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IT & Lifecycle Management Technology by DeskCenter USA


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IT & Lifecycle Management Technology by DeskCenter USA

  1. 1. The Power of One IT & Lifecycle Management Solutions
  2. 2. The only solution designed from the ground up Flexible because it is built in a modular way, the DeskCenter Management Suite has a unique usa- bility in all modules. It was developed from the ground up to guarantee the seamless integration of all modules. All functions are available from a central dashboard with a consistent user interface and structure. The Suite that grows with your needs. The DeskCenter Management Suite gives you the freedom to choose. All functions are included from the beginning. You can add modules by just chan- ging the license key at any time. The various applications as outlined below can be chosen either in the Base Package, Deployment Pa- ckage or a SAM Package: OS Deployment Installing operation systems made easy. The Suite enables you to install complete operating systems fully automated. Software Deployment Supply any number of departments, groups or users with the software they need. Individually or fully automated and remotely. Software Packaging Create and edit your software packages yourself and distribute them with the DeskCenter Ma- nagement Suite automatically. The Suite supports all current installers, such as the Microsoft Installer and is able to handle re-packaging or migration of msi files. Patch Management Patches and updates can be provided and ma- naged securely. The Suite gathers the patches, filters them and makes sure that no undesired additions are installed. Realtime System Management Do your support in the fastest and most conve- nient way from your desk. You are able to use all commands that can be run on a workstation, remotely and in real time. It doesn’t matter if you manage a bunch of PCs at a time or just one with classic remote ma- nagement. Active Scripting The Active Scripting Toolbox gives you the pos- sibility to run customized scripts at any time and gives you the interface to exchange data with other applications or even to integrate the tools of your choice.
  3. 3. IT Lifecycle Management The DeskCenter Management Suite includes all aspects of a typical lifecycle IT Management. These functions help you to manage the whole lifespan of your systems, from purchase to disposal: Inventory DeskCenter Management Suite is the basis of all modules. It gathers all hard- and software asset data and stores it in the open database automa- tically. All system details are gathered, prepro- cessed and sorted. The open database gives you access to them in any way you need it. You have all workstations in your network under control. If something changes, you are informed auto- matically. The DeskCenter Management Suite is able to integrate into every network with at least 5 different approaches to inventory systems. It can be used with or without an agent. You can manage even sensitive environments. Asset Management Manage whole workplaces in a comfortable and convenient way. The asset management enables you to manage all items of a workplace, such as screen, PC, telephone or even a desk and chair. For a maximum of control, supervision and transparency, you are always up to date with your asset review (aging, replacement and repur- posing of licenses). User Management In addition to hardware, software and assets you can also manage users and documents. This is the point where access rights are embedded. File and Contract Repository Store, find and connect files, documents and contracts – with the DeskCenter Management Suite you always have them readily available. Connect the file, documents, contracts or ma- nuals to the relevant assets or users. Connect everything with any aspect of your infrastructure (assets and people). Even judicial important contracts are always under control and up to date. Depending on the access rights, users can access the documents as read only or be able to change them. Reporting Run valuable and relevant analysis on your collected data. Fully automated, regularly or on demand. You can customize each report. Ad- ditionally you can setup up an automatic mail notification with your saved reports. You can inform the respective employees if new tasks are created. Huge amounts of data beco- mes transparent and manageable. In essence, the system provides for any possible reporting structure to be implemented. Due to the fact that all data resides in a single databa- se, any report can be generated across various applications.
  4. 4. A strong connection. Solutions that support the system administrator and improve the support and the service ma- nagement are combined with the management functions offered by the DeskCenter Manage- ment Suite. Helpdesk The Helpdesk connects all information relevant to your Helpdesk tickets, accessing the open database. The Helpdesk is a tool to record incidents. Sup- port calls are recorded as trouble tickets and a work assignment is created. While working on the trouble ticket you always have direct access to all your data. The helpdesk is intuitive in its usage and incidents and their solutions can be documented, analyzed and supported. Knowledge Base Publish the solution of any incident publicly on the DeskCenter .Web interface. Here trouble ti- ckets can be created, serviced and documented. This Knowledge Base helps your clients to help themselves and saves time and resources. Service Calendar This calendar manages all your support issues, employees’ appointments, giving them all the needed information through connecting a trou- ble ticket to the appointment. Software License Management The management of software licenses is part of the lifecycle management – in the DeskCenter Management Suite it’s a module of its own. The terms of licenses are growing more and more complex, requiring a complete chain of docu- mentation. The Suite offers special options for a fast and secure approach to this topic: License Management The complete control and management of purchased licenses becomes more important. The active license management offers you the possibility to securely manage all your opera- ting systems, applications and license contracts. It will automatically notify you if any action is required. Additionally you get the chance to have your licenses recorded automatically, sa- ving you a tremendous amount of time. The automatic license detection analyzes ma- nufacturers and details of your licenses and their usage from the gathered data. You can use the license managmenet for audits with just a few clicks. It guarantees a fast way to monitor and check all your licenses in use. The DeskCenter License Management is one of the most comprehensive in the industry re- presenting over 9,000 manufacturers with over 90,000 products and over 900,000 variations to their licensing status.
  5. 5. One small step for you. One giant leap for your IT - The Power of One With DeskCenter Management Suite you can provide an efficient environment with ease of use for your IT Department. Discover a complete solution with leading edge technology "21st Century Technology" adhe- ring to industry requirements as it will redefine your expectations. The mature, intuitive usability will help to: • Deal with all administrative tasks • Control complex IT structures • Manage workflows • All processes operated off one database • Capable of being integrated into every environment • Open interfaces to other systems (such as SAP) • User friendly, fast and productive • Shortest return on investment for this type of full featured application. Less Effort. More Benefit. With the DeskCenter Management Suite you can manage hardware, licenses, users and whole workstations in an easy, secure and fast way. You will be able to install, detect, monitor and evaluate every system in your IT environment. Everything becomes easier, traceable and trans- parent. One Database. Unlimited Possibilities. Having all data in one open database makes the difference. All your company‘s data integrates seamlessly. This fact makes it easy for you to connect, manage, compare and trace all in- formation without barriers, for comprehensive management analysis and control. Simple Integration. Fast Reward. The DeskCenter Management Suite is ground- breaking in terms of usability and simplicity. Its capability of adding value to all business processes is immense. All this is achieved effec- tively with a rapid return on investement.
  6. 6. DeskCenter USA Inc. 309 West Park Avenue Long Beach, NY 11561 Direct: (516) 442-1508 Sales: (516) 442-1509 Fax: (516) 442-0282 USA Nothing is as telling as a good reference. Honeywell This global cooperation appreciates the Suite and the open database. The unique way of ac- cessing all data of hardware, software, assets and licenses enables them to manage their environ- ment effectively and securely. Lufthansa AirPlus This company uses the product to automatical- ly distribute software and deploy operating sys- tems. All tasks are handled centrally from one desk with real time management. Lotto The purchase of software licenses results in a number of complex tasks. The Lotto-Toto GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt solves all of them with the DeskCenter License Management. State Ministry for country development and traffic The ministry manages their whole software life- cycle with the DeskCenter Management Suite. This includes installation, deployment and license management. Using the system management module, they solve all their tasks in real time, even using re- mote workstations. Problems with the business processes are documented and solved with the DeskCenter Helpdesk system. PricewaterhouseCoopers The consultancy uses the DeskCenter Ma- nagement Suite to inventory their servers. All relevant data and system details are ga- thered automatically Sparkasse - Regional Bank The Suite complies with the requirements for holistic IT management and security of banks and financial service providers. The service package is perfected by several help- desk workstations for secure and effective Support. Volkswagen AG The cooperation works with the DeskCen- ter Management Suite to simplify the moni- toring and supervision of their highly sensi- tive production environment. The integrated Helpdesk ensures a consi- stent documentation and makes sure that their support team is provided all necessary information.