DeskCenter USA IT Lifecycle Management Tools


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DeskCenter USA IT Lifecycle Management Tools

  1. 1. IT & System Management Tools IT’s a simple solution to a more Successful Business and IT Environment DeskCenter USA IT Lifecycle Management DeskCenter Management Suite provides single point mapping of all your software processes and assets. Detection of all attributes and properties of your software catalog can easily be accessible to be used as a basis for workflow and processes reports. Planning A solid infrastructure starts with Planning & Organization. From a financial stand point, knowing your actual software catalog saves on purchasing software or additional licenses already owned. Desk Center Management Studio's Inventory function helps to provide a clear understanding of your company's software catalog. More Information Purchase The File and Contract Repository gives the documentation of your acquired software transparency and makes it easily comprehensible. You can assign documents; such as contracts or license agreements, directly to the relevant software asset. More Information Installation / Deployment Deployments and Installations have never been more convenient with the OS Deployment application. Workstation roll outs will take days, instead of weeks. Software Deployment compliments OS Deployment by rolling out necessary programs (exe, msi, etc.) This optimizes time, while increases infrastructure efficiency. Real time System Management is the perfect module for IT support (remote management and control of processes). More Information Software Asset Management Software Asset Management (DNA) identifies all installed applications accurately. Preparing for audits of any kind can be difficult, Software audits are no different, maybe even more difficult (unless you keep accurate records of all license and product data) to avoid inefficient or incorrect licensing and increase legal certainty and predictability. SAM DNA delivers valid data which is the basis to avoid risks and make costs more transparent. In addition, the module Application Metering delivers useful information on what software is used and how often. More Information
  2. 2. Maintenance / Security Patch Management provides your PCs with the latest patches and updates to make sure that your software is always up to date. You can manage all systems at one time. Patch Management is also a very important tool for a professional license management. More Information Support DeskCenter Helpdesk optimizes and improves internal processes and enhances support productivity at the same time. The Service Calendar is a suitable addition to manage all your appointments and tasks. With the web frontend you have mobile access to the helpdesk system at any time. More Information Disposal / Renewal The DeskCenter Management Suite helps you to decide what software to keep, what software to dispose of or to renew. The modules Software Deployment, Application Metering and Software Asset Management work hand in hand. More Information For all questions, free consultation and to speak with a representative call 516 442-1508. Corporate Contact Information Valerie Pesce l Client Services DeskCenter USA Inc. Phone 516 442-1508 l Fax 516 442-0282 309 West Park Ave l Long Beach, NY 11561 Partner Program for VARs, MSPs & Other Resellers