Music influences


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Music influences

  1. 1. Nur Ain YekMusic Influence EssayWaka Waka By ShakiraMusic Element of African music Music is a very important part or essential to our everyday life. You cannotice its influence on everybody’s movement and behavior just by listening tothe different types of music. Their appeal is not all-embracing though, peoplehear them at special certain moments and the or the text captures them. Somemusic has difference influence wheter by the composer of the music or the song.For me, that song that gives a unique influence is “Waka Waka” by Shakira. Thesong has an interesting influence that attracts people to listen to it and made itinto their favorite playlist. Which by“Waka Waka” in African means “Do it”. “Waka Waka” Shakira Album CoverFlickr, On. “Yahoo! Image Detail for - Http://” Yahoo! Image Search.Web. 10 Mar. 2011.
  2. 2. “Waka Waka” is the anthem song for the FIFA World Cup in 2009. Thesong represent the country and player for the world cup and also merge differentpeople from different culture and that whats makes it interesting. “Waka Waka”is listed under this following genre Tribal house, World, Afro-fusion, andSynthpop. The following genre represents the African Music which is fromFreshlyGround. FreshlyGround is a group that combines together with Shakira tosing the song. The song consists of rhythmical African sounds, and represents thedynamism and energy of the song. The difference between Western and Africanrhythm are Western rhythms are classified as ‘additive’ characterized by, relatingto or produced by addition. African rhythms are usually ‘divisive‘ which means asa noun denoting something that divides or separates . From my research, African music is known as percussive. Drums, rattles,bells and gongs be most prominent, and even important melodic instrumentssuch as xylophones and plucked strings are played with percussive techniques.For example the part from the song where the instrument that plays from 0:59to 1:15, and again from 2:45 to 3:22, which the instrument is African guitar. Wecan hear the beat that rhymes with the sounds of the song.You can listen to the song using this link I understand that African music has the power in our minds where thesongs feels alive. “Waka Waka” was originally come from the origin of the African soldiersnamed Zangalewa. I thas a unique history where the song was originally basedupon.
  3. 3. “Waka Waka” is written by Shakira and John Hill including the othercomposers in creating this songs. Shakira and John Hill collaborate together tocreate the song. Shakira was a Spanish Columbian singer where she sings bothSpanish and English songs. The music features Afro-Columbian instrumentation, Soca beat and SouthAfrican guitars which makes the song interesting with collaborative music thathadbeen added. “Soca is a calypso music with elements of soul, originally fromTrinidad”. Here is an example of soca musical pattern showing the drum, bass guitar and marimba beats for a soca music piece. Soca Music Notes Soca is defined as a modern form of calypso with an up-tempo beat.Although there is a misjudgment that Soca is a combination of American soulmusic and traditional calypso around the world. Hence the name “so-ca,” which
  4. 4. means soul or calypso. But it is definitely not true. Soca music has beenoriginated as a combination of calypso with Indian rhythms, thus combining themusicaltraditions to thetwo major ethnic groups of Trinidad and Tobago which by the way is a country inthe Caribbean Sea comprising two islands off the northeastern coast ofVenezuela.
  5. 5. Example of “waka waka “music sheet“Waka Waka Music Sheet” Web.09 Mar. 2011 <>
  6. 6. The music sheet shows that “Waka Waka” has a pentatonic scales whichwe can see where the notes rhythm goes and the pitch is up and down to matchwith the African rhythm. The track in the song is based on the chorus from the 1986 Cameroonianpopular hit song during that time called Zangalewa, featuring an Afro-Columbianinstrumentation with Southern African guitar beats. The interesting fact aboutthis song it was based on the Surinam-Ducth group Trafassi. Trafassi is a groupfrom Dutch. This song represent the mix nationality with African music, traditions andmusic from their culture. It shows that African music is a special influence for“Waka Waka”. By combining and gaining music influences from different culturesand countries will create an amazing song.Bibliography“Caribbean Music 101 - Soca, Soul of Calypso, Origin, Lord Shorty - Father ofSoca.”CaribPlanet - Your Portal to the Best in Caribbean Music. Reggae, Soca, ... Web. 09Mar. 2011. <>.“African Rhythm.” The Award-winning Jazz and African Music Site. FeaturingMidi, Real Audio, Transcriptions, Books, CDs and Links. Lots of Hard-to-Find Information.Web. 09 Mar. 2011. <>.“African Percussion, African Rhythm.” World Drum Percussion Rhythms InternationalMusic Rhythm Web Percussionist Drums Drumming Drummer. Web. 09 Mar. 2011.<>.
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