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Bdr report jan v3

  1. 1. This document was prepared by Wax PR & Marketing. Contact: Pure Offices, Plato Close, Leamington Spa, CV34 6WE Email: | Web: Tel: +44 (0)1926 676 234 Monthly PR Activity & Advertising Insight Report – January 2013 Includes: Key Terminology page 1 Topline Summary Dashboard page 2 PR Profile by Publication page 3 PR Profile by News Category page 4 Key Items Summary page 5 Advertising Insights page 6
  2. 2. Colour key Key Terminology Impact Score – Each article is awarded a score, up to 10, based on a number of qualitative criteria as follows: Feature/News item (+2), minor mention (+1), less than 25% of page in size (+1), between 25-50% (+2), more than half-page to a full-page and larger (+3), contains an image (+1), neutral tonality (+1), positive tonality (+2), spokesperson quoted (+1), third-party endorsement (+1). OTS - Refers to the number of “Opportunities to See/View” the coverage or media spots. For print it is simply the aggregated circulation figures. For online, we work with the estimated number of page impressions the website would have on a particular day. We do not aggregate monthly unique user totals. £PRV - For print coverage is established by using an attributable percentage of a particular article to the rate card specification for a single full-page colour ad. We do not take into account variations related to various options for buying ad space, simply the stand-alone full-page colour rate. Page 01
  3. 3. Topline Summary Dashboard Topline  Remeha and Baxi collectively had 20 items, with an estimated PR Value of £25k, and a total Impact Score of 141. This was slightly less than its main rival, Worcester Bosch, which had 22 items and an Impact Score of 154.  Worcester Bosch took a solid 50% average share, then Baxi with 37%. The average share of voice metric considers in equal measure all metrics (volume, £PRV, OTS & Impact Score).  There were no items for Main this month. Share of Voice by Metrics Avg. Share of Voice 50% Worcester Bosch Page 02 37% Baxi 6% Vaillant 6% Remeha Vol. PRV £ks OTS Ks Impact Score Worcester Bosch 22 37 709 154 Baxi 17 21 703 119 Vaillant 4 2 96 28 Remeha 3 3 79 22 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Vol. PRV £ks OTS Ks Impact Score ShareofVoice% Worcester Bosch Baxi Vaillant Remeha
  4. 4. Impact Score by Publication Summary  The table and chart show that Heating & Plumbing Monthly, Heating Ventilating & Plumbing and PHAM News had the best total Impact of coverage, with Builders Merchants Journal and Renewable Energy Installer having the least.  Baxi easily outperformed all other competitors in H&V News, and had an equivalent performance in PHAM News. However, we can clearly see that Worcester Bosch had a very good spread of coverage and was represented in every publication.  Remeha had slightly better coverage in Heating & Plumbing Monthly than both Baxi and Vaillant, and had an identical performance (6) to Worcester Bosch in Heating & Ventilating Review.  Vaillant, like Remeha appeared to focus on just three publications this month, achieving a slightly better score (15) than Baxi (14) in PHAM News. PR Profile by Publication Page 03 Publication Baxi Remeha Vaillant Worcester Heating & Plumbing Monthly 7 8 7 24 Heating Ventilating & Plumbing 8 8 29 PHAMNews 14 15 15 H&V News 35 7 Installer 32 7 Registered Gas Engineer 8 15 Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer 8 14 Heating & Ventilating Review 7 6 6 Builders'Merchants News 14 Professional Builders Merchant 6 7 Renewable Energy Installer 9 Builders Merchants journal 7 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 BMJ REI PBM BMN HVR PHPI RGE Installer H&V News PHAM News HVP HPM
  5. 5. Impact Score by Publication PR Profile by News Category Page 04 Summary  The table and chart show that Baxi had a better performance in publicising its Products and Services than Worcester Bosch, with a score of 63 against 54. Baxi had better Training-related coverage than other competitors, and an equivalent performance to Worcester Bosch for Trade Show items.  Baxi, did not perform as well as its main rival in Thought-Leadership items, and for General items, where Worcester Bosch had a few items on the Green Deal. Category Baxi Remeha Vaillant Worcester Product/Service 63 14 8 54 Thought-Leadership 36 8 55 General 33 Training 15 7 Staff 20 Trade Show 5 5 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Trade Show Staff Training General Thought-Leadership Product/Service Total Impact Score Article Sub-Category Impact Score Boiler Servicing 8 Company-focused 9 Green Deal 31 Evolution/Revolution Ad Campaign 7 Gas Safety 7 Greenspring Cw047 6 Greenstar CDI Compact 39 installer round table 7 PHEX 5 Renewables 9 Thermostats 8 Underfloor Heating 8 Websites 9 YouTube System Cleansing Video 7 2013 8 Baxi-SenerTec for St Aidan's College 6 Boiler Efficiency Calculator 37 Boilers at Durham University 7 Building Regulations Approved Document 7 DECs 7 East Durham College Training Facility 14 Ecobuild 5 Green Deal 7 Preston College Training Academy 8 Winter Advice 7 Extended Warrantys on boiler ranges 8 Installer workloads 8 New Remeha Gas Eco Pro 6 Ashleys ofFrinton 8 Mark Derbyshire as Commercial Director 20 Baxi Vaillant Remeha Worcester
  6. 6. Key Items Summary Page 05 Product-Service  Baxi focused its efforts almost exclusively on its Boiler Efficiency Calculator and had a combined score of 37. In addition there was an item on Boilers at Durham university and Baxi-SenerTec for St Aidan’s College. Remeha’s items were on extended warranties on its boiler ranges and a small item on its new Eco Gas Pro, in conjunction with an ad-campaign.  Worcester Bosch focused primarily on its Greenstar CDI Compact boiler range (39), and Vaillant had a single item on how its products had been selected by a local store, Ashleys of Frinton. Thought-Leadership  Baxi had a Neil Schofield piece on 2013: the year of clarity?, a Jeff House section on DECs, Simon Osbourne and Jeff House were quoted on the Green Deal and Simon Osbourne and Andrew Keating were in a piece on Winter Advice. Remeha had a single full-page Feature on Installer workloads by Dave Cook.  Worcester Bosch had three Neil Schofield pieces and four for Martyn Bridges. These were on the topics of gas safety, the Green Deal, renewables, thermostats, underfloor heating and websites. Training  Baxi had two items on its East Durham College training facility (14), and an item on a new training academy at Preston College.  Worcester Bosch, was simply credited for organising a double-page Installer round-table in HPM (7). Staff  Vaillant was the only company to have staff-related news this month. The news that Mark Derbyshire has been appointed as Commercial Director was posted in three publications (21). Trade Shows  Simon Osbourne was quoted in a feature on the upcoming Ecobuild show, and Worcester Bosch was mentioned alongside an item about PHEX.
  7. 7. Advertising Insights Page 06 Summary  Analysis of advertising activity this month shows that Baxi and Remeha spent approx. £20k and placed 4 ¼ pages. Baxi placed the majority of its effort into the 5-Year Warranty ad, and Remeha placed had a cover and full-page ad for its new Remeha Eco Pro.  Worcester Bosch spent the equivalent of £43k, generating over 13 pages. These ads were almost entirely the same Evolution-Revolution ad, promoting their Greenstar Cdi compact and combi boilers.  Vaillant placed two pages, spending approx. £5k promoting a new commercial boiler for 2013. Ads by Organisation Volume Pages £AVE ks Worcester Bosch 9 13.3 44 Baxi 3 4.25 18 Vaillant 2 2 5 Remeha 2 1.75 2 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Type Vol. £AVE ks DPS 6 44 Full-Page 3 6 1/4 Page or less 2 2 Inside-Front 2 12 Cover 2 4 Outside-Back 1 2 Advert Description Pages £AVE ks 5 year warranty 4 18 Unlock your earnings potential 0.25 1 Remeha Blue Efficiency - New Remeha Eco Pro 1.75 2 Vaillant Why Vaillant ? Because Vaillant thinks ahead 2 5 Evolution Revolution 13 43 One name. Every heating and hot water solution 0.3 1 Worcester Baxi
  8. 8. Twitter 60% Blogs & Forums 30% Facebook 10% Social Media Insights Page 07 Avg. Share of Voice Facebook & Twitter We found no evidence of any specific trends or themes of discussion. Some people made complaints, or were asking for help: For fuck sake baxi just answer the fucking fone iv been on hold for 25 fucking mins now!!!!! - Link #answers Can any one help with my problem on a Baxi Solo 3 PF.: Boiler starts and runs but intermittently shuts ... - Link Anyone need or know anyone that needs a new #boiler? Got some #baxi duotec he #combis with 7 year warranties - Link Can any 1 come light me pilot light on baxi 80 eco boiler? Dont think its got a button 2 start it?? - Link Spend an hour driving to a baxi training course, get there and a nice lady comes out offers us a cup of soup and tells us its tomorrow not today - Link Some Users tweeted about price rises:  P Smith@Samedealltd Baxi increase in prices tomorrow, boilers by 4% flue etc. by 7% - Link  Just hours too go before the Baxi Boiler prices increase: Link Some positive and general comments included:  I'm also lucky enough to have various original features in mine, like this fab Baxi fireplace... Link  Day 2. Freezing. Only 2 days to go. On the bright side had 1 hour’s warmth at hosp blowing into a spirometer. Damn Baxi bless decent boilers - Link  Baxi Boiler working normally after repair by UniC UK: - Link  Baxi boiler, I basically just kicked your ass. I am a marvel. I don't need a man or overpriced engineer!! Winning!!! - Link Type Vol. Twitter 95 Blogs & Forums 47 Facebook 15 Website (2+ only) Vol. 95 15 5 5 5 4 5 2 2
  9. 9. Social Media Insights Page 08 Blogs & Forums Several question were posted on Yahoo’s Answers forum, including: • I've got a Baxi Combi 105 HE ..approx. 5years old. I've had it serviced before, and I called an engineer out, but was useless... need help please!! - Link • I know I'm not the only one in this predicament but my duel fuel bill has just gone through the roof! … My combi boiler is a Baxi 80e or 105e - Link • Baxi 80e combi boiler heating not working hot water ok pump ok.? – Link Several posts and threads were made on the site UK Plumbers Forums, including: • Baxi 105e – Singing Assembly valve again! – Link • Replacement of Expansion Vessel on Baxi 105e Instant (Stockport) - Link • Baxi Bermuda/honywell heating problem – Link • why is my baxi duo tec 2 combi Ga not letting me set the sensor curve – Link A couple of posts were made on the Review Centre website: • "Baxi Combi 133 HE Plus - absolute nightmare" We had a Baxi Combi 133 HE Plus fitted just over 4 years ago by a Corgi Registered Plumber (ex British Gas employee). We have had nothing but trouble with it. It was 4 weeks out of Guarantee when we were getting loud banging noises when it fired up. Had to have burner replaced costing nearly £300 incl labour. Sent old burner off to Baxi but got no joy from them. After a few months the banging started again. Several visits from plumber did not fix the problem. Joined British Gas scheme and have now had to have the burner replaced again.. Still getting banging noise, which is very loud and the neighbours are complaining. Have had B Gas back again last week, he checked it again and said see how it goes. It is still happening and is quite scary at night when all is quiet. Surely this must be a design fault. We have the heating on timer and just leave it to get on with it, so how can it be something we are doing? I am thinking of getting on to Trading Standards as I think the Boiler is not fit for purpose – Link • Review of Baxi Potterton "BOILER IS WORSE THAN THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE“ - The boiler is very bad and customer service is even worse. I have waited 2 hours to speak to technical service and there was no response – Link A couple of threads were posted on Money Saving Expert: • Question on the Condensing function of my LPG boiler I have a Baxi condenser boiler fitted into a property that we have been in for a few months. Have a big LPG tank in the garden and trying to get the place set up for heating without costing too much. Proving difficult, this damn stuff is expensive!! – Link • Advice please! Potterton Suprima HE 50 boiler - manufacturing fault I have a Potterton Suprima HE 50 condensing boiler which broke down in Nov. The fan was replaced, but in Dec it broke down again. Our engineer phoned Baxi who told him there was a design fault with the flue in earlier models. The flue had a metal component instead of plastic. Metal corrodes and shouldn't be used with condensing boilers. This had happened with our boiler and water got into the fan killing it. Despite being out of warranty, Baxi reluctantly agreed over the phone to either replace the parts themselves free of charge or reimburse us the cost of getting our engineer to do it. I asked for this in writing and since then have got NOWHERE. - Link