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DeskCenter USA IT Green Energy Management


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Save $15,000 per every 200 computers annually. Experience a Free Download @ or call 516 442-1508 for information or webcast.

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DeskCenter USA IT Green Energy Management

  1. 1. Green IT Responsibility Environmental protection and sustainable, conscious use of energy and resources has become a priority for many organizations. In times of increasingly scarce resourcesDeskCenter USA‘s and rising energy prices, the awareness ofContribution to the environmental issues is developing into aEnvironment cornerstone of any corporate strategy. The PC Energy Report 2009 shows that only 56% of employees in the UK and Germa- ny (50% of employees in the US) shutdown their systems after hours, resulting in huge wastes of money and unnecessary CO2 emission. In light of it all, the energy-sa-IT Energy Management ving networks and optimized processes are(included "free of charge" in the especially vital.Basic Package) Tangible Potential A considerable savings potential has been revealed for a network with 1,000 clients. Approximately 40 tons of avoidable CO2 are emitted per annum, if only one out of five PCs isn’t powered down at the end of the workday - even if the PCs are switched off during the weekend. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 emission caused by The Challenge 20 cars during the same period*. With the Global economy and global ecology are the electricity priced at $0.20/kWh, the po- subjects on everyone’s mind. For many or- tential of annual savings amounts to about ganizations, energy preservation - due to $16,500. Powerful client management the escalating costs of natural resources and software with comprehensive Energy Ma- new legislative regulations - as a result of nagement functionality can help avoid such widespread abuse of the system; and the en- wasteful costs and will help recoup them vironmental challenges are the realities that within a short time. Sustainability of the businesses must address. The ecologically IT architecture can be achieved with Desk- friendly DeskCenter Management Suite Center Energy Management to fulfill eco- offers solutions for quick and transparent logical and economical requirements. energy cost reduction. DeskCenter Energy Management empowers you to use energy more efficiently, relieves the stress on your *Mileage 10,000 miles/year, 85g of CO2 per mile budget and protects the environment at the same time by reducing the CO2 emissions. USA
  2. 2. Green IT The Power of One. Environmental Consciousness, Energy Efficiency & Responsibility Smart Energy Management The centralized process of conserving ener- Energy Management is an essential part of gy resources by powering PCs down ensures DeskCenter Management Suite Basic Pa- that the systems are not left unattended. ckage. It can wake up and shutdown PCs DeskCenter Energy Management helps automatically according to user-defined avoid unauthorized access to your network schedules and ensures that PCs are powered and to sensitive company information. As down overnight, on weekends and during an additional benefit, you prolong the use- holidays. The user can also be given the op- ful life of your hardware. tion to delay the shutdown if they want to continue using the system. Virtualization Many users do not power down their PCs Server virtualization is a major component because they simply don‘t want to wait un- in creating lean IT infrastructure that redu- til the PC is shutdown or because it would ces physical footprint and operational costs take too long to start it again the next day. while increasing productivity, operational DeskCenter offers the IT staff the ability flexibility and responsiveness. to control this comfortably from a central dashboard. DeskCenter Management Suite provides support for virtual environments as well The wakeup and shutdown schedules provi- as physical systems. DeskCenter ThinApp de additional benefits. IT staff can install Editor and DeskCenter Software Deploy- updates and security patches during the off ment automatically and conveniently edit hours to increase the performance of your and deploy virtual packages to your PCs. IT infrastructure and guarantee a continu- ous workflow during the daytime. Increased Security Powering down unused PCs not only bene- fits the environment but also increases the company’s overall IT security. Industrial espionage and corporate crime is a daily threat for many businesses but they often lack adequate protection against such risks. USA DeskCenter USA Inc. 309 West Park Avenue Long Beach, NY 11561 Direct: (516) 442-1508 Sales: (516) 442-1509 Fax: (516) 442-0282 www.deskcenter.comDeskCenter® software, DeskCenter® Software logos and all other DeskCenter® software products or service names are registered trademarks of DeskCenter® Solutions AG. © 2010 DeskCenter® Solutions AG. All rights reserved. DeskCenter® USA is the registered trademark of DeskCenter® USA. © 2010 DeskCenter® USA. All rights reserved.