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DeskCenter IT Comics Volume 3


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DeskCenter IT Management Software Solutions.
IT Management is no Joke! Take a look at some IT humor.

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DeskCenter IT Comics Volume 3

  1. 1. By Deone Williams IT & System Management Solutions Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3
  2. 2. Starring… Danny. He is the IT Director. His responsibilities include managing computers, software, licenses, assets, patches etc. and ensuring that the IT infrastructure is secure and running smoothly. He also oversees any technical support for the help desk division that maintains and troubleshoots problems. Danny is also responsible for stroking his boss' ego and for making important decisions that his superiors may be unable to make! Vicky Pell. She works at DeskCenter USA. She is responsible for assuring all your IT issues will be resolved with their award winning software solutions. She is generally over the top and goes above and beyond. Vicky is a role model at DeskCenter and it is even rumored that she might have a secret identity tied to mysterious “Software Girl”. Hank Klein. He is the big shot. The proverbial big whale. He runs the company with an iron fist. He expects big profit and efficiency and loves when the job gets done. He is stern but he is fair. Mr. Klein knows what he is doing, or rather he knows people who know what they are doing! Hank is not a happy person when there are an IT problems.
  3. 3. DeskCenter understands companies’ need to be more effective and decrease costs to be competitive and successful. It is why they have developed an affordable IT Solution for businesses of all sizes and all industries. Their award winning software provides control and manageability for the entire IT infrastructure. These solutions are immediately productive and greatly reduces operational costs.
  4. 4. It’s easy to go with the most commonly used software but lets face it, being part of the crowd for your IT solution will only leave you frustrated and feeling lifeless against on-going IT problems. DeskCenter provides a unique solution with a fast installation and is immediately productive; operating from a single data base and central dashboard. DeskCenter’s solutions will eliminate repetitive IT tasks, complex issues and control your entire IT infrastructure effectively. Be up and running in 2 – 3 days and start living again! Don’t Get Caught Up In The Crowd with Commonly Used Expensive Solutions
  5. 5. DeskCenter manages hardware, assets, licenses, users and workstations in an easy, fast and secure away. Deploy, patch, inventory, and generate reports and Helpdesk tickets easily for your entire IT environment and bring your network back to life. As a matter of fact you can control your whole network from a laptop anywhere and even schedule patches and deploy software on off hours.
  6. 6. Danny is able to meet all his IT needs, especially Hank’s demanding requirements with an affordable package from DeskCenter. DeskCenter is already reducing Danny’s budget costs and saving time. Danny can’t thank Vicky enough for being patient, answering all his questions and supplying him with the perfect solution which resolved all his problems and exceeded his expectations. Danny is secretly hoping that some of the money he saved his company will find it’s way into his bonus.
  7. 7. Also For VARs, MSPs and other Resellers and All Questions DeskCenter’s Partner Program delivers resellers an award-winning solution with great value and control for clients. For questions and to speak with a representative call 516 442-1508. Preview New 9.8 IT Management Solutions in an Upcoming live Webcast Dates: March 19 @ 12:00 – 1:00 pm & April 9 @ 12:00 – 1:00 pm EST To Register: Use links/call 516 442-1508 or visit Register Now March 19 Register Now April 9 Experience a free full version (includes 20 apps & Helpdesk) Download Now DeskCenter software enables a user to track, patch, deploy, image, inventory assets, create reports easily and more. Compare DeskCenter to Kace, LANDesk and Altiris & lose the huge price tag and expensive annual maintenance costs! (DeskCenter USA provides a faster installation, is user friendly, has a small footprint and is non-intrusive). Special discounts for schools, government organizations and non-profits. Deone Williams | Account Manager Valerie Pesce | Client Services Jacqueline Muratore | Client services DeskCenter USA Inc. l Phone 516 442-1508 l 309 West Park Ave l Long Beach, NY 11561