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Mythic Names in Harry Potter


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Discover the origins of names in Harry Potter -- Greek, Celtic, Norse, Roman and more. Includes Cursed Child!

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Mythic Names in Harry Potter

  1. 1. Names from Myth:Names from Myth: Greek, Roman, Celtic,Greek, Roman, Celtic, and Moreand More
  2. 2. • Rowling explains in Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies, “A very great variety of first names are given to children by their wizard parents, some of them being what we might think of as Muggle names (e.g. James, Harry, Ronald), others giving a distinct flavour of the personality or destiny of the bearer (e.g. Xenophilius, Remus, Alecto).” (Kindle Locations 518-520).
  3. 3. • Rowling adds that these “destined names” are actually chosen after consulting with destiny, explaining, “A certain sector of magical society, however, follows the ancient wizarding practice of consulting a Naming Seer, who (usually for a hefty payment of gold) will predict the child’s future and suggest an appropriate moniker.” Presumably, this is why Remus Lupin is so-named before he’s even bitten. (Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies, Kindle Locations 523-524).
  4. 4. GreekGreek NamesNames • Hermione Granger • Hermes, Percy’s owl • Alastor Moody • Argus Filch • Sybill Trelawny • Alecto Carrow • Amycus Carrow • Merope Gaunt • Nymphadora Tonks • Andromeda Tonks • Xenophilius Lovegood • Delphini
  5. 5. Roman Gods and LatinRoman Gods and Latin NamesNames • Pomona Sprout • Minerva McGonagall • Silvanus Kettleburn • Septima Vector (Arithmancy) • Quirinus Quirrel • Remus Lupin • Aurora Sinistra (Astronomy) • Albus Dumbledore • Luna Lovegood
  6. 6. Roman SkiesRoman Skies • Stars: Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius Black, Alphard Black, Arcturus Black, Pollux Black, and Regulus Black • Constellations: Draco Malfoy, Scorpius Malfoy, Andromeda Tonks, Cassiopeia Black, Cygnus Black, and Orion Black
  7. 7. Roman SkiesRoman Skies
  8. 8. IndiaIndia • The pantheons themselves weren’t a strong match, but there are a few particular references to consider. • Parvati is the wife of the god Shiva, known for her courage (the perfect Gryffindor). • “Padma” refers to Saraswati, the goddess of intellect (the perfect Ravenclaw). • Nagin is used for the female snake in Hindi, while Nagini’s power parallels the mythic nagas, or snake-people of tales.
  9. 9. Celtic CorrespondencesCeltic CorrespondencesDumbledore The Dagda: The All father, god of the arts, knowledge, magic, prophecy, prosperity, and regeneration Rubeus Hagrid Rudiobus, the Celtic god of horses Filius Flitwick Sucellos, the Celtic 'good striker' and smith god Gilderoy Lockhart Angus Og, the beautiful male god of love Minerva McGonagall Brighid, the triple goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft  Severus Snape Lugh, the tormented god of healing, reincarnation, prophecy, knowledge, and revenge. He was forbidden to wed any woman and his flower wife betrayed him for another. His sign was the white stag. Madam Rosmerta Rosmerta "The Great Provider“: Celtic Goddess of fertility and wealth. Sybill Trelawny Corra, Goddess of Prophecy, transcendent knowledge, and transitions. The rune stones, crystal balls, and tarot cards were her symbols. Dolores Umbridge and the Carrows The triple war goddesses Badb/ Madb/Macha Mad-Eye Moody Balor of the Evil Eye Isolt’s ancestor is “the famous Irish witch Morrigan” This “Animagus whose creature form was a crow” was actually a goddess in Celtic myth. Peter Pettigrew Nuada of the Silver Hand could use it as well as his living one. He was toppled from his throne because he was no longer whole. James Potter Cernunnos the stag, a forest god who dies each year in the sacred marriage only to return more powerful.
  10. 10. ArthurianArthurian • “Merlin” and “Morgana” famous wizard cards. • The magic ceiling above Hogwarts’ Great Hall is an exact copy of the ceiling above Arthur’s Round Table. • As Arthur was the only one who could pull the sword from the stone, so Harry is the only one who could pull the Sorcerer’s Stone from his pocket. • The Goblet of Fire, the graillike object Harry quests for • Names: Ginevra (Italian for Guinevere), Arthur Weasley, Voldemort/MORdred, and Percival. • Percival, of course, offers the Arthurian link. He was a valiant fighter who quested for the grail (or in Harry Potter’s world, the Horcruxes) but failed in his goal. His teenage protégé Galahad succeeded, through immaculate faith and goodness. Clear parallels appear here with the Dumbledore-Harry relationship. Percival Dumbledore (father to Albus) and his namesake, Percy Weasley, likewise appear as knights who fail, but leave others to battle and complete the great quest against Voldemort • Isolt Sayre, founder of Ilvermorny
  11. 11. The Hallows of BritainThe Hallows of Britain The Earliest Hallows Powers Later Hallows Tarot Symbols Grail Hallows Rowling’s Objects Shining spear of Lugh Provides victory in any fight The Pole of Combat Spear or Wand Crucifixion Spear Elder Wand Sword of Nuadu Always destroys its target The Sword of Light Sword Broken Sword Godric’s Sword Cauldron of Dagda Provides endless food The Cauldron of Cure Cup The Grail Hermione’s Beaded Bag Stone of Fal Confers kingship The Stone of Destiny Pentacle Platter or Stone Resurrection Stone
  12. 12. The Thirteen Treasures of Britain, Arthurian The Arthurian Hallows The Mantle of Arthur The Whetstone of Tudwal Tudglyd The Chariot of Morgan the Wealthy Dyrnwyn, Sword of Rhydderch The Coat of Padarn Red-Coat Chessboard of Gwendd- olau Halter of Clydno Eiddyn Other Arthurian Hallows Ability Makes the wearer invisible Ensures death follows wounding. Travels at great speed to any location. Bursts into flame. Identifies those of noble birth. Plays by itself. Calls any horse into it (for summon- ing aid). Produce and prepare food and drink Rowling Invisibility cloak Sword of Gryffindor Apparition Fiendfyre Sorting Hat Wizard Chess Sirius’s Mirror Beaded Bag
  13. 13.