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World’s First Recyclable Epoxy Resin by Adesso


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World’s First Recyclable Epoxy Resin by Adesso

  1. 1. World’s First Recyclable Epoxy Resin: Cleavamine and Recycloset Have Fibre Recovery Rates Close To 95% Wuxi Adesso Nanotech has developed the world's first recyclable epoxies, providing a cutting-edge green technology that enables manufacturers to design the next generation of recyclable epoxy-based products for sustainable growth. Recycloset™ and Cleavamine™ products are already on the market. With Recycloset™, both the epoxy composition and the components in contact with the epoxy matrix (i.e. carbon, glass and natural fibres),can be recovered and reused to manufacture new epoxy composite products, providing both economic and environmental incentives for industrial customers. Degraded epoxy polymers can be recovered and used as polymer materials in specific applications. The resulting components have similar chemical resistance and mechanical properties as those using conventional non-recyclable epoxies, especially in terms of toughness, impact strength, flexibility and low-temperature properties. The recovery rate of the fiber materials could be as much as 95% of the original quantities. With the capability to recover epoxy and fiber components, it can therefore be re-sold, re- used and re-purposed. This technology is ideal for manufacturing products focused on durability as well as sustainability-minded companies. Creating recyclable epoxy resins are harnessed in specifically designed hardeners that converts thermosetting epoxies into thermoplastics. More than its recyclability, it can be used with any existing epoxy resin to allow composite manufacturers to make recyclable products with the same high performance, create an environmentally-friendly epoxy, use current standard machinery to do so, and significantly reduce epoxy disposal currently relegated to landfills or incineration. Click here for Adesso Video Company News White Papers Company Adesso Advanced Materials has successfully developed revolutionary re-workable and recyclable epoxy resin systems, i.e. the RecyclosetTM , which are particularly designed for manufacturing the next generation sustainable fiber reinforced epoxy composites. Recycloset™ technology is based on our patent-pending curing agents, i.e. CleavamineTM . Adesso Advanced Materials Ltd. is the first and only supplier of these unique green products in the world. Contact Information: Hans Kaemmlein 516 442-1508 Valerie Pesce