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DeskCenter provides Special Discounts for schools, gov't & non profits.


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Deskcenter IT Management solutions provides special discounts for schools, government organizations and non profits. Experience a free download @ and free webcast, call 516 4421508.or email to

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DeskCenter provides Special Discounts for schools, gov't & non profits.

  1. 1. Client Management Helping you grow your School and College and keep your IT environment transparent and compliant Immediate Benefits • Grow your Student Body Better and easier control of your computer environment resulting in less down time, fast reboot, efficient updates, and performance monitoring allows more students to use the computer labs. Help isn‘t Needed, It‘s Required Education providers and their IT managers are often faced with the challenge of managing large number of systems with limited staff and shrinking budget. It has become a huge support effort with a lot of intensive, manual labor to maintain and document IT activities - often for multiple locations simultaneously. Improving the control of IT operations requires an expert IT solution. With the DeskCenter Management Suite you can administer all school computers in minutes; manage users, maintain licenses, handle documents - all with a minimum effort and at affordable prices. • Control your Spending Know precisely which computers, operating systems, applications, and other hardware components comprise your infrastructure. Reports can be run automatically or upon immediate request. • Stay in Compliance Know what your students are doing on the computers. No need to remotely login to the system, just request a report of the activities and have it delivered to your desktop automatically on a schedule. • Save on your Energy Costs Stay Green and significantly reduce your electricity consumption, as well as your schools CO2 footprint, by scheduling which computers need to be shut down overnight and / or over the weekend. Cont‘ed...
  2. 2. Client Management The Power of One. Making Systems Management even more affordable • Respond immediately Redeploy your computer systems to their original configuration in 30 minutes or less should they get compromised by viruses or spyware. • Supervise and Train Assist your teachers in their quest to provide best computer based training by login to the systems remotely. • Conform to Software Agreements Be assured that only approved software is installed and used at the school’s premises. Receive a list of possibly unapproved software packages automatically on schedule or upon immediate request. • Search and Find Instantly Locate any important file or document in a matter of seconds on your entire network. • Be up to Date Always stay current with every new update for all your applications or operating systems which can be installed automatically or upon approval for delivery by systems personnel. • affordable • expandable at any time via 15 apps, such as: - Software Distribution - Software Asset Management - Operating System Deployment - Patch Management - Helpdesk/Service Calendar Centrally Managed Inventory Inventory will automatically and completely register all computers, including hardware and software data agentlessly. License Overview Detect software and OS licenses agentlessly and present them in a comprehensive view. Get to know whether the number of purchased licenses matches the actual number installed. Complete Documentation Automatically or manually include all financial data while performing an inventory. Get the maximum control via the asset management and user-defined fields. User Management Identify every user in the environment. Create, manage and reset passwords, assign employees to assets, and many more functions. Perfect Reports Pre-defined or custom reports create an overview of the inventory, users, and all of the software in the school. Full inventory, lists, surveys and statistics are available in minutes. The DeskCenter Management Suite is: • ideal for systems administrators managing several schools at once • excellent for difficult to coordinate, different and time-consuming tasks • ideal for the integrated management and Remote Management in scattered sites Free Trial is Available at: • ready in 15-30 minutes • easy to use • integrating easily into any environment USA DeskCenter USA 218 East Park Avenue Suite 310 Long Beach, NY 11561 Tel (516) 442 1508 Fax (646) 607 2834 DeskCenter® software, DeskCenter® Software logos and all other DeskCenter® software products or service names are registered trademarks of DeskCenter® Solutions AG. © 2010 DeskCenter® Solutions AG. All rights reserved. DeskCenter® USA is the registered trademark of DeskCenter® USA. © 2010 DeskCenter® USA. All rights reserved.