DeskCenter USA IT Management Base Package


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DeskCenter USA IT Management Base Package

  1. 1. Base Package Base Package The DeskCenter Management Suite Base Package is the foundation to deliver most of its functionality within the IT Lifecycle Management. • • • • • • The need to... ...effectively managing IT infrastructures requires careful consideration of the tools to administer core business assets. Knowing an organization‘s hardware, software and licensing data is the essence of Inventory and Asset Management. The DeskCenter Management Suite‘s Base Package - Inventory and Asset Management - provides much needed control and monitoring of your IT environment. With this comes automation of otherwise routine and time-consuming daily tasks. It is also a foundation to deliver many of its other solutions. Hardware and Software Inventory IT Asset Management User Management License Management Document Management Reporting Base Package creates a solid foundation for all IT processes and functions which create an efficient systems management. The solution adapts to the business needs and can be easily expanded later by adding additional apps from the DeskCenter Management Suite. The innovative database design allows for a flexible data exchange between its apps from a single database and central dashboard. USA
  2. 2. Base Package The Power of One. Solid Foundation for Today‘s IT Management Inventory More than 3,500 unique system details can be recorded with the DeskCenter‘s Base Package. The inventory will include hardware, software and license components (4 out of 5 inventory methods are completely agentless). IT Asset Management Management of the inventoried assets enables the collection and the analysis of all infrastructure components. DeskCenter‘s comprehensive cost center adds much needed cost transparency. In addition, systems or their components can be easily linked with the user controlled data - making it a unique combination of technical and commercial asset management. User Management The User Management presents a complete picture of personnel structure. Passwords can be managed and reset, the employees can be assigned jobs or assets. Mobile user management adds another value in administering efficient operations. License Management The Base Package allows the control and management of applications and operating systems. A rule-based product recognition, flexible inclusion or exclusion of the rules and the identification of over- or under-licensed deployments ensures accurate representation of the support and acquisition costs of the software. Document Management Information about documents, contracts, manuals, PDFs and many other file types is collected, stored and associated with the appropriate systems, components or licenses. This ensures a reliable control of important records such as sensitive information and general corporate data. Reporting Reporting is an integrated component of the DeskCenter Management Suite. Accounting and system reports are created automatically according to business specifications. Custom reports are produced by using a designer feature and are adapted to the existing infrastructure and organization’s requirements. Generated reports are stored in the database and are immediately available to the authorized users. Highlights • Comprehensive inventory of all systems • Seamless integration everywhere in the organization • Complete user integration by fostering links to assets • Avoid under- and over-licensing (software compliance) • Direct access to all important documents • Periodical or manual Reporting • Reduced overall burden of otherwise rigor ous inventory management USA DeskCenter USA Inc. 309 West Park Ave Long Beach, NY 11561 Direct: (516) 442-1508 Sales: (516) 442-1509 Fax (516) 442-0282 DeskCenter® software, DeskCenter® Software logos and all other DeskCenter® software products or service names are registered trademarks of DeskCenter® Solutions AG. © 2010 DeskCenter® Solutions AG. All rights reserved. DeskCenter® USA is the registered trademark of DeskCenter® USA. © 2010 DeskCenter® USA. All rights reserved.