Venice of the North);
• in the South-East of Finland (nominated as the best country in the world by the Newsweek magazine).

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  1. 1. Let us present best properties and investment projects in most attractivelocations for investment: • in Sochi, Russia (the host city for the 2014 XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games), the perspective region where tens of billions of dollars are being invested; • in Tsarskoye Selo, Russia – the most beautiful green suburb of St. Petersburg (The Venice of the North), which has received investments in the amount of over $200 million into infrastructure development owing to the 300th anniversary in 2010; • in the South-East of Finland (nominated as the best country in the world by the Newsweek magazine in 08.2010), in the vicinity of the Finnish-Russian border (South Karelia: Imatra, Lappeenranta) – a region with an excellent nature, environment, infrastructure and security, where many Russians invest and acquire property lately.
  2. 2. This territory develops especially intensively due to the fact that it has received the status of investment corridor between the EU and Russia. Sochi ECO APARTMENT HOTEL with 3+ stars The plot for the hotel has advantageous with a total area of up to 8 000 sq.m. location in the vicinity of the Olympic waterfront cluster (Imeretinskaya Valley) in Sochi. It is planned to include wellness and SPA centers, dining block, penthouses and a “hanging garden” on the roof. The facility is designed as GREEN, ENERGY-SAVING AND COST- EFFECTIVE IN CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION.Mini-hotel in an environmentally healthy resort zone ECO-AGRO-MOTEL in foothills, equally remote from Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana, with a modern compact garden and a vegetable garden (for cultivation of environmentallypure products), intended for Eco/Agro-tourism as well as health-improving programmes with the use of
  3. 3. conventional medicine and naturopathy. Sochi SHOPPING AND The complex includes a shopping space, dining space, entertainment space etc. Specialists of a well-knownENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX international architectural agency took part in concept with an area of development and design preparation. over 20 000 sq.m. The developer of the project we represent is a professional, experienced firm having all resources for the successful implementation of the project that is nevertheless willing to share success with a well-to-do internationally reputable partner that is a professional in commercial property management and investment and has investment resources in the amount of $25-50
  4. 4. million.
  5. 5. Tsarskoye Selo Elite land plot (0.18 ha) near Pavlovsk Park. Highly suitable for construction of a mansion for a family or firm that wants to have its residence in a Airports remarkable place, a reliable parks Plot investment. Pavlovsk Park TOWNHOUSE approx. 250 sq.m. near three Tsarskoye Selo’s parks, For long-term lease or sale with garages, sauna, fireplace etc.
  6. 6. Finland New sustainable resorton the shore of Western Europe’spurest and largest Lake of Saimaa, near the Russian border, with an area of over 300 ha. The resort will host Northern Europe’s largest SPA-hotel, sports and entertainment complex with an ice arena accommodating 4 000 people, open park – concert venue accommodating 15 000 visitors, sauna complex, open swimming pools (total area – 5 000 sq.m.), shops, galleries, restaurants and bars accommodating 2 000 people, new-concept yacht marina with moorage for a hundred of yachts,
  7. 7. professional golf court, stables, cycling, skiing and walking tracks etc.Being representative of the project in Russia, we are able to offer you several thematically and economically interesting and reliable investmentproperties/projects both on the resort’s territory and nearby, including a business center, multi-purpose building, apartment hotel, land plots with rights of residential and commercial construction. This spacious villa is situated on a plot of Exclusive property approx. 0.5 ha not far away from Private Villa the resort’s centre, located near the shore of Lake of Saimaa. A luxurious (total area of 500 sq.m.) property for individual permanent living or for a representative office.
  8. 8. Innovation Center of Eco-Development Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR), Guild of Property (it is the brand name under Managers and Developers (GMD), Chamber ofwhich ROST Group, the oldest group of Commerce and Industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk,companies in St. Petersburg’s real estate market, RuGBC (Russian Green Building Council), NAR,formed in 1990, has been operating since 2009) FIABCI, CEREAN, CEPI; has internationalis member of many Russian and foreign public certificates in all main activities.and professional organizations: