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The Smart Home Buyer Solution


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Why you should hire a professional REALTOR to help you with your home purchase

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The Smart Home Buyer Solution

  1. 1. RE/MAX The Producers “Smart Buyers Solution SM. RE/MAX The Producers Smart Buyer Solution
  2. 2. The Producers Focus Our sole objective is to make your home buying experience the absolute best it can be. We accomplish this by… © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  3. 3. Our ObjectiveWe accomplish this by…  Helping you find the Best Home  Helping you negotiate the Best Price and Save Money.  Helping you secure the Financing and the Best Monthly Payment  Helping to Protect You throughout the entire process  Helping make the entire experience as Hassle Free as © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  4. 4. The Producers “Smart Buyers” Solution SM And best of all, our program is 100% FREE! (Our fees are paid for by the Seller) © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  5. 5. Why The producers Team? Why use The Producers Team As Your Exclusive Buyer Specialist? © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  6. 6. Buyer Agency If you call the real estate agent who listed the property to represent you, you are paying that agent to Negotiate Against You! WHY? They Represent the Seller! © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  7. 7. Buyer Agency By using a The Producer’s Exclusive Buyer Specialist to represent you and only you, you know you have an agent who has only YOUR best interests in mind! © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  8. 8. The Producers Buyer Specialist Who has YOUR best interests in mind? The Producers Seller’s/Non-Exclusive Services/Duties Provided Buyer’s Agent Agent/Specialist Prepare Property Value Study Prior to Making an Offer YES NO Represent buyers equally on all MLS listed properties, PLUS YES NO bank properties, auctions, FSBOs & new construction Promote and protect the interests of the buyer at all times YES NO YES NO Advise the buyer even if it means pointing out reasons not to buy Disclose all research about property history and liens YES REQUIRED BY LAW Negotiate best price and terms in favor of buyer YES NO Structure offer with the buyers interests in mind YES NO Guaranteed to keep buyers financial capabilities/thoughts YES NO confidential unless authorized to disclose Negotiate home inspection repairs in favor of the buyer YES NO Work exclusively to ensure the buyers home purchase YES NO experience is a positive © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  9. 9. The Smart Buyer Solution SM Our exclusive “Smart Buyer” Solution is comprised of five simple steps… © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  10. 10. The Smart Buyer Solution SM The Perfect Home Buying Experience Loan Negotiating Finding the Protecting Our Pre-Approval The Best Price Right Home Your Interests Client for Life & © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  11. 11. The Smart Buyer Solution SM Step 1: Loan Pre-Approval How much home can you afford? © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  12. 12. Loan Pre-approval 3 Key Benefits 1. Know how much home you can comfortably afford… both in terms of total purchase price and monthly payments 2. Identify the best loan program that meets your unique situation (best int. rates, term, fixed vs. variable, payment structure, etc.) 3. Put yourself in the strongest purchasing position to know how much to offer on a home within your specific spending © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  13. 13. Loan Pre-approval4 Easy Steps to Accomplish This… 1. A credit report is run by the Mortgage Broker. 2. Your financial details are gathered (if required and/or necessary). 3. A comprehensive search is conducted to locate the right mortgage program for you, choosing from hundreds, if not thousands of different programs. 4. Information is forwarded to the lender/bank for underwriting and final © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  14. 14. Loan Pre-approval You are pre-qualified in 24-48 hours and fully pre-approved in just a few © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  15. 15. Smart Buyer Solution SM Step 2: Finding the Right Home What are YOU looking for? Our Exclusive Smart Buyers Solution… © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  16. 16. The Producers “Smart Buyer” Solution SM Our computerized “Smart Buyer” Solution system was designed from the ground up to: 1. Put YOU in control of your home search 2. Make your home search simple and quick 3. Alert you of the hottest new listings the moment they come on the © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  17. 17. Smart Buyers SM With “Smart Buyers”, we enter your specific home buying criteria into our custom computer system. The moment a new listing comes on the market, you are instantly emailed with all of the home’s information and © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  18. 18. Smart Buyer Solution SMWe put YOU in control…  We only send you the homes that match YOUR specific criteria.  You pick as many homes as YOU want and drive by them.  When you see a home you like, you call us & we arrange a private showing of the home.  There is NO pressure to buy! © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  19. 19. Smart Buyer Solution SMYou are in control, which means… No More… You get Searching AUTOMATIC through the paper access to hot looking at homes new listings BEFORE other that may already buyers be © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  20. 20. Smart Buyer Solution SMYou are in control, which means… NO You only receive MORE... homes that match your Wasted time criteria and viewing homes a YOU pick the real estate agent homes you has picked out want to see that don’t interest © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  21. 21. Smart Buyer Solution SM Step 3: Negotiating the Best Price & © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  22. 22. Making an Offer When you find the home you want, we will…  Discuss the price, timing & other terms under which you would like to make an offer  Help to prepare an offer that meets YOUR specific needs  Present that offer on your behalf to the sellers and/or their agent  Negotiate all terms and conditions of the offer and/or counter offer in your best © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  23. 23. Smart Buyer Solution SM Step 4: Protecting Your Interests Making sure you get the house you expected? © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  24. 24. Protecting Your Interests Once we have your new home under contract, we will help you each step of the way by: 1. Making sure the home is in a condition acceptable to you, and 2. That you know everything that may be affecting the value & livability of the home (good or bad). All of this… Before you are committed to proceed with the © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  25. 25. Protecting Your InterestsHow we help to protect you…  We help arrange any inspections you wish conducted.  We help you review all disclosures and documents related to the home and its purchase.  We coordinate with you, the title company, the lender, and any other parties involved to make sure everybody keeps all aspects of the purchase on track & on © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  26. 26. Smart Buyer Solution SM Step 5: Our Client For Life Ongoing service and benefits? © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  27. 27. Smart Buyer Solution SM As we mentioned at the beginning… Our program is 100% FREE! (Because our fees are paid for by the Seller) © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  28. 28. Smart Buyer Solution SMHow You Will Benefit You AUTOMATICALLY receive the best new You can beat out listings that match your criteria BEFORE the = other buyers to hot new listings average buyer knows about © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  29. 29. Smart Buyer Solution SMHow You Will Benefit You get the house you want at the You are backed lowest possible by our Specialized Knowledge = price & are protected from making a mistake in your © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  30. 30. Smart Buyer Solution SMHow You Will Benefit You get access to free information You join our family and discounted as a Client for Life = services from local service providers for the upkeep of your home! © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  31. 31. Getting StartedAll we ask for in return is:  For your loyalty - buy your home through us.  And Follow our “Smart Buyer Solution ” in SM buying your © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  32. 32. Getting Started Are you ready to be a Smart Buyer? Let’s get you started today! © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  33. 33. And Most Important! We’ll Be Available For Your Real Estate Needs 24/7… You Won’t Miss That Special Home For Your © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  34. 34. Smart Buyer Strategy What to do while working with us… 1. Work with us to get pre-approved for your loan 2. Review your email every day 3. Drive by any homes you are interested in 4. Call us when you find a home you feel might be a perfect fit – we will arrange a private showing 5. When visiting an open house, give the agent one of our cards and tell them you are working with us 6. Before visiting a new subdivision, call us so we can go with you 7. Call us if you see a FSBO you would like more information on and we will get it for © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  35. 35. To Work For You as Your Exclusive Buyers Agent… All We Need Is Your Authorization For Us To Become Your Exclusive Buyers © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox
  36. 36. © 2007 Top Agent Toolbox