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ArdOmino: the talking sensor for the sharing of local data


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ArdOmino is a low-cost solution, based on Arduino technology, to capture data flows through specific sensors and raise local environmental awareness. ArdOmino is a “talking sensor” thought to register, interpret and share data in the form of conversation on social media platforms. The ArdOmino framework is conceived to turn numerical data into human relevant and human readable information and use the engagement of local communities to validate the data itself. Geo-tweets will be interpreting environmental information (as weather) by communicating perceived state by people, resulting not only in a simple real-time social data validation but giving a collective awareness face to the environment. Data are already shared as numerical information, but in this case the interpretation of the data itself is left to people competences, in lack of right competences this can interphere with the process of making awareness decisions. The idea of ArdOmino is to provide the system with an "interpretation model" of data useful on to create more communicative/informative messages to be shared on social media. This more informative communication style would integrate the data flow deliverd to people, increasing the culture of data and empowering citizens to take more informed decisions.

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ArdOmino: the talking sensor for the sharing of local data

  1. 1. ArdOmino: a talking sensor for the social sharing of local data. Valentina Grasso, CNR Firenze - Consorzio LaMMA Alfonso Crisci, Officina IBIMET-CNR Firenze Francesca De Chiara, OKFN Italy / Trento RISE Maurizio Napolitano, OKFN Italy / Fondazione Bruno Kessler Alessandro Matese, Officina IBIMET-CNR Firenze the talking sensor Session 2 Open Data: a driver for development and sustainability - 17 September, 17:00-18:00 @Room 13, Floor 2
  2. 2. ArdOmino Can a place be “sensed”? How to turn data into human relevant/readable information? May this information enable and improve social engagement?
  3. 3. Communication approach of a talking sensor to share real-time local environmental “obs” to create engagement for a SOCIAL validation of data. the talking sensor ArdOmino
  4. 4. ArdOmino Webfeed •Measures •Models •Forecast #measure #collect #store #data management #comm #share #validate #socialize #manage #interpret #query Data signifcacy model PyMeteoSalute ArdOmino Architecture ArdOmino configuration Data collection Interpretation model Messages sharing
  5. 5. ARDOMINO Identity Card • Topic: weather • Sensors and data: temperature, humidity • Location: Florence, Piazza Duomo • Communication Channel: Twitter • Communication registers: 4 communication classes • Timing: scheduled Florence, Piazza Duomo ArdOmino
  6. 6. #software ArduinoUNO+ArduinoWirelessShieldSD+Wifly RN171XV + DHT22 sensors Biometeorological application IBIMETChassis Power supplied. ArdOmino Hardware
  7. 7. An interpretation model to turn data into human relevant information -3 - Very cold -2 - Cold -1 - Fresh 0 - Comfort Neutral state 1 - Mild 2 - Hot 3 - Very hot UTCI class from ArdOmino Data interpetation Ardomino collects and interprets climate and weather data using a biometeo model built on UTCI Universal Thermal Comfort Index
  8. 8. REAL DATA Data Adherence 100% INFORMATION Data Adherence 70% CONVERSATION Data Adherence 40% ENGAGEMENT Data Adherence 0-10% From data to-conversation 4 communication classes of messages ArdOmino Communicaton classes
  9. 9. Classes of messages ArdOmino 1) REAL DATA #realdata 2) INFORMATION #biometeo 3) CONVERSATION #topic 4) ENGAGEMENT #trending
  10. 10. ArdOmino Social engagement
  11. 11. The next decade belongs to distributed models not centralized ones, to collaboration and not control, to small data and not the big data (Rufus Pollock, OKFN)… …and sensors are the future of the distributed data (from Data Sensing Lab) ArdOmino A sort of INTERNET of PLACES If things are “inanimate”, places are alive the talking sensor
  12. 12. ArdOmino Where does the wind go? Caldonazzo Lake, Trento Open and Smart city scenario: web, smart-phone, public digital displays Citizen science Smart City Open weather data
  13. 13. Alessandro Zaldei - IBIMET CNR Mirko Mancin - UNIPARMA Samuele Santi - Trento RISE ArdOmino We would like also to thank: Thank YOU! @alf_crisci @valenitna @lebowskiana @napo @alex_matese @ArdOmino_FI @Ardomino_Trento