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Studio track1


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New upcoming app

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Studio track1

  1. 1. Valeria Delacruz
  2. 2. • import audio files, or even better • access the audio files anywhere • browse clips • load them into a playback area • mix their volume & panning • effects Purpose and Objectives
  3. 3. features • Multitrack Recording - 8 tracks plus bounce • Re-arrangable Tracks with FX Bypass, Reverb Send, Pan, Gain, Mute, Solo, Record Arm and Track Icon • TrackFX - Tempo-synced Delay, Compressor, Parametric EQ and Reverb Send on every track • Calibrated Meters - accurately monitor record and playback levels • Calibrated Faders - accurately adjust playback level of each track for Cross-Fading, Muting, and Playback Control • MasterFX - sweeten the sound of your recordings with a compressor-limiter and a 4-band parametric EQ • Output Compressor-Limiter - automatically fattens sound of the output mix • Master Channel with Reverb Return and Stereo Output meters • Metronome - select tempo by number or tapping (includes pro drum recordings) • Bounce - mix song to track 1 and 2 of a new song to record as many tracks as you want • Mix - Save the mix as a stereo file • AudioPaste - - allows pasting audio from Audio copy compatible apps like Instant Drummer and DopplerPad • WiFi sync or mix individual tracks to a computer then import into any software that imports WAV files • Slide-to-Record - prevents over-writing your tracks • Latency Compensation - accurate to within 1ms • Recording Quality - 16 bit, 44.1 kHz 3BA9144CB0F&playnext=1&index=1
  5. 5. Special Features
  6. 6. E-Mail Edit and record as you go • Edit and re edit previous saved item • ML(Music lover) Gives you the many options when you are done with the
  7. 7. Save & Share Cloud Computing iSolusVM •The app user sees this when he selects one of the virtual server from the main view. The status is fetched when he enters this page Virtual Server
  8. 8. Benefits •Create as you go •Last minute editing •Supply by demand
  9. 9. Access