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The Heroine's Journey in Star Wars The Force Awakens


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The Heroine's Journey step by step in Star Wars The Force Awakens

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The Heroine's Journey in Star Wars The Force Awakens

  1. 1. The Heroine’s Journey In Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  2. 2. Campbell's Model: The Hero's Journey My Model: The Heroine's Journey World of Common Day World of Common Day Call To Adventure Call To Adventure- A Desire to Reconnect with the Feminine Refusal of The Call Refusal of The Call Supernatural Aid The Ruthless Mentor & Bladeless Talisman Crossing The First Threshold Belly of the Whale Crossing the First Threshold: Opening One’s Senses Road of Trials Sidekicks, Trials, Adversaries Meeting With The Goddess Woman as Temptress Marriage to the Animus, Confronting the Powerless Father Atonement with The Father Apotheosis Atonement with the Mother. Apotheosis through the Feminine The Ultimate Boon Reward: Winning the Family The Magic Flight Magic Flight Reinstating the Family Master of the Two Worlds Power over Life and Death
  3. 3. Common Day The tale begins in the humdrum world of kitchen chores and powerlessness. The hero or heroine lives with an absent mother and brutal stepmother. The father figure, if there is one, is equally obstructive. More than anything, the girl longs for an escape, an adventure. Here the story begins.
  4. 4. Call to Adventure Without a catalyst, Cinderella might remain in her kitchen forever. Some event, either a chance at freedom and happiness or a devastating act of destruction propels the heroine from her place of safety and into the frightening world of the spirit.
  5. 5. Hero • Heroes quest to defeat the Dark Lord and rule as the High King
  6. 6. …and Heroine The heroine quests to save loved ones, a quest as dangerous as any journey of the hero.
  7. 7. Modern Questors
  8. 8. Refusing the Call Here, the hero is faced with the unknown. By contrast, home represents safety and security, a place the child is loathe to leave.
  9. 9. Threshold The heroine must surrender her reliance on logic and willingly enter the world of emotion and fantasy.
  10. 10. Lightsaber: Male Talismans • Warrior Woman often have male weapons, clothes, mentor, nemesis. • Mu Lan, Atlanta, Athena, Artemis, Éowyn, Batgirl, Xena, Buffy, Katniss
  11. 11. Feminine weapons • More feminine warriors are more likely to fight with distance weapons – bows, spears, the lasso, the whip, and the chakram.
  12. 12. Rey’s Weapons • Staff (distance weapon, linked with nature) • Han’s blaster is a silver distance weapon, suggesting deeper mysticism.
  13. 13. Ruthless Mentor, Bladeless Talisman While heroes almost always receive a sword (wand, lightsaber…) from their kindly old mentor, girls walk away with household objects. All of the heroines accomplish their quests without violence, needing cleverness and fortitude more than Excalibur.
  14. 14. The Heroine’s Treasures Feminine symbols: amulet, apple, bag, ball, bird, bow, cauldron, cave, circle, cloak, clothing, comb, crown, cup, egg, eye, flowers, forest, girdle, glove, grail, helmet, home, hood, hoop, jewelry, keys, lasso, mirror, moon, night, oven, ring, rose, serpent, slippers, spindle, spiral, thread, tree, vase, veil, voice, water, web, well, whip.
  15. 15. Sidekicks, Trials, Adversaries Animal helpers & advisers generally represent part of the heroine’s psyche, pointing out things she doesn’t notice and teaching her how to outwit her adversary. They guide her along her path, bolstering her courage when the quest seems daunting.
  16. 16. Shapeshifter/Bluebeard In the game of love, the hero and heroine each view their partner as a shapeshifter with frightening mood swings and unpredictable desires. Hence, many tales appear about enticing swan maidens from the sea or taming beastly monsters into Prince Charmings. Finn is such a transformer. Some stories have a murderous spouse or stalker whom the heroine is trapped with and must evade.
  17. 17. Prince Charming: The Helpless Father At some point, the heroine returns home to discover the prince, or father-figure, cannot save her. She must leave the patriarchy and rely on herself.
  18. 18. Descent into Death The heroine descends into the realm of darkness toward initiation and wisdom, seeking her own elusive dark side. There she will find her greatest challenge…herself.
  19. 19. Prince’s Castle • While the hero visits the realm of death (the feminine sphere), The Little Mermaid and The Six Swans see heroines trapped in the patriarchy’s tower where they have no power.
  20. 20. Facing the Shadow
  21. 21. Villains: The Child-Killer
  22. 22. Villains: Patriarchal Destroyer
  23. 23. Reward Triumphant, the heroine wins what she has sought for so long. She snatches her lover from the Fairie Queen’s horse, or saves her child from certain death. She may find the brief romance she’s sought for so long. Still, the quest has not ended, until she returns safely home.
  24. 24. More on the journey