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Software Asset Management


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Software Asset Management Webinar and Free Download at

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Software Asset Management

  1. 1. Software Asset Management See a Webcast And Try a Free Trial Control your assets—and your bottom line 516 442-1508 Special Rates for Schools, government and non-profits Partnership for VARs, consultants and other resellers IT Asset Management The IT Asset Management enables you to manage all your workstationsinaveryeasyand efficient way. You can collect and analyze all relevant information, like components and purchase data of your workstations, for a maximum of control and efficiency (e.g. running costs). Cost Transparency Important information can already be added to your systems, componentsorassetsduring first detection. The comprehensive cost center allocation, connection to supplier information, service agreements, depreciation and leasing information and the integrationintothe License Managementallow atransparent management of all assets. The DeskCenter System Manager also allows dynamic data changes. If, for example, a location, a room or a cost center is changed, this information is also updated for all systems, users and components that are assigned to this asset. Many different systemnumbers(e.g.inventorynumber) canbe assignedtoevery asset. Combined with DeskCenter .Pocket, you have the perfect solution for mobile inventory. User Integration Systems or components can be assigned to users. This makes it easy to find out which system or component is used by which user. Of course, you also have the option to import asset data from existing databases or external systems. Please see User Management for further info. . DeskCenterUSA Inc. l Phone 516 442-1508 l For a free consultation, pricing and to see how we can satisfy your needs and work within your budget call 516 442-1508 Free Trial Download Now Webcasts showcase the latest in leading IT and Lifecycle technology Upcoming Webcast Date: September 10 & 25 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST To Register: Use links or call 516 442-1508 Register Now Sept 10 Register Now Sept 25 Enterprise Suite (flexible purchasing options available) More Info  Inventory Management  Asset Management  User Management  License Management  Software Asset Management & DNA  Application Metering  File and Contract Repository  Real-time System Management  Energy Management  Software Deployment  OS Deployment  Patch Management  Helpdesk  Service Calendar 309 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY 11561