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CV_Valentina Rančić_dec2015_eng


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CV_Valentina Rančić_dec2015_eng

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Valentina Rančić © European Union, 2002-2013| Page 1 / 3 PERSONAL INFORMATION Valentina Rančić 24/56 Bulevar Nemanjićastreet,Niš,18000,Serbia + 381 18 4510987 +381 692400259 SexFemale | Date ofbirth21.11.1964.| NationalitySerbian WORKEXPERIENCE EDUCATION AND TRAINING 2005 – present RegionalCenter for Professional Developmentof Educationin Nis Expert Associate forthe selectionof programsfor in-service teacher training  selection ofprograms for professional developmentbased on school needs and priorities of the Ministry of Education  creating programs for professional development of teachers  monitoring of realization and implementation programs 2001 – 2005 RegionaldepartmentMinistryof educationin Niš Adviser for schooldevelopment planning  planning,designing and implementing training ofschool teams to create school development plans and project proposals  monitoring and evaluation of implementation of school development plans and school projects  participate in the implementation of the new curriculum and self-evaluation in primary schools 1993-2001 Primaryschool "Bubanjskiheroji" in Niš Psychologist  support students and teachers in overcoming problems in learning and communication  conflict mediation, vocational guidance, assessment, individualized teaching  testing abilities and interests of students WORKEXPERIENCE IN EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS 2013-2015 Supportfor thedevelopmentof human capital andresearch - general educationandhumancapital development (IPAproject) junior non-key expert – trainer of teacher trainers 2011-2014 ProfessionalorientationinSerbia (GIZ)  consultant for development and functioning network of all teams established in Serbia (TIPO)  mentor for school teams  trainer of trainers 2010 – 2011 Supportschools for inclusive education (DILS project)  member of evaluator team for school projects  mentor for school teams  trainer
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae Valentina Rančić © European Union, 2002-2013| Page 2 / 3 PERSONAL SKILLS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 1983-1989 Master ofscience ReplacewithEQF (or other) level if relevant Universityof Niš,Facultyofphilosophy,Departmentofpsychology Mother tongue(s) Serbian UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English Enter level Enter level Enter level Enter level Enter level A2 Communicationskills ▪ good verbalandwritten communicationskills gainedthroughmyexperienceas coordinatorof differentteams Organisational/ managerialskills ▪ good organizerofforums,seminars,conferences Job-related skills ▪ good commandof processimplementationinclusiveeducationinschools on localcommunityas member of Supportnetwork for implementationofinclusive education Computer skills ▪ good commandofMicrosoftOffice™tools Other skills ▪ drawing,dancing,singing,hiking
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae Valentina Rančić © European Union, 2002-2013| Page 3 / 3 Publications Presentations Projects Conferences Seminars Honours andawards Memberships References PUBLICATIONS:  NI-MON 2012.– research results ofprogram implementation,RC Niš,2012.,co-author  Manual for DevelopmentPlanningin schools,Ministryofeducation, CONFERECES:  „Professionaldevelopmentofteachers in Serbia“,ATEE AnnualConference– Turkey,Anadolu University,Eskisehir,2012.,co-author ▪ "Analysis ofthe presenceofaccredited programs relatedto work withgiftedchildren" - Proceedings ofthe IIIInternationalScientificConference"In the service oftalent," Serbia,Kanjiža, ▪ "The effects ofprofessional developmentprogram",Proceedings oftheXIIIWorld Congress ofthe Associationofcomparative educators, BiH,Sarajevo, SEMINARS:  Learntolearn - accredited programofprofessional developmentfor teachers,2010-2016., author andtrainer STUDY VISITES:  Study visit to Switzerland , Faculty of Teacher Education,Aargau, 2011.  Study visit to Slovenia, NationalAgency for Education Ljubljana, 2006.