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Software Deployment by DeskCenter USA


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Software Deployment by DeskCenter USA

  1. 1. Software Deployment The challenge A successful deployment of a new operating sys- tem depends on how a variety of applications would have to be applied to all systems during this process. For most IT managers this becomes a long lasting process. DeskCenter Management Suite only requires a few steps to automatically deploy a server or a desktop system to conform to the tasks at hand. Software Management without compromises Centrally controlled, automated Software De- ployment with DeskCenter Management Suite provides a flexible solution that offers to create complete software packages for the entire orga- nization. It provides trouble-free deployment of: • Microsoft Installer (MSI) packages • ThinApp packages (VMWare) • Standard setups and drivers • Batch files and scripts DeskCenter‘s fully automated installation, confi- guration and support requires low-maintenance operation of the supported clients. The Suite pro- vides many advanced software deployment func- tions. In addition to the essential requirements, it manages a huge number of addional key features. In many cases, software packages can not only be installed but also uninstalled and damaged installations can be fixed. License Like all DeskCenter Management Suite modules, DeskCenter Software Deployment is licensed per client. This software management tool requires DeskCenter‘s Basic Package. USA Software Management
  2. 2. Key Features • Installation of standard setups, MSI packages and service packs • Integration of virtualization platform (ThinApp) • Deliver, update and uninstall software packages with software rules • Combine installations into software packages • Full support of all MSI functions like installation, repair and reinstallation • Integrated use of redundant software deployers for software packages • Integration of script actions before and after the setup • Cache for software installations Adaptive Setup Mechanisms DeskCenter Management Suite supports the most common methods of deployment like in- stallation of MSI packages, standard setups and driver installation using INF files. DeskCenter Package Studio adds flexibility to convert com- plex applications, which do not allow unattended installations into an MSI package and roll them out. Comprehensive Job Control Installations can scheduled or done immediately. Jobs run in the background or the user can ac- tively influence the process. For each setup, the user can control the available bandwidth to avoid the delivery of large software packages over slow networks. Redundant Software Deployers For the software installation, the System Manager uses redundant software deployers. This further facilitates the usage of available bandwidth and adds to a distributed IT lifecycle for sites that are starved for IT resources. Software Rules DeskCenter Management Suite provides sever- al rules by which the software can be installed, uninstalled or updated to the current state. With new requirements or systems, the predefined rules are automatically activated to install relative soft- ware packages. This guarantees the same status of installations for the entire IT infrastructure. Software rules can be applied to computers or the users. Your Advantage • Automated installation or reinstallation by using rules • Combining packages into software groups • Status Displays in the SDI agent • Effective time management and control of bandwidths • Powerful, integrated editor to define installations • Optimized version management of packages by using MSI Automated Setup and Central Software Deployment DeskCenter® software, DeskCenter® Software logos and all other DeskCenter® software products or service names are registered trademarks of DeskCenter® Solutions AG. © 2010 DeskCenter® Solutions AG. All rights reserved. DeskCenter® USA is the registered trademark of DeskCenter® USA. © 2010 DeskCenter® USA. All rights reserved. Power of One. DeskCenter USA, Inc. 309 West Park Avenue Long Beach, NY 11561 Direct: (516) 442-1508 Sales: (516) 442-1509 Fax: (516) 442-0282 USA Software Management